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    The following is a comparison of some of the most popular gear setups for wizards that are trying to achieve the maximum DPS potential of the class. These are the BIS (BIS = Best In Slot, best possible rolls on items that you can get) and is not meant to be a gearing guide, but rather to give us a general idea of which setup outperforms the others.

    Please take note:
    • DPS is unbuffed (no glass cannon, no followers, no force weapon, no sparkflint, etc)
    • EHP is unbuffed
    • Paragon level 100
    • Best possible rolls on a Dagger and a Sword (explanation here, thanks to DisposableHeero and a fix by Thespeaker)
    • Best possible rolls on every slot
    • Perfect quadfecta Tal Rasha's amulet loses to perfect quintfecta rare in every setup
    Gear setupDPS(unbuffed)EHP(unbuffed)
    Sword+Trium+Zuni Boots781.48k739.26k
    Sword+Trium+Zuni x2769.79k758.06k
    Dagger+Tirum+Zuni Boots733.47k739.26k
    Dagger+Trium+Zuni x2718.3k758.06k
    Skorn+Zuni Boots540.01k767.79k

    Weapon choice explanation:
    A weapon can roll up to 6 affixes, we are looking for
    • Damage range (it is shown in two lines, but it is actually a single affix, a damage range)
    • Damage %
    • Socket
    • Critical hit damage
    • Intel
    • Increased attack speed
    I have tried the setup with a slower 1 handed axe and it nets an overall DPS loss, hence the faster the base weapon attack speed is - the greater the resulting DPS. The benefit mostly comes from +damage rolls on rings / amulets. Looking at the fastest possible weapons in the game
    • 1 handed dagger = 1.5 APS
    • 1 handed sword and wand= 1.4 APS
    There is an innate problem with wands however - out of the 6 rolls on the wand 1 roll always has to be a wizard specific stat I.E. +max arcane power or APoC, hence the wand can only have 5 DPS stats and that is the reason why it is not included in the list. If you are faced with the choice - the least DPS loss is the IAS. With the dagger and the wand coming in quite close.

    Further variations:
    There is a very large amount of possible variations of the gear setup, losing some DPS gaining some EHP, etc. I do not plan on encompassing every single variation in here. If you wish to experiment on your own, using d3up.com
    1. login with your account (create one for free if you need to)
    2. open the link to the profile that i linked
    3. click on any item in my profile
    4. under the item name click 'copy item'
    5. now the item is in your account list
    6. create a character, go to gear tab, click change / simulate gear
    7. choose the item you just copied from my profile to equip
    Now you can experiment with the individual preference in terms of gear. If you do find something that would fit into the list of the DPS above - please do post the profile and i'll add it into the list.

    P.S. If i have missed any stat on any item or a roll somewhere - let me know i'll fix it up.
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    posted a message on [Guide] Comprehensive CMWW Guide [PRE 2.0 PATCH]
    Nicely done Loroese, could you please add hyperlinks to the parts of the guide from the contents table - would make browsing it a fair bit more manageable.

    As for your EHP estimates:
    I run with http://d3up.com/b/100961 355k EHP buffed and 400k EHP vs elites. For MP10 ubers - this is a cakewalk. On the ubers - the only thing to watch out for is the Maghda's beam - that stupid thing eats thru the crystal shell like a hot knife thru butter.

    For general elites - unless it's a molten pack, it's very managable, arcane enchanted is a big problem - the beam is really > you. The rest of the stuff is easy.

    Reflect damage is an issue for some people here that i saw, i think there's a point to be made here:
    How much damage you take it dependent not only on your EHP (resist / armor) but also on your APS. Higher APS = faster refresh of diamond skin = a lot more absorption offered. I am running at 3.03 APS & 40 ticks of WW - i take no damage from reflect damage mobs at all. My DPS in CM/WW setup is 170k (granted it's not fantastically high).

