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    posted a message on Spent 30M on barb gear-hitting a wall in act 3,advice pls
    I spent significantly less than 30M to get myself A3/A4 ready. I can't farm A4 elites just yet but I was able to solo Diablo with stats similar to yours (prolly not a significant feat considering he was nerfed to the ground). I'm a tank barbarian.

    For your sword and board build, I highly recommend getting a shield with 25%+ block. I'm using one with 1900-2700ish absorb and 27% block with str/vit. I also have a helm of command. I've found that the only thing in melee that hits me for more than 3000 are the golgors and tremors. They're completely tankable if you're surrounded by weaker adds (revenge spam) but you would probably have to kite a bit if you take them on by themselves.

    I also recommend replacing Overpower with Furious Charge + Dreadnought. It's great for heals and gives you another escape option especially from jailers, frozen, and arcane. As for your passives, you'd definitely want Tough as Nails and Nerves of steel to tank with more ease. Use Berserker Rage instead of Weapon of Master if you're opting for a DPS passive.

    I don't die to A3 elites anymore but my kill speed is pretty slow. I prefer burning through A1/A2 with MF gear.
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