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    Awesome :D

    Hehe, aye I played quite a bit of S5 myself, but when I ripped on my latest character (on HC) I kinda lost interest xD

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    The Molten Wilderbeest's Gizzard gem is in my experience the best defensive gem for a Charge Barb :) Unless you utilize the Life per fury spent.

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    Hello ladies and gentlemen!

    I've been doing the cold Raekor's Charge build with Azureswrath and Rimeheart, which as far as I am concerned, the best dualwield charge combination. Now, I want to change things up a bit.

    Boulder Toss Barbarian - Grift 34+ capable.

    Build link: http://www.diablofans.com/builds/5103-charge-em-and-throw-boulders

    Build, items, skills Theory Thinking

    • Using Call of the Ancients - Ancient's Fury for fury gain with 4 set Immortal King bonus (tested)
      Results: Even though the Ancients helps with fury gain while kiting/dodging, trading out the IK belt for Pride of Cassius hurt the survivability too much. Thus, IK belt was traded out with Pride of Cassius, for that "perma" Ignore Pain, and Call of the Ancients traded out with Wrath of the Beserker -Insanity, to gain more damage output.
    • Using The Immortal King's Boulder Breaker (how ironic!) (tested)
      This weapon is by far the best choice for a boulder toss build, due to the heavy maximum fury buff obtainable from the weapon.
    • Using the 3 set bonus from Immortal Kings. (tested)
      It's easy to see that any Life Per Fury Spent bonus, is going to be amazing. So gaining 500 Life Per Fury Spent + additional maximum fury from the IK 3 set bonus, is definitely a great + for this build.
    • Using The 300th Spear + Bul-katho's Warrior Blood (tested)
      While it sounds amazing to gain a 50% damage increase on your Ancient Spear skill, the Weapon Damage you lose using a 1h is too great to make up for it. Even though you are capable of gaining maximum fury on the Bul-katho's warrior blood, the damage output is still lower than with a 2Handed weapon. I also tried matching The 300th Spear with a Sun Keeper, still didn't do any better.
    • Changing Frenzy's rune from Maniac to Beserk for faster fury gain vs. solo target (tested)
      While gaining a 12,5% more damage dealt buff is really nice, I believe having a faster fury gain, so one is able to spam Boulder toss more frequently should provide more damage overall. Results: It didn't really provide that much extra fury gain, even though the rune actually doubles the fury gained from Frenzy.
    • Using Bastion's Revered for exceptional faster attack speed with Frenzy, also a whopping 25% increased damage from the Maniac rune. (semi tested)
      The testing I've done so far, has been very positive. I believe this weapon could be a better choice over the Immortal King's Boulder Breaker. The reason for that, is simply that Bastion's Revered has a mechanic that actually can complement our Boulder Toss and it also results in faster fury gain, since we will be hitting a hell of a lot faster. Not only that, you can still obtain the 20+ additional maximum fury on the weapon, since it is a mighty weapon!


    Field testing, build explanation video:

    Boulder Toss build video version 1.1:

    Boulder Toss build video version 1.0:



    Build version 1.1:

    Active Skills:

    Frenzy - Maniac
    Wrath of the Beserker - Insanity
    Ancient Spear - Boulder Toss
    Battle Rage - Bloodshed
    Ignore Pain - Ignorance is Bliss
    Furious Charge - Stamina

    Passive Skills:

    Animosity - for faster fury gain and more maximum fury, thus more damage opportunity for Boulder Toss
    Ruthless - Damage increase.
    Boon of Bul-Kathos - Faster WotB, which provides faster Rift boss kills.
    Superstition - So you don't get instant killed by various champion pack affixes.


    Paragon Distribution

    Maximum Fury>Movement Speed(get the 25% cap)>Strength
    Critical Hit Chance>Critical Hit Damage>Cooldown Reduction
    Resist All>Armor>Life%
    Area Damage>Life on Hit>Gold Find


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    Quote from KeyboardKiller »
    What about the Restraint + Focus ring set on this? 50% increased dmg on a full fury boulder toss might be insanely strong

    Yeah, thought about that combo. But then I reread the set bonus, it says it only increases the damage output while being on full resource after you have spent resource. So, since you deplete all your Fury with one boulder toss, I don't think it will count sadly, since it doesn't hit immediately.

    Also taking into account, that Unity is a must have, if you desire high Greater Rift ranks + Ring of Royal Grandeur, if you want to be able to have 3 set IK + Reakor 5 set bonus.

    But I definitely am going to test them out at some point :)

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    posted a message on TASTE MY SPEAR - A fiery Throwbarb build!
    Hello ladies and gentlemen!

    Luckily, I found a certain spear, while I was farming for my weekly Diablo 3 legendary finds video!

    So I thought heck! It's time to revisit some Throwbarb action!