    LOH / LS is another issue i'd like to make a point on - in my gear setup i have 0 LOH and 0 LS, yet i have very little issues primarily because of the 40 tick WW refreshing diamond skin extremely fast offering a HUGE amount of absorption. When things go bad and you take a few hits - LOH / LS is not really going to save you - you'll die anyway, hence all my healing comes from globes + life regen. Personally, i would not recommend anyone spending gold on those stats - it's better to go for high APS instead, not only does that increase mitigation, but it also increases the frost nova uptime on mobs allowing for a lot less hits, etc - with 3.03 APS i am able to perma freeze stuff to the point where Ghom doesn't cast his cloud even the whole fight on MP10. Surely if you do have insane amounts of gold - you should get some LOH/LS, however, if you get them on MH (chantodo) you're foregoing a socket, which is a very large DPS boost for any CM (since we work on high CC), if you're going to get LOH on a trifecta ring / amulet = 1 billion gold is about how much you'll need to get each piece. (you can't get 400-500 LOH blackthorn legs because you need AIS from pants = inna's)

    Last point i think you should put in your guide is that CM/WW is primarily a build for groups. Frankly - there's no way CM/WW could compare in efficiency to archon / teleport build for farming of MP0/1 and it takes stupid investment to make archon really worthwhile in MP10 ubers. Hence the wizard works out very nicely as CM/WW for high MP ubers and switch skills with same gear setup for archon for low MP paragon leveling / farming.
    As such, i personally, view CM/WW as a 'utility' build rather than raw DPS / farming build, the DPS you bring as CM/WW is insignificant as compared to HOTA barbs. However a HOTA barb is not going to be able to stand and melt face to max out their potential without a CM/WW Wizard. As a CM/WW it's very easy to find a group to do MP10 either ubers or wardens, i've made a post on d2jsp about CM Wiz LFG MP10 ubers last night and in 5 minutes of the post i got 3 replies on forum and 5 people 'add friend' ingame.
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    posted a message on Jokes for today :)
    The best joke of the day, my friend went to Taiwan and saw this at the night market there.... believe it or not - it's a WAFFLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    bye! good riddance
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    posted a message on RIP DiabloFans Wiz forum
    Surely Bill Gates said "the most unhappy customers are your greatest source of improvement" which is absolutely right, nevertheless i won't complain that much about the game at the moment. It is still in a very transient state and a lot of things are still changing inclusive of major and drastic changes, at times even in opposite direction. This is a part of improvement process.

    As many people as like to jump on the bandwagon of 'Blizz should not have released the game in the current state blah blah' - they should have and did the right thing. It doesn't matter if you use 10'000 beta testers, once the game is released there will be 100 times more players not even playing but purely looking for ways to abuse the game, not to mention all the rest of the actual players. There will be a lot of bugs found in the game even after 10 years of beta testing simply because a complex environment such as D3 could not possibly be scoured by the 10k beta testers in every little corner.

    Secondly, whatever feedback the 10k beta testers could give you - so? LOL the day you release the game there will be 100k players complaining about what 10k beta testers said was 'great'. Even after doing what all those players said was a 'must' there will be another 100k players begging for a revert of that change because now 'it sucks so bad i'm quitting not only the game but life as well'.

    The amount of content - classic D2 had just as much, surely we can talk about them including 10x times content than there currently is and then release it in 2014, but that would also mean there would be 10x more bugs than there currently is, there will be 10x more complaints that there is at the moment and there will be 10x more issues with class imbalance and bad class design. Simply because making a change in a single variable at that phase will pull 10x more strings and will require 10x more time and effort to fix.

    All of us are looking at the game as individuals - but if you look at it from a business / strategical point of view of actually building a bigger project - then Blizzard has made all the right decisions. Release a game with minimal content, let millions of players test it, find bugs, make reports, start earning money (like it or not it's not just you that likes to eat), listen to feedback and fix stuff while adding content and new systems to the game based on the community feedback.

