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    Just want to discuss this crazy idea I had for a PvP barbarian build I have. It's based on D2 WC Barb, kinda. The whole purpose of this is to be the tankiest, most annoying PoS in the game. Really based of Team PvP which kind of sucks because of the whole Team Death match getting thrown out, but it will soon...

    Starting with the skills.

    I don't think I really need to explain the setup, but I will anyway.

    Ancient Spear - Grappling Hooks
    Giant AoE hook that pulls up all enemies to you, to set up for all of your CC.

    Seismic Slam - Stagger
    Fury spender, Knockback/Stun

    War Cry - Impunity
    20% more Armor and All Resist

    Threatening Shout - Intimidate
    Enemies do 20% less damage and are slowed for 30%

    Leap - Death from Above
    Mobility, slow, stun

    Ground Stomp - Wrenching Smash
    Another giant AoE pull and stun

    Nerves of Steel
    Stupid amounts of Armor

    Basically 60 AR and some fury generation

    Tough as Nails / Relentless
    More armor! / That one guy that just won't die. More preference than anything.

    Stats and Gearing Up
    The Main stats you're looking into is going to be
    +AR - ~3 AR / 1% Reduction
    +VIT - 35 hp / 1 VIT
    +ARMOR - ~33 Armor / 1% Reduction
    +LIFE % - High Hp stacking

    All of this and the upcoming numbers are raw data and don't account for any diminishing returns, if there are any.

    So on every piece of gear you're going to be looking for (depending on your budget) are

    50-75+ AR
    100-200+ VIT
    200+ Armor
    5-10% Life

    With 13 Pieces of gear you're looking at the possibilities of

    ~975 AR - ~325% Reduction
    ~2600+ VIT - 91,000 HP
    ~12218 Armor -~370% Reduction
    ~100% Life - 91,000 HP (Not all pieces can get %Life but some can get more than 10% per so it kind of makes up for it)

    Grand total of about 180,000 - 200,000+ HP, 325% Spell DMG Reduction, 370% Physical DMG Reduction, coupled with your slows, stuns, knockbacks.

    This isn't meant to be a powerhouse build, just something outside the box and what sounds like a lot of fun, since I loved WC barbs just leaping centimeters around and then stun locking people.

    Just looking for some discussion and possibly some ideas to make it better! :D
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    In D2 you could level up to 80-85 in a day if you ran uber trist until they patched the xp gains. Without the "glitch" you could easily get to level 50-60 in a day and then to 70-mid 80s the next. Even still you wouldn't run hell cows for xp, it was way more efficient to just find some guy botting and join their diablo/baal runs.

    I think the paragon levels are good the way they are.
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    I'm thinking (realisticly) 40-50, based off of others on the AH right now. Really just confirming and/or looking for people interested.
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