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    posted a message on Buying your gear on AH for Barb (WW or SNB)
    So, the same topic came up over and over, which some are just pure lazy to scroll thru the forum.

    I really hope that this will kinda help those who are quite new to try out barb and confuse about what to buy.

    Since there is only 3 tab in AH, here is a break down of how you should search to buy WW gear.

    WW Spec Gear.

    I do not think you will need alot of gold to spend on gear to run a barb. Some gears are just so cheap but most just want BIS etc etc.

    To kinda break down what you need and help you save heaps of gold. You will notice some gear i choose not to have All resist because the price is just way out of hand. But if you think you can afford it, i don't see why not.

    It is better to stack AR with Physical/Fire.

    Estimated ard 500-600 with warcry. For SNB, you would wanna get around 800.

    You must buy an AXE or Mace for main hand so that Weapon master Passive gives you a handy 10% crit.

    I don't see how can you spend more than 5mill (Majority is good weapon) with this search. All other gears which i listed is dirt cheap.
    I really hope this will help some that is new to Barb.

    Please do add in anything if i did miss out some parts. Its just a 10min typing :)

    *Edited some value
    *It should give you around 35% - 40% crit chance

    Crit - 4%
    STR - 60
    Socket (for +% life)/ or with Vit if you find a good deal

    All resist 40-50
    STR - 100
    Vit - 60

    All resist - 40-50
    STR - 130-140
    Vit - 50

    STR - 70
    AR - 40
    Vit + Crit 3-4% (But search for Crit and browse for stuff that has Vit)

    STR - 100
    Vit - 80
    AR - 30 / or Crit - 4%

    STR - 100 (Value incl 2 socket with 34 STR gem)
    Vit - 50
    AR - 40

    STR - 70
    Crit - 6-7%
    AR - 40 - 50

    STR - 80
    Vit - 50
    Crit - 2-3%

    STR - 150-200
    AR - 40-50
    VIT- 80

    STR - 80
    Vit - 70
    AR - 50

    Weapon - min 600 dps Main and off
    LOH - 500
    other stats tat you prefer (Crit dmg)

    For SNB Shield,
    STR - 70
    Vit - 70
    AR - 50

    STR - 70
    Vit - 70
    AR - 50
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