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    posted a message on I got banned for botting when I never botted!!!

    hey, this happened to me too in 2013, I had exact same reply to support like you, they seem to automatically respon to our supports with same crap, I was banned for 4 months they said I bot automated program crap, and I did not nor use any kidn of programs, not even auto clicker, most I ever used was frpas for photo when find items owrth something on auction house that's all. I sent 10 support cases, they all said they got good proof I bot but they wont show it to me, but I didn't. so after 4 months I was unbanned without any notice from that permanent ban they kepy saying: "our decision on this account and the action will not be removed under any circumstances". so since I was banned innocent, u are banned innocent, I now belive there are loads of people blizzard ban innocent , I got all those reports as proof but who cares anyway, but me.

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