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    Quote from Slayardarklaws

    Rares in D3 are incoherent ( class items with everything but stats for the class it's designed) way more random ( the damage range on a 60 lv weapon can be as bad as a lv 25 weapon). Caracters are much more stuff relient and stuff is much more affixes relient. And you have to add that customisation is really poor and half of what was promised was cut just before release ( mystic and other gems ).

    An offline /auction house less mode would have been, and still would be the decent thing to do.

    Snipping your quote a bit to save space.

    My D2 experience is probably different from yours since I only played Classic - I didn't like LoD for various reasons. I'm assuming you played LoD because probably 99% of D2 players did. In classic, I do remember most rares being crap. Weapons especially needed dual +dmg mods (eg. kings + merciless) to be good. In countless hours of playing D2 I think I only ever found one truly godly item, a chu ko nu which was within 3-4 of its maximum theoretical damage - no +skills or leech though.

    As for an offline mode, I support that request even though I wouldn't use it. But I see no reason why you shouldn't have the option, it wouldn't harm my experience in any way. I like the idea of options, because we all want something a bit different. One size doesn't fit all, and so the only realistic way to satisfy a broad range of customers is to allow them to customize the experience by giving them options.

    I'm in agreement with you on this - Blizzard didn't give us very many options with this game. It seems to be their philosophy lately, they're actually getting to be a lot like Apple :( The mentality is basically "This is what you should like, and if you don't then there's something wrong with you". I see this in WoW with forced guilding, and I've seen it in D3 patches where they've specifically outlined how they want players to play the game (eg. "we want players hunting down elite packs", when justifying the MF nerf in regards to chests and the general nerf on the contents of chests, barrels, bone piles, etc.) Right, right... forget what we like, we're playing *their* game... -.-

    Quote from Indimix

    Now, if you bought your way to your goal, sure, the result is the same, in less time, with less effort, but the emptiness that it leaves behind already destroyed that experience for you. It is just not the same.

    And, this is not an opinion, this is human behavior.

    I'd have to disagree with that, I think it is opinion. You find enjoyment in finding your gear, which is fine. I find enjoyment in online economies; in trading, buying, selling, etc., and also in having the best gear I can get, no matter how I get it. In fact, what drew me so powerfully to D2 was that it was the first game I played with an online economy.
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    Thanks for an insightful answer to the first question. I especially like the viewpoint that an item you find has a story, I can understand the appeal of that, even though I personally prefer to use the AH.

    I feel I should point out what you must already know, as you said you played Diablo 2 - rares are much more common in D3 than in D2, and they're just as likely to be bad. If the D3 drop rate were adjusted for the economy, rares would be less common in D3, not more. I'm not saying that you don't have a valid point - all I'm saying is that I think the issue you are having is with the difficulty of inferno. This is what promotes AH usage, not the drop rate. If there were no inferno and it ended with hell mode as D2 did, I don't think there would be nearly as much of an issue.

    However you didn't answer the second question: How could Blizzard have addressed the need for facilitated trading without implementing an AH? Whether you like to trade or not, you must admit that when a random player gets rich by giving D2 players a currency to trade with (d2jsp), there's an obvious issue, and if you're the software developer, you're going to all but be forced to do something about it, yes?
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    Hey guys. I wanted to see for myself what zones warranted spots in my exp runs rather than blindly follow Alkaizer's route. First, I was bored with the same 5 maps, and second, as a WD, I'm not constrained by having to keep up WotB (or Archon for that matter).

    My goal is not to provide some sort of bible here - there are far too many variables, such as my class, gear, spec, playstyle, individual skill level, etc. I just wanted to provide some ballpark figures for anyone who was interested. I decided on the general forum because I figure input from all players would be welcome and help us all to figure out our own ideal paragon leveling experience, rather than limiting it to a class forum.

    I took data from most zones in act 3. Notably absent is Keep lvl 2 - I feel it's a great map for exp, but my specific build makes it slow and painful for me, so it wasn't an option. I did take a couple of samples from unconventional zones such as Tower of the Cursed lv 1 and the one just outside of town, but the xp/hour sucked so I dismissed them.

    All data was taken with five pre-existing stacks of Nephalem Valor. I took 5 samples from each map, and in the interest of saving space I'll just post the averages. All data is highly interpretable, what works well for a WD with my build may not work well at all for someone else.

    Additional notes: I rounded to the nearest quarter of a minute for easier maths. In zones with possible dead-ends such as the keep depths and arreat crater 1+2, I ended my run if I hit a dead-end unless it would take a very short time to backtrack. If I died on a run I discarded the data. I killed all goblins and did not deduct any time for doing so. My build tends to kill them quickly anyway. I pick up all recipes which I don't know, or which are for legendaries or 6-property items. I pick up all legendaries, set items, rings and amulets, and most 61+ weapons and armor with a few exceptions. I know most by name and don't waste time with ctrl+mouseover. I do not pick up blues (except gem recipes), potions, gems or tomes of secrets. Lastly, I did not separately weight the average for each run based on the total exp of the run, I simply averaged each run's exp/hour. As I said, I'm only attempting to provide a ballpark figure.