    The Build
    Skill Calculator:http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/barbarian#gQRUlP!jZhY!Zbcbab
    Youtube video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDKTJXV6bbU

    Time stamps for the Video!
    0:58 - The Build in Progress
    5:00 - The Gear
    11:20 - The Build in Nephalem Rift Action
    20:40 - The Build VS. Nephalem Rift Guardian

    So why not use "No Escape" as a passive, since you're going Throwbarb? Simply because it only works 10% of the time (estimated guess ;P). It's really easy for monsters to get near you or at least within 20 Yards, not only due to map design, but also just by pure speed alone. Especially Champion packs! For "No Escape" to work vs a Champion pack, the pack itself have to be ranged, or 1 shot pretty much!

    So it's really not worth putting into your build, unless you, as mentioned before 1 hit stuff!
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    posted a message on DiabloFans Is Recruiting Class Moderators. Apply Here!
    I would love to become a moderator for the "Barbarian: Bastion's Keep" section!

    Diablo History

    I have been a huge fan of Diablo, right from when I loaded up the very first Diablo game! Which was in 1996 I believe? Holy hell, I'm starting to grow old! I of course picked up Diablo 2 and the Lord of Destruction expansion, which was pretty much my childhood, since me and my friends would run back to my place after school, sit down infront of the computer, and just run around forever, killing Fallens and laugh at the sound they made as they were clubbed to death!

    My Diablo 2 LoD fire eventually went out, and I played countless of other Action RPGs and RTS games! But then.. DIABLO 3 was announced and I IMMEDIATELY pre-ordered it! I were one of the few, who absolutely loved everything about Diablo 3 from the get go, yes the lore aspect could have been executed way better, but still it wasn't under preforming in my opinion. My very first character was a Monk, though some payment issues with Blizzards, ended in my account being completely removed, and I had to rebuy the whole game, thus I started a Demon Hunter! It went on for a while, I did the whole glass cannon thing and eventually, I said hell no, Barbarian has always been my kind of playstyle! Sadly, the early era of Diablo 3, required Barbarians to play with a shield on Inferno difficulty, but he was still the most BADASS character to play!

    Time went on, Paragon Levels were introduced, I achieved the level 100 Paragon (took me a GREAT deal of time!) and I once again, I felt I had drained everything I could from the Diablo universe. But then, Reaper of Souls was announced, and now I am back at it! I will attempt to become one of the top Barbarians the Diablo 3 community has ever seen, just to show, that even with the huge nerf hit Barbarians are still the strongest, most powerful and MOST BADASS character you can possibly play!

    With the novel I wrote above, I believe you will find answers for why I believe the Barbarian is the most awesome Character ever!

    I'd love nothing more to be able to help my fellow Barbarians on here, so they'll be able to find the best possible builds for their desired playstyle and also, to help keep order, which sometimes can be challenging, because after all Barbarians aren't known for their relaxed behaviour!

    I've been a moderator on a few small forums, but nothing too grand. But I believe I am capable for ttask at hand!
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    posted a message on A God of Thunder is Born - A Lightning Whirlwind Barbarian Guide
    Quote from GRJames19

    Could I replace Avalanche Lathar with another AOE cooldown like Earthquake mountain's call or anything else? Also, gear wise what is the roll priority for stats? Crit dmg > Crit Chance > Attack Speed > Str > lightning Dmg > Lightning %? Thanks for the awesome guide, I've was looking for direction on my barb and this is perfect!
    Since Avalanche has a relatively small cooldown, with the possibility to actually shorten the cooldown, I feel like it would take away a lot of momentum, if you were to add in Earthquake instead!

    When you prioritize stats with Dual Wielding, I would probably do something like Crit Chance > Crit Damage > Strength > x% extra Lightning Damage > Attack Speed.
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    posted a message on Call of Ancients permanent! (Unless they die in combat!) Set Item talk!
    Hello fellow Barbarians!

    So! I've finally collected 4 pieces of the new and improved Immortal Kings set! The chest is still level 60 though, but luckly it still works with level 70 pieces!

    I was unlucky to recieve the 2H Mighty Weapon part of the set, the IK boulder breaker, which is really bad since.. well 2-Handers are crazy bad still!
    Yet, I must admit I had great fun running around with 3 Barbarians and a templar!

    I'm using this build with the Call of the Ancients:
    Here's a video going over the build I used, and also shows them in action:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pMCXl3dHxc8

    What Barbarian Set are you guys looking for?
    Which one do you believe is the best one?
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    posted a message on Call of Ancients permanent! (Unless they die in combat!) Set Item talk!
    Quote from Cularic

    In response to the main topic: In the future, I am most interested in trying a full set of Raekor armor. Pretty much every rune of Furious Charge is awesome. I would definitely use a 2-hander with such a build. I'd probably go 2-handed as well with the Earth armor.

