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    if you want an ARPG for hardcore go play Darksouls, Diablo was not a hardcore ARPG...not 1 or 2. They have always been about drudgery and repetition. who ever pushes the button the longest wins basically. which is why you had insanely simple bot programs that could clear all of Diablo 1 and 2 without any human need....cause it is not hardcore, it is mindless repetition....

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    posted a message on How great can you make a Throwbarb?

    Agreed PatriotPunk, how dare he even remotely think to play differently and have fun in a game instead of focusing purely on maximizing every single possible factor (minus the fun bit cause that doesnt matter, this is a game we are talking bout, that is serious business)

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    posted a message on Blizzard Math Skills are rubbish
    go back to school learn the difference between chance and average... then read what you wrote, face palm yourself repeatedly...
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    posted a message on Opinion: Blizzard heavily controls Diablo 3 legendary/set drops
    and this is why religion should be banned.. it promotes the general acceptance of ignorance of reality.

    You people claiming that because money is involved so things are controlled, or that sense RMAH is there of course they control the loot drops, and the dozen other excuses you toss out for why things are how they are, you need to just stop.

    Go back to a school, take a basic class on probability, hell just a basic math class teaching % chances... maybe then you will understand that killing more does not equal increased chance...

    every single mob has the exact same fixed % chance to drop an item... killing 1 or killing 5000 does not change that per creature, the probability of getting an item increases based upon the number of kills but that does not lock in an item, since according to probability a diamond will instantly move 5 feet given enough time.

    So please, stop shouting "its blizzards fault i get crappy loot" just cause you are too ignorant to understand the truth of the matter.
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    posted a message on Quitting Diablo 3, Ive had ENOUGH!
    soooo you made a post saying those posting they are quitting are more valid then those not making a post saying they are playing and / or quitting????

    those who post saying they are quitting and then proceed to bitch and whine about the game and spout their opinions as facts are quite sad. And if you are using the excuse they are unable to be constructive so that is not their fault, then you are wrong. If they never paid enough attention in school to learn how to properly explain their positions with words then their opinions are borderline useless since they bring no possible benefit to the table, they do not contribute a single ounce to the situation.

    You seem just rather eager to insult anyone that enjoys the game, or in anyway defends their opinion of the game yet support those that blindly insult and degrade the game. Makes little sense to me personally. Those that dislike the game is fine,but have an idea how to improve it, those that like the game, be honest since it does have flaws.

    (And oh i am not a basement dweller, nor do i hate my life or this game... unlike you and seemingly so many others on these forums I actually have a well enjoyed life style and do not live in one extreme or another)
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    posted a message on Easiest / least gear dependant class to farm act 3 with?
    with the new changes WD are actually pretty easy to gear up and farm with.. stack Int, Vit, and resists... if you can get crit/crit dmg great but can do fine without thanks to pets.. just do a summoner build with dogs and garg and you can plow thru pretty much everything
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    posted a message on 1.04 WD builds
    i farm act 3 pretty easily (maybe 3-5 deaths in entire run)

    Left Click - Rain of Toads
    Right click - Acid Cloud (lob blob rune)

    1-zombie dogs (fire rune)
    2 - Garg (bruiser rune since they no longer proc stuff)
    3 - sacrifice (next of kin rune, can get 2-3 sac's before having to respawn dogs fully, really burns through the elites)
    4 - Corpse spider (spider queen rune, nice dmg on her now, can fire and forget it.)


    Jungle Fort
    Blood Ritual
    Zombie handler

    I got 650-700 resists with 37k hp and 30k dps... it is pretty easy to just plug through things with all the pets keeping the attention. When you come up on a pack you just let the dogs and garg gather them, do a few sacrifices till dogs are gone, then respawn them and dump on them with acid cloud... they die pretty quickly then.

    And rain of toads works great with the whole working behind the walls from Waller units and etc... generally fun build that does great with just a little LoH and Life steal (375 LoH and 3% Life steal for me and i can tank 2-3 phase beasts np)
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    posted a message on Jay Wilson vs David Brevik
    Quote from Bobo337

    Quote from Belphanoir

    So you are saying Jay Wilson did nothing.. just sat around eating twinkies and staring at his starbucks waiting for it to cool?

    Seriously, you people are ridiculous.. He would not have the job he has, if he just sat on his butt all day. You may think in your deluded little world that he is some shiftless lazy slob that does nothing but takes all the credit but sorry, that is not reality. I personally do not care for the guy one way or the other... Just sick of you zealots trying to find any and everything you can to try and rip into a man over a dumb game.

    Just grow up
    "Dumb game" Oh the irony and bad trolling. Just stop before we just feel sorry for you instead of laughing.

    Yes, dumb game... as in not a life altering experience that should cause such hate for a human being. If you can become so hateful just because some one made a game that was not to your exact specifications then you have the problems, not them.

    There is no trolling, or irony in my statement. There is utter stupidity in your stance that it is acceptable to verbally attack a man for making a game you did not like, for insulting and degrading a person just cause the game he made was not the game you wanted...

    And seriously, if anyone is trolling it would be you... 7 posts, and all designed to inflame and annoy...
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    posted a message on D3 population status.
    Out of 20 on the friend list all of them play still... GAH items i still sell quick if it is a good item, and RMAH i steadily sell 1-3 items daily.... So yeah, i think the "decline" you perceive is that your personal friends are not there... jump into some Public games, meet people..actually talk instead of the silence that pervades them normally...

    Met a few good people in publics that got added to the friends list lol
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