    For reference, here's my WD My gear was a bit different when taking data from what it is now, I had bought a few upgrades while collecting but kept them stashed until I was done. If interested, I use this build, with much thanks to the author for providing such a detailed and well thought out approach.

    Zone Name
    Average time per run // Average exp per run (millions) // Average exp per hour (millions)

    5:06 // 1.62m // 19.44 m/h

    Keep 1
    4:36 // 1.24m // 16.40 m/h

    Keep 3
    2:18 // 0.82m // 22.24 m/h

    Rakkis Crossing south to fields
    5:09 // 2.10m // 24.82 m/h

    Fields of Slaughter
    5:57 // 2.05m // 20.64 m/h

    Crater 1
    3:27 // 1.60m // 28.96 m/h

    Tower of the Damned 1
    2:33 // 0.95m // 22.30 m/h

    Crater 2
    3:27 // 1.77m // 31.18 m/h

    1:54 // 0.62m // 19.46 m/h

    My interpretation of the data: For starters, Stonefort and Keep lv 1 don't seem worth it. Secondly, Arreat Crater lv 1 and Rakkis south to Fields, maps not in Alkaizer's route and which most players ignore, yielded excellent exp for me. I feel it's probably best to start in the small zones which give lower total exp, I go Core -> Keep 3 -> Tower 1 personally. On average, you'll probably encounter the same amount of trash while stacking up no matter where you begin, but the smaller maps are guaranteed at least a pack or three, whereas on a larger map you might get unlucky and kill tons of trash before fully stacking up.
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    Quote from BigEd781

    That's not true, you decided to take his POV to the extreme. Where did he say that he wants to get the best loot in 15 minutes? There is a middleground between "99% of drops are garbage" (current state of the game) and "all drops are awesome.

    Flat out, the AH was the motivation behind the crap drops, and it was a bad call. I don't care what the devs have said in the past, it is logically impossible to believe that the AH has no affect on how they have balanced item drops.

    What I said was stupid, so I edited it out. Sorry about that.

    It does seem like the biggest issue people have with this game is that they want a single player experience when the majority of players want the online multiplayer experience of diablo. Diablo really isn't a single player game, and what's more, there are thousands of great single player games out there. My friend's been playing Skyrim lately and keeps telling me about how good it is.

    Purchasing Diablo 3 and then complaining about things that are a result of its orientation as a multiplayer game strikes me as stalking into Burger King, demanding they sell you a pizza, and refusing to accept their answer of "Sir, there's a Pizza Hut next door, if you want pizza you should go there."

    In short, people who want a single player game and bought Diablo 3 should learn from their mistake, and go purchase a single player game. At least they can sell a few things on the RMAH and make back what they paid for this game, you can't say the same about most other games.
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    Quote from speedloader1

    Quote from Tanakeah

    It's just a tooltip change to clarify what the skills do. If you look at them currently they say the same thing, just in slightly harder to understand wording. Caltrops: JS is still 45% Weapon Damage every second since 45 X 6 = 270 and Gas Grenades are still 75% weapon damage over 3 seconds since 25 X 3 = 75.

    it could also be an insidious way to nerf proc chances to LoH, crit and CC (stun freeze etc) in order to destroy CaC Hunters which don't rely on specific legendaries (natalya and new items) to survive. It specifically targets LoH runes, gas grenades trail choking gas dark cloud jagged .. Fear the worst.

    All I see there is an absence of new skill mechanics, old ones being eventually nerfed, and snazzy dmgs buffs which won't improve anything.
    That's exactly what it is. They're actually nerfing the survivability of a class which is so frail that it must use Nat's set for a bonus which, when it went live, was considered a bug at first. Unbelievable. Blizzard's left and right hands have no clue what the other is doing, their patches invariably buff the strong, nerf the weak and change the balanced. Absolutely mindboggling.

    Oh well, I'm looking forward to the WD changes. If summoning becomes a viable build I'll sell my DH's gear and just play the doc.
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    I too have used the ferret, though not in any regular build. Basically just when I'm farming act 1, cause act 1 is so easy, or when I'm gobby farming.

    IMO the ferrets should be invulnerable, but not attack anything. They should also be much faster. Their sole purpose should be to pick up gold, and they should excel at this task.
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    Quote from Lucidity

    More like: you drive to work but still get there later than the people who bike to work, so naturally you rage at bicycle shops.



    No seriously though. Everyone knows Siegebreaker is the primo farm spot in the game. It's not at all surprising that they turned the fight right before it into a major cockblock in 1.03 (last patch). This encourages people to use the RMAH, because if you're a Blizzard exec, 10 Ferraris just isn't enough - they have to make more money for that F50 they've always wanted... and hey, maybe a foray into the world of Lamborghinis!

    You're probably young & naive, and don't understand just how cutthroat the business world is. You think it's an absurd notion that businesses would act this way, but the reality is it's just another day for them. In the top tiers of the business world, you'd either cut your mother's throat for $5, or you'd be looking for a job because someone else who would gladly do it just took yours.
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