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    posted a message on Spirit generation on shielded elites
    You won't generate spirit by attacking neither invul minions nor shielded ones.
    However attacking an invul minion will keep SW runnin, while attacking a shieled one won't.
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    posted a message on How or where to farm act 2 efficiently.. where are the elites?
    Quote from markep

    Quote from AudioCG

    What is your MF at? Because I did just a single Act 2 run last night, and found 3 pretty damn great i63's.

    Mf is only around 40, but I get 5 stacks of NV and keep it. Will MF help that much more if I am running with 5 stacks ?

    It helps a lot, I would suggest you follow Cyeron thread about it :
    (and his research is based on data collected in Act II by the way.)

    I run with around 120 MF and found a lot of gear for myself, my friends, and AH :)

    Edit : failed the quoting edit...
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    posted a message on How or where to farm act 2 efficiently.. where are the elites?
    As I have been farming this act for a while, here is my two cents on this topic.

    My current farming route is as follows :
    1. Start of INSIDE the Vault of the Assassins (more on this below) => 7-10 Elite packs + 1/2 Gobs
    2. Get out of it and explore the close surroundings => 1 Elite pack most of the time
    3. Tp to Black Canyon Mines => 2-4 Elite packs + 1 Gob sometimes
    4. Hope there is Deserted Cellar here with the big Sandworm => 3 Elite packs + Resplendant Chest if here
    5. Tp to Road to Alcarnus => 1-2 Elite packs in the lower part of the town + 1 Gob outside sometimes
    6. Tp to Ancient Path => Classical Gob in the stairway sometimes and explore a bit of the deserted sands area
    7. Hope to find the "Hill Event" with the fleeing man and one optional Dungeon (Resp Chest / Pig or one with 3 Elite packs)
    (8. Tp to Dalgur Oasis and search for some more Elite packs and the optional dungeon on the Northern East of the map)
    9.Then I quit. And start again in the Vault.

    I realize this route does not involve killing Kulle or Belial, but by skipping the Archives zone your checkpoint will remain in the Vault of the Assassins so you don't have to search for it in the HUGE Deserted Sands area.
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    posted a message on How good is CRIT build for Monk?
    Quote from Kaoskadosk

    I almost don't get how people can have 40+ crit and 300+ crit damage unless they are insanely rich or go complete glasscannons. Just a ring with crit, crit damage and dex is very expensive, couple that with vitality and resistance and you have a multimillion item already. I've almost given up searching AH for items due to how cornered monks are with upgrades. My gloves for example have 169 dex, 84 vit, 49 res, 9% attack speed and 5% crit. Good luck upgrading that without blowing 10m. :| I'm already down to 620 res for compromising with defensive stats but I don't feel I can go any lower than that.

    I agree that my current way of playing is close to a glass canon build. "Kill them before they can kill you".
    I had to throw away vitality to be able to keep 650+ res and get crit on as many items as possible.
    I am sitting at 32k hp and 7k armor, desperately trying to get a bit more survivability.
    (or more damage, I can't burn through Extra Health / Horde Tremors fast enough...)
    To be honest I am currently at 34.5% crit +3% from scoudrel.

    As I found the recipe for flawless star emerald I crafted two for my weapons. (+160% crit damage)
    I farmed Act II a lot since the 1.0.3 patch (best Act to farm as a monk in my opinion).
    I got 4.5% bracers and a nice 5.5% helm (with no socket though), and some items for my friends and AH.
    Then I turned over to the AH to get my two biggest crit items : gloves and amulet.
    The AH meltdown actually helped me a lot to achieve that goal, with other buyers being unable to bid during downtime.
    I managed to get a 8%ias 9% crit gloves with dext for 6 mil and an amulet with 7.5 crit and dext for 10 mil.
    A DH friend gave me two rings with 4% crit chance (no crit damage, price on those are INSANELY high...)
    Last piece I could afford was a 825 dps weapon with 50% crit damage and a socket for a 3 mil bid.

    TL;DR : It takes a lot of gold / time to get to it, and it doesn't feel really safe going this route. But stuff blows up, I am happy.

    Edit : Found new boots with vit / res, back to 32k hp :)
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    posted a message on Option 4 Modified
    Quote from Frozenkex

    i was shocked at 44% in the poll voting for gear swapping hotkey, it would only make things worse, this MF swapping mechanic needs to be killed not made more convenient. I agree with this option 4.

    Exactly what I was about to post in this thread.