    Currently I have a whirlwind barb and I am seeking more pieces of the IK set, although I will likely stop at 3 for the bonus healing and fury. If I were to use the 4 piece bonus, I would probably use either the fury generating rune or 50% damage reduction rune, ensuring that I had either tons of resources or great survivability. My only concern would possibly be that the ancients might die to damage if I were splitting too much damage toward them. War Cry - Invigorate may solve that problem, though - I'm not sure, I haven't really experienced or tested it.

    About 2h vs dual wield, it's been mentioned before, but:

    Dual wielding only gives 15% bonus attack speed, which is lumped in with all your other attack speed gear and skills.

    The only way dual wield can get remotely close to double a 1hander's attack speed would be a dagger (1.5 speed) vs a 2-handed mace (0.9 speed).

    In contrast, a spear or 1-handed mace (1.2 speed) is only slightly faster than a 2-handed sword or certain mighty weapons (1.15 speed and 1.10 speed respectively).

    I've found two-handers with 2900 dps. The best one-handers I've seen are roughly 2400 dps. That makes a good two-hander about 20% better than a good one-hander.

    The only possible argument for dual wield being strictly better than two-handing is the second gem slot. However, as your armor's crit damage bonus goes up, a second emerald means less and less in the grand scheme of your dps.

    About seismic slam, however- it should be roughly equal with a 2h or dual wield assuming you also use a fury generator. Seismic slam has no cooldown, so it is governed by your attack speed and resources. 2h means big slams less often, 1h means small slams more often. It should balance out as long as you are attacking constantly.

    The real skills that benefit greatly from 2handers are earthquake, avalanche, rend, and furious charge (and to a lesser extent, leap and certain runes of other skills).

    When rolling a high damage weapon, %damage bonus is more important on a 2hander, and a high +damage bonus is more important on a 1-hander. This is because a 1-hander derives roughly 80% of their total DPS from +damage, like +900-1200 fire damage. A 2hander only gets about 65% of their damage from bonus damage, the other third is the base damage of the weapon itself.
    Rend is just as good, since it actually is capable of critting, so having an extra 100%+ crit. Is also pretty amazing with dualwield.

    But yeah, when it comes to Earthquake, Avalanche and Charge, a 2Hander does make it hit harder. But overall you will NEVER out dps, another barb with dualwield if you wield a 2Hander. No matter how you build.

    Only way would be if the 2Handed weapon recieved some awesome affixes, or a able to roll high crit dmg.

    At the moment the Crusader is the one that benefits the most for 2handers, since they can wield one with a shield.

    If Barbs had "Titan Grip" were able to dualwield 2Handed mighty weapons or something, it would be better most def.!
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    Quote from ntantanta

    Great build Zlexpro.

    Being not that accustomed to play it and not having great gear (I just leveled to 70), here's the variation of your build that I'm playing.

    Bash - Punish (left-mouse), Whirlwind - Windshear (right-mouse), War Cry - Invigorate (1), HOA - Smash (2), Ground Stomp - Wrenching Smash (3), Avalanche - Lahar (4).

    Passives: Bloodthirst, Animosity, Unforgiving, Brawler

    Paragon points: Core - All in Max. Fury, Offense - 1:10 ratio between crit. hit chance and crit. hit dmg, Defense - All in life regen., Utility - All in life on hit.

    How I play it.

    Let's assume the initial state is a full fury pool. I start with War Cry, which is always on. I get 3 stacks of punish rapidly, then ground stomp and then Avalanche. I then spam HOA to diminish the cooldown for avalanche. If I run out of fury (when spamming HOA) before being able to recast Avalanche, I either use Punish to build up fury for HOA (when I don't have 3 punish stacks) or I use Whirlwind to build fury rapidly when swarmed. Fury generation is usually not a problem with this build. I have gone a bit overboard with it by using gear which increases total fury. I also re-stun enemies with Ground Stomp whenever possible.

    Sidenote: I've also went overboard with life regen. in my choice of items. Until now it works well for me in torment 1. The added bonus of spamming HOA to add fury is that you replenish health rapidly via Bloodthirst (and health globe healing bonuses from your items). The avalanche cool-down takes about 10 seconds with this build (via a single item with general skill cooldown reduction of 9% and spamming HOA). You probably won't cast Avalanche every 10 seconds anyway since you need to get away from elites (using Whirlwind) or need to chase enemy swarms to make the most of Ground Stomp + Avalanche.

    Any suggestions would be greatly welcomed.

    Zlexpro, thanks again for the great build, I've been struggling to find a good Barbarian build since the release of RoS and yours answered all my problems.

    Disclaimer: I'm not saying that my build is top notch; all I'm saying is that it works well for me whereas I've had problems playingZlexpro's original build at levels between 60 and 70 (probably because I suck or my gear sucks).
    Awesome comment!

    At the moment, I am working on a variation of my original build myself, since I've recieved a few PMs, Comments etc. about fury gain and staying alive.

    The variation so far:

    Skill Calculator: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/barbarian#ahcliZ!jZhe!YYZZbZ
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