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    I was reading a book earlier called 'The Black Swan' and there’s a fairly interesting paragraph in there that may help:

    'Indeed, people tend to fool themselves with their self-narrative of 'national-identity' which, in a breakthrough paper in Science by sixty-five authors, was shown to be a total fiction. ('National Traits' might be great for movies, they might help a lot with war, but they are Platonic notions that carry no empirical validity- yet, for example, both the English and the non-English erroneously believe in an English 'national temperament'.

    Empirically, sex, social class, and profession seem to be better predictors of someone's behaviour than nationality (a male from Sweden resembles a male from Togo more than a female from Sweden; a philosopher from Peru resembles a philosopher from Scotland more than a janitor from Peru; and so on)
    Taleb, N. (2007). The Black Swan. Penguin Books. p74

    ...so, in answer to your question: Are Americans different from Canadians? no. If you pick a random American and a random Canadian then you will notice many differences, but generally these differences are a factor of sex, social class, and profession, and not nationality.
    I just did a quick search, so if you want bonus points, the abstract from the journal article is:

    National Character Does Not Reflect Mean Personality Trait Levels in 49 Cultures
    ‘Most people hold beliefs about personality characteristics typical of members of their own and others' cultures. These perceptions of national character may be generalizations from personal experience, stereotypes with a "kernel of truth," or inaccurate stereotypes. We obtained national character ratings of 3989 people from 49 cultures and compared them with the average personality scores of culture members assessed by observer ratings and self-reports. National character ratings were reliable but did not converge with assessed traits. Perceptions of national character thus appear to be unfounded stereotypes that may serve the function of maintaining a national identity’

    Science 7 October 2005:
    Vol. 310. no. 5745, pp. 96 - 100
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    Actually, its only £10 ($20) on ebay, and my first record player I got £2 at a car boot sale (yard sale maybe in America?), it was so good my dad stole it off me (either that or he didn't want me borrowing from his collection). You can be an audiophile and thrifty, but again its convinience over quality that wins every time. Thats why people buy fast food...

    MP3's are the Mcdonalds of music...you can get them everywhere, you can eat a tonne of it, but deep down you know that its cheap and nasty.Same goes for mp3s (apart from eating them of course!)
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    This is what I don't understand of 'music fans' these days. How can you say you like music if you listen to the 192kbs or less 'compressed' mp3's?

    I'm not a fan of downloaded music, I bought an expensive hi-fi back in the day, and what's the point in owning a top quality hi-fi if you're going to plug an ipod into it anyway?

    It seems that people have gone for convinence over quality in music at a time when everyone wants a high-def tv and twin graphics processeors.

    I'm thinking of downgrading to a record player, the sound quality is better than cd's, which are better than mp3's.

    ...or perhaps I'm just a contrarian.
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    Quote from "waddlez" »

    We didn't get our own country by buying British tea, no we fucking stole it and dumped it into the habor

    As a Brit, I say Damn Straight! (although the tea party was 10 years before your so called revolution...)

    ***err... sorry made a goof there.... I was thinking of the riots after the stamp act of 1765, the tea party was 1773.***
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    When people say that the music business cannot survive if people download illegal files, the ironic slogan ‘home taping is killing music’ comes to mind. It does have some truth however, as (in my opin) the music industry was built on sand. Before the internet, their profits were derived from the sale of goods: records, tapes, cd’s, etc. The moment they removed the information from the packaging by placing music online they signed their slow lingering death warrant. The purpose of the internet is the spread of information at a low cost. The ‘marginal cost’ of selling one extra copy of an album is so small that essentially an online album sale costs nothing, which is why online music stores have colluded to keep their prices artificially high, and the continued presence of illegal downloading is a response to that.

    On the other hand…downloading illegal copies of music is a cyber form of looting. The moment looting starts in real life, people rationalize away the ‘wrongness’ of smashing a window and running off with a plasma tv. Those who advocate Illegal downloading are just rationalizing running off with the proverbial tv.

    On the third hand….screw the music industry. What have they done for the world apart from making Irish boybands famous!

    How the hell do they know that you are downloading music anyway? Are the uni’s handing out personal details of their students?
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    Hi. I'm doing an MSc in Real Estate Economics, my thesis is a rather turgid analysis of the effects of stamp duty on the residential property market in the UK...its one of those subjects that everyone I talk about it with has an opinion to throw my way. I've pretty much gone with the tax=bad strategy.
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    I personally think that this is a great idea, although I would like the option for 'sealed bids'. If you've ever looked at the marketplace on amazon.com you'll see the problem I envisage...500 copies of the same book all scaled up in increments of 1p, probably with bots checking the lowest price and placing the book on the market at 1p lower for the only chance they'll ever sell the thing.

    I think part of the fun in Diablo 2 was the ability to 'trade up' if you had patience enough to wait around for a buyer. If you remove all ability to create arbitrage profits by having a perfectly efficient market for lewt (never thought I'd get a chance to have lewt and arbitrage in the same sentence) then it kind of loses the sparkle a bit. With sealed bids its up to the buyer, not the market, that sets the price.

