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    posted a message on D3 duration and price

    Is it worth to buy the game and expansion for 20$ ? YES ! that is a steal for the amount of gameplay you get out of it.

    There is no other hack n slash game on the market at the moment that comes even close to D3 combat. Smoothness of animations and details.

    If you like to hack n slash through hordes of monsters, you will spend hours and hours @ D3.


    Have you guys noticed one thing, all D3 forums are full of PoE players saying PoE is better and D3 is deader than dead. Yet no D3 player goes to PoE related websites to write bullshit.

    D3 vs PoE:

    Both games are great. They are different, provide you with different experience and gameplay. Some will enjoy one while others the other. Many play both.

    To me D3 is superior because I enjoy combat the most, smoothness and pace. I play both games around a month after release of new season/league and after that I move on to something else like Grim Dawn. I got more than 8k hours spent @ D3 to date, around 5k in PoE.

    People saying PoE is hardcore, complex, hard to learn etc. that was the truth like... 2 years ago, atm PoE gets easier and easier. You could show a total noob 1 youtube video of a top PoE meta build, provide him with items and he would run through from normal to top tier maps holding right mouse button. I for one hope PoE changes its direction and stops the casualization of the game.

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    posted a message on Primal? I can't even get Ancients I want
    Quote from Varitokยป

    The new grind is ridiculous. Grinding can be fun, but grinding to grind so you can grind is pretty crazy.

    You just summed up what hack and slash games are about. Grinding to be albe to do more grind and faster... rinse and repeat. People expecting things that hack and slash games are not are just dumb.
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    posted a message on Factors that killed D3

    Diablo 3 is one of the best games of its genre on the market. It's far from being dead/killed. Plenty of people play the game each season and off season too.

    People saying Path of Exile is better than D3 are probably people who played D3 for many many hours and just got bored/burnt out. Both games are great, theres no point saying one is better than the other.

    I play both games, they are both great and when I get bored of one I play the other plus mix in a little bit of Grim Dawn which is also a very pleasant experience.

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    posted a message on What is the fastest way to start season 5 at patch 2.4

    bounties are good, true, question is how hard the servers will be crowded, if making new game takes too long, rifts might be the way to go after you complete bounties.

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    posted a message on CPU bottlenecking me?

    every single PC out there drops the FPS in a full party when u encounter multiple elites with meteors, arcane etc, its the game that is getting bottlenecked

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    posted a message on No Bow DH

    clearing t6, ez, just go grenades, get impale as spender, some good ancient weapon and you r good to go, t6 is a joke nowadays.

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    posted a message on More Content YES. Micro Transactions NO!

    what a complete idiot. microtransaction are going to help the game. People make games to make $$$ off of it, face it. alot of people were waiting for microtransactions for a long time, because they want their character to be unique, prettier etc. why does it bother you at all ? don't like it don't buy it.

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    posted a message on D3 is the least represented francise at Blizzcon
    first they would have to implement some competitive mode into D3 first
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    posted a message on HC Death - The most unfair ever?! :D GR44
    blizzard should do something about off-screen damage in general, its the most stupid thing, when you die to something which you did not even see...
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    posted a message on Hitting a speedbump
    get 2 unitys and go for top grift crusader, u will notice during grifts which piece u gotta upgrade in order to advance further =)
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    posted a message on Blizzard will lose their most experienced players and support base.
    what a stupid and useless post. the fact that you cannot play any class in this game does not mean its not balanced.

    -top GRift achieved per class on non-seasonal soft-core.

    WD: 41
    DH: 43
    SADER: 41
    BARB: 43
    WIZ: 42
    MONK: 40

    where do you see that "horrible unbalance " ? DH destroying erryting !!! " yet barb cleared same level of grift :o wow wiz is just 1 level lower and so on. the game is extremely well balanced for how many classes and skills and items there are in the game. just quit already and dont spam forums with useless QQ, if i were the blizzard employee who banned your sorry ass out of forums i'd just include game account in the ban.
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    posted a message on Diablo III Reaper of Souls - Is fast levelling normal?
    lol what a troll

    "hi mens, i play this new game ! but the game too ez :< i set difficulty super easy, no understand why ez :< help ! old game hard ! "
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    posted a message on Blizzard nerfed/hotfixed/influencing Legendary drop chance
    mommy, i haven't been getting 10 legendary drops per hour as i did 2 days ago Q.Q please tell something to this bad blizzard, seriously they should ban such thread starters, nothing more than a QQthread
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    posted a message on The RMAH Destroyed Diablo 3 and I Told You So
    wow, must be the longest troll thread i have ever seen.
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    posted a message on Wizard Massive Dmg - Bug?
    i fail to see any bug in there, see for yourself in game, it does not give u any super high damage gain over other skills.
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