    I am afraid that "Gear Swapping Button" suggestion was misleading.
    Some people might have voted for it because a mean to swap between two gear would be great.
    (As a monk, I would love switching from Dual Wield to 1h + Shield with one hotkey)

    I also don't think Blizzard wanted us to "vote" for the best (or less irritating, some would say) option.
    They just asked for constructive feedback for every one of them.
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    posted a message on How good is CRIT build for Monk?
    Currently sitting at 40% crit, 250% crit damage, 40k dps unbuffed on the stat window.
    It just blows stuff sooooo fast with MoC / Overawe !
    With this kind of damage you can focus fire one elite and blow your CDs, get the globe, rince / repeat.

    I had to drop off my LoH from 1000 to about 600 but the FoT / TC and SW / Cyclone is just too good right now.
    I just saw sacherich video this morning, and he has a slightly worse gear and doing great.

    Now searching for a good pair of boots for better positionning, but otherwise it is a very fun way to play monk.

    Go go crit !
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    posted a message on Magic Find and its efficiency: A statistical insight
    Awsome work, thank you a lot for clearing those questions.
    Will be looking forward to your coming updates on this thread, especially your next data point.

    A small thought for all those poor Goblins we relentlessly decimate every day.
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    posted a message on [Help request]
    If I get your stats correctly, you stacked Dexterity like crazy.
    Any upgrade of your base weapon damage will bring a huge bump to your dps.
    (But yeah, resists and LoH come first, upgrade it later on)
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    posted a message on Act 2 ~ Am i overgeared or undergeared?
    Quote from KraiseKr

    the monster type is that fast lacuni like creature that releases a cloud of toxic gas when dead they live in the waterlogged area northwest to the Oasis

    they came in a pack of 4 with fire chains, desecrator, immobilize and knockback, the halls were really tight and their ability to immobilize allowed them to combo with their fire chains crossing over me all the time plus the desecrator damage

    The type of mobs you described was either Accursed or Betrayed.
    Both of them have an innate FAST movement speed, wich makes them particularly deadly with the Fire Chains affix.
    (It even gets crazier with the combo "Fire Chains / Illusions" since all of their illusions leave poison on the ground when killed...)

    However, these types of mobs have a very low HP pool.
    My small advice against such fearsome pack would be to focus them one by one, using all of your cooldowns before running away.
    Fighting them in a large and open space is also key.
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    posted a message on Crit vs. Attack Speed
    With as much as 40-45k hp, your resists seem just a bit low to me. Try to get them around 800 (one good 50 / 50 should do it).

    I currently run Act III with 35k, 20k dps / 24% crit, 700 res, 7k armor unbuffed and 800 LoH.
    Only Ghom or some Horde Tremors are a problem with this build, mainly due to the fact that you need A LOT of dps and DR appears to be mandatory for these fights.
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    posted a message on Crit vs. Attack Speed
    Quote from sacherich

    Quote from Xunin

    For S&B, on the other hand, you can disregard crit damage almost completely in favour of a mixed bag of crit chance (amulet, gloves, head, shield) and aspd (jewelry and gloves). Cyclones don't scale with crit damage so it makes no sense to go out of your way to get it. Your *actual* DPS won't be correctly displayed in the stat window if you go down this path, however.

    I am using S&B, how much crit % chance and crit dmg is recommended to progress in Act 3? Some packs are killing me almost instantly

    700 weapon damage
    15k damage
    900 LoH
    50k HP
    6k armor with enchantress
    30+% crit chance
    200% crit damage
    680 all resistance



    As stated by Xunin, you should not worry so much about CritDmg, and your current CritChance is already great for Act III.
    Your armor is a bit low, I would suggest dropping Backlash in favor of the classical Hard Target.
    You also have tons of HP, you could benefit from more Dext if you can in exchange for some more damage / armor.
    At last, you may find a slightly better weapon with a bit less LoH (since you are using a shield) but 800+ dps.
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    posted a message on Monk Inferno Guide - 1.0.3
    Currently farming whole of Act II with this spec, 18k dps unbuffed, 33k hp, 440 RA, 7k Armor unbuffed, 22% crit, a 16% block shield and 450 LoH (and 100% MF). Anything but a Champion pack with "Fire Chains / Molten / Vortex / Horde" kills me, except my own mistakes.
    I would suggest you get a slightly better weapon : found a reasonable 63 that does 860 dps + socket and it is plenty enough so far.
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    posted a message on Acts 1 - 4 Inferno Elite Hotspot Guide
    Thank you for your guide, helped me beginning my Act III farming today.
    However I noticed that you may have forgotten a great farming spot in Act II : the Vault of the Assassins.
    This place is filled with Elite packs (about 10 in a single instance) and very often contains a goblin (even got two earlier today)
    But I understand it would be a harded place to farm as a ranged character, as my friends told me.
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