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    So i got this bow Thursday night be4 the season ended and i had to go to bed. Still happy using it for the two hours i could on friday in season.


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    Thinking about it more, i think getting rid of ancient legendary weapons all together and having this system would be more fun. Or if they want to make primals really that good, make them the only ones that can be upgraded.

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    I posted this on the D3 Bliz forums, but i'm posting it here for visibility and discussion. I think this can add a very fun risk to the game and help advance characters into further GRs:

    As a means to improve items and add a rewarding risk to the game, allow the mystic/cube to upgrade legendaries or only ancient legendaries.

    What does this mean?

    Using an NPC such as the Mystic or Cube, give equipment the option to be upgraded with a chance of failure.

    What happens to an upgraded item?

    If successful, every base stat of the item should be increased -- Not only would every base stat be increased but all rolls of those stats would reroll in the new range as well.

    Ex: An ancient Yangs bow has the following default stats at level 0:
    Dmg: 1318-1940
    Dex: 825-1000
    IAS: 5%-7%
    dmg: 6%-10%
    Resource: 40%-50%
    Disc: 9-12

    At level 1 which may have 95-100% chance of upgrade
    Dmg: 1368-1990
    Dex: 875-1050
    IAS: 5.25%-7.25%
    DMG: 6.25%-10.25%
    Resource: 41%-51%

    If not successful, break the item. Make it unusable. I'd say destroy it; however, some people may want to show how high they've gotten something before it broke on them.

    The leveling system doesn't have to be capped, but the chance of success should decrease with each level.

    What kind of regents would it use?

    Either new crafting regents can be implemented or it can require all bounty items/crafting items. The items needed to upgrade should increase per level of the equipment.

    If there is a max upgrade level, an item that has been maxed can be signified by a border such as ancient items already are. (Maybe a purple/diamond/plat border)

    This crafting system has existed in other games that i've played and it adds a very fun element. One thing i do NOT suggest is adding items to repair the item. This kind of ruins the risk.

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    My barb has some decent gear; however, I feel like I do no damage with with him. Maybe Shard of Hate is necessary, but I use a fulminator. I also haven't done much research other than personally trying different builds. I linked mine below for you to check out.

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    After playing a DH for 99% of my d3 life, i saw the video of a crusader dominating with blessed shield. From that point, i made a crusader and have been very fortunate loot. I now steamroll t4 and only play my sader!

    Link to my tricked out sader: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Glaigas-1868/hero/44674623
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    I voted for direct control over your character. To me this makes diablo a whole new experience. I've got multiple 60s, a p100 DH, an HC monk who can traverse mp1 (oOoOo.. lol), a self find character, and many more. For some reason, there is still an appeal to the console version that makes me think the experience will be fresh and entertaining as it is a whole new style of play. Direct control also means i can sit or lay down on my couch in a much more comfortable position than i could with a keyboard/mouse while i save the world from Diablo =).

    360 version if selected!!
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    Bait the trap does not break the soft crit cap. I go from 65.5 to 75.0 with bait the trap. I'm just curious as to whether I have 81% crit chance with Rapid fire because of my quiver or if I have 75% because the quiver can not break the cap.
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    I currently rest at 65.5% crit with a follower and with my rapid fire build, i use bait the trap. If i use a quiver with 6% rapid fire crit, is it helping me in any way or am i just wasting the crit when i play solo?

    My DH: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/glaigas-1868/hero/3514500
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    Yea i ditched SS after the NT nerf for gloom because I literally blow up into peices if i dont have gloom on against damage reflect. I've been sticking with spike trap, rain, hungering arrow, ball lightning/ice arrow since the nerf. I tried using cluster bombs yesterday and wasn't too happy with it. I love playing as a glass cannon. The idea of being hit just once in order to die makes the game a lot more fun. I'll look into the strafe build as i've never actually used that skill. Graphically NT was my favorite too which is while i never minded only using it haha
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    I stopped playing Diablo a while ago, but tried it out again the past few days due to the new leveling system and this was what was on my mind the whole time.

    Like many other DH's, I steamrolled through this game when it first came out. I quickly made it to level 60, got some nice gear and took advantage of nether tentacle.

    The downside to this isn't that i felt bored because i cleared inferno so quickly, it's that i havent enjoyed playing since the severe NT nerf.

    NT is a skill i used to really enjoy. The concept of having an attack doing periodic burst of damage for every second that it touchs a mob was really cool. I chose to stack crit damage and crit chance pre-NT nerf and i loved seeing HUGE numbers as i mowed down enemy after enemy. Farming act 3 was A LOT more enjoyable. This was aslo pre-inferno nerf so the mobs were doing a ton more damage. Even with gloom, i'd be flattened into the ground if i had gotten hit which forced me to use SS. I was fine with that, however because to me, that's the most fun way to play.

    My first kill on diablo was done WITHOUT NT (i used spike traps, impale, hungering arrow, and rain of vengance), so this excludes him, but i really enjoyed nuking bosses. Here i am, a sweet archer who's able to drop the king of hell himself, and now im being told that it's not right for me to kill one of his henchmen in under 20 seconds? (azmodan lol) Nether Tentacle made boss fights fun because it showed you how powerful and how much damage you really were doing

    Now it is said this is overpowered because other classes can not do this, well maybe that was a reason to buff the other classes be4 nerfing DH into the ground and nerfing inferno into the ground for other classes. This game literally receives NO VALUE from complete class balance. One could think that different classes are like another form of difficulty added to the game, DH being easy mode and WD being hard mode (pre-WD buffs). As this game is a grind fest, and ONLY a grind fest (because no pvp), nerfs do not make nearly as much sense as buffs! More damage = more fun. Less damage = more time needed to get the same job done. My DH never became more difficult to play, it just ended up becoming boring. With the most recent patch, I know the game is going in this direction (buffs to all classes, legendaries, more levels for more stats, etc), however, I would LOVE to see Nether Tentacle reworked to act similar to how it used to work.
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    "As players would be itemized perfectly," you just killed your own idea.

    I'm just stating the logical outcome..

    Quote from Nivius

    overpowerd. people will end up makeing 100 gloves, combine them to 1 imba glove, sell for billions.

    2 weeks down the road the market will be overfilled whit imba gloves for billions.
    economy ruined

    the economy has been saturated severely by the recent loot changes and difficulty adjustments anyway.

    Since clearing inferno pre and post 1.03 on my DH (i know, not very difficult) i haven't found much of a motivation to continue playing the game. My gear is at a point where i can get great upgrades, but they aren't game changing as i have been able to do well with what i've got. Since i've cleared the game, I'm not hounding the AH as it takes away any point there is left to play after clearing inferno for me.

    You may think crafting items to perfection is the same as purchasing gear and not finding it, but being unable to mash an item twice or implementing penalties such as losing 1 or 2 properties, only receiving 80% of the stat's chosen (100 dex would turn to 80 dex on the mashed item) would keep RNG item quality better and more valuable.

    It would simply add another way to gear up and you could do it on your own which i feel is more rewarding than using the AH
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    Wouldn't it be fun if we could take two similar items (same type and item level such as i63 gloves) and mash them into 1! If two items have 6 properties, we'd be able to choose 6 properties between the two and form one!!

    I guess some would claim this is overpowered but hey, maybe as a penalty if u mash gear with 6 properties, you can only choose 4 or 5? I think this would be a fun system to create some very interesting (awesome) loot.

    we could even give the gear its only color.. like red or purple...

    As players would be itemized perfectly, this gear could be banned from pvp when it is released in order to keep RNG items relevant.
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