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    Quote from "mordred" »
    It will! It's a nice rig. But how much did you purchase it? 4000$? That's extreme!
    Yeah it should be, at most, $1000.

    edit: 1700!?! Damn dell overcharges so much, heh. But yeah, it should get the job done for you, I'm sure you'll be happy with it =)
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    but I for one am glad I can focus on hitting left and right mouse button w/o tapping 1 2 3 4

    I'm sorry, but are people's minds really that small these days? That they can only focus on hitting 2 buttons with one hand and not have enough concentration to use the other hand?...

    Every day it seems more and more people are complaining about stuff not being 'realistic'. Maybe we need a new definition of the word? Just because its not realistic doesn't make it a bad thing. The more realistic video games get, the more boring they get. We dont need more realism, I got mine right outside my door.

    Regarding health globes, i think that the Devs are too influenced by GoW. Diablo 3 =/= GoW. They need some more creativeness.
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