    Come to think of it, if DIII is battle.net + instances, which I think it is, then why have trading 'in game' at all? isn't that just a waste of bandwidth creating a new game world just for people to stand in town and flog their goods. It would be rather nice for battle.net 2.0 to have a character screen out of the game world so people can trade and mule items without having to go through the rigmarole of loading a new game.
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    Hope you enjoy the shako, og.

    I'm after a 2/2/2 or 2 fire/cold Tal Rasha's Orb if anyones got one
    War travs greater than my pathetic 32% mf.

    From Last to first mule account, random stuff I have for trade or give away (in no particular order)
    Eth Spirit Monarch (i.e 145 str needed for those who want +2 skills on switch)
    Shako 125 def
    Buri * 2
    Chanceguards (rubbish mf, 27% i think)
    Thunderstoke 178%
    Ravenfrost 19 dex/ 204 AR
    Ravenfrost 18 dex/ 218 AR
    Sandstorm Trek 176 def, 14 str 15 via 60% poison resist
    Eth Hellslayer (975 max [email protected] 99! style points galore!)
    Cerebus Bite
    Shadow Killer
    Black Hades
    Lidless Wall
    Duriel's Shell
    String of Ears
    Lycander's Flank
    Arioc's Needle
    Moser's Blessed Circle
    Bartuc's Cut Throat
    Full Nats
    Nosferatu's Coil
    Jade Talon
    Griz's Armour
    Trang's Armour, wing, gloves
    A bunch of 4 os socket flails
    Perfect Eth Demon Limb
    ...and i'm now tempbanned for going through my mules. damn
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    posted a message on Hi Everybody
    Hi, I'm a long time member of the forum who rarely posts as most people have a better idea of what’s going on than I do. I feel a bit rude for not introducing myself before, so here it is.

    I've played Diablo, and Diablo 2 + LOD till about 5 years ago, and have recently relapsed into my old addiction.

    I'm currently writing my masters thesis, and I feel that given my complete lack of a social life due to spending eight hours a day in the library, there is nothing better to 'cool off' than switching your brain off, loading up my cookie cutter mf sorc and blind teleporting my way to meph, every so often you get a quick spike of endorphins when something cool drops.

    I love the look of DIII, I hope that the pedestal we've all placed it on can take the weight.

    My name is bob.

    I'm a mf-aholic.
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    Europe SC Ladder: *free shako (105 def)*

    Recently started playing again, my mf sorc is doing very nicely as some nice person gave me some equipment to get me going.

    Anyway, I found two shako's in a row off hell meph a few days ago, and I feel that that is far too lucky for me not to try and rebalance the cosmic mf force.

    ...so if anyone wants a free shako, it's yours on one condition... at some point down the line you need to palm off some good stuff to some random person!
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    posted a message on Mobs actively hunting you + Stalking bosses
    heh, just posted a similar point on another thread. Destructable environments should definatly play a part in boss battles.
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    posted a message on Should Enemies have Smarter AI?
    I would say that the inverse ninja rule applies here. If a horde of enemies attacks then they are weak, and you can kill them quickly...the danger is that there is a horde of them. I want the bosses to be intelligent though. No more ‘moat tricks’. The most clichéd part of LOD for me was 'Baal's minions'. The guy can teleport in a group of fire immune mobs, but when it gets to your sorc killing him off you can lob fireballs at him till the cows come home.
    I hope destructible environments play a part in the boss battles. You've taken a summoning boss down to half their life so they teleport in some mobs (that you wouldn't be able to solo until you're lvl 90 odd) and then runs away. You're stuffed you think?, no, pull a wall down in front of them to block them off and go around.
    I'm sure Blizz could get pretty inventive with these sorts of things.

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    posted a message on BlizzCon Sold Out in 15 Minutes
    I don't know why Blizzard don't have a lottery system for their tickets, i.e. everyone who wants a ticket indicates so in the blizz account. That way they:

    1) Won't have refresh wars clogging up the system
    2) They'll have a good indication of how many people are interested so they can book enough space for the next event.
    3) It would also be good press relese fodder 'look how great our games are, x-thousand people want to go to our convention'.
    4) Tickets are tied to blizzard accounts/credit cards so there aren't ticket touts flogging their wares on ebay.

    Give everyone a week to pay, those who don't forfiet their spot and it goes back to the lottery.

    I'm sure there are some negatives to this, I just can't think of any at the moment.
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    posted a message on Please, Blizzard, let there be a monthly fee.
    Quote from "cheroczech" »
    Personally, I hope Blizzard charges $250 a month to play. If there's anything worse than playing with kids, it's playing with poor people. This would kill two birds with one stone.


    That made me laugh. So did your sig, it seems we need to keep an eye on Deckard.
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    posted a message on Please, Blizzard, let there be a monthly fee.
    Quote from "Nihilanth45" »
    Ok people. Focus on the payment of 10-15$ a month for regular updates, not young players..

    Cmon who wouldnt want new animations, quests, items once a week?!

    That just gives them the chance to ship an unfinished game. Also, as this new content would be aimed at the high level players, and so it deters new players entering at the bottom, or current players stepping of the grinder for a few days to start a new char.

    Money should be paid for improved service, not content. Content should be reserved for the expansions.
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