    I think all the players playing Blizzard games only always forget that this is probably just about the ONLY game developer in the world that actually listens to the feedback and takes 'timely' action with regards to it. If you want to compare Blizzard to someone else, take the other giant - Electronic Arts. Over the years EA has been named the worst game developer ever, multiple times, they have won the 'worst company of the year' award a few times now. Their attitude to the games is very simple: spend 1 year+ on marketing, promise a lot of content, set a date and throw the game out at that point. The price is the same 40-60 bucks. There will never be any patches released by EA for any of their games, there will never be a properly managed community by them, they have on game masters, they have no community managers, they have no support, they do not refund, they do not fix, they REALLY don't care about you or your opinion in any form shape sort or color. Every EA game has been patched by the community, which takes years of decoding because EA will never release anything. Every game they release has literally thousands of bugs which often make even the most anticipated titles completely unplayable beyond the first 4-5 hours.

    Personally - i do believe there is much to improve and i speak about it on the official forums where Blizz actually reads it instead of doing so on some community forum where only other fellow players are going to read it for the millionth time. We all know - PVP will come, we all know the expac will come, we all know we are getting new patches and content thru it with time for free, what we all need to do is give Blizz constructive ideas and criticism, simply crying 'omfg Jay is an idiot and i could do 100x times as a game developer' is not going to help anyone or improve anything no matter the amount of time.

    As for the Wizard forums R.I.P - i'm going to switch back to the wizard in the next couple weeks, simply because it is more challenging and fun than a barb and because every tom dick and harry rerolled a barb drastically increasing the demand for barb gear while wizard gear has almost no demand left for it making it significantly cheaper. This also means that in a traditional Blizzard cycle there should be either a barb nerf or wizard buff next. They already did promise to do a major wizard revamp because they were not happy with the current mechanics of it :)
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    The amount of blasphemy in this thread is disgusting, this really shows that everyone that wanted an easy way to farm switched to the barb and has just about minimal or no knowledge of the class whatsoever.

    Quote from Huminator

    Quote from Domeotaku

    Quote from aerialus

    Quote from Huminator

    In terms of xp /hour. Dual wielding is far superior to a skorn. Max performance is done on mp1-3 depending on gear. And at those mp levels its imposible for you to maintain 100% uptime on wotb with a two hander. Which hurt your xp gain per hour alot.

    And before you say it. No running mp5 or 6 cannot reach the ammounts of xp, you get doing on low mp dual wield.

    You are actually wrong.
    Best exp/h is mp0 with 2h. Passive fury generation from set and passive, not using wotb, not wasting time on keeping it up (no bash, no primary skill). Insta killing elitepacks with leap/overpower combo. This can give you about 100m/h of exp with proper stats.

    DW is cheaper and has more dps since WW spec scales so well with haste, the constant +50% movementspeed from sprint make WW DW spec alot more effective than any Skorn spec.

    Not true. MP0 with skorn and just "Best exp/h is mp0 with 2h. Passive fury generation from set and passive, not using wotb, not wasting time on keeping it up (no bash, no primary skill). Insta killing elitepacks with leap/overpower combo. This can give you about 100m/h of exp with proper stats." is faster than any ww build xp per hour wise.

    Exactly that. I still prefer tornado WW build simple because you never stop to cast anything, tornados one shot everyone behind you (white mobs), a couple of WW easily kills elites for me on MP2, with 2 rage gen passives i have very minimal issues with rage, if you wish no rage issues at all get IK x 5. 6-7 min clears of MP2.

    With 1 handers my tornadoes are not going to guaranteed kill every white mob = i'll have to either make u-turns to finish them off (is a waste of time) or i'll just leave them alive or i move down to MP1 or even 0. None of those steps are optimal = there is absolutely no reason i will be switching to 1 handers for farming low MPs any time soon.
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    'double tornado WW' build. Without a doubt fastest farming build. The simple reason being - you never stop moving, all other builds require you to stop to cast abilities, WW tornado build does not stop, 24% MS and tornadoes left behind finish off the rubble, a few spins the champ is dead, move on
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    Quote from golanbendor

    i prefer dual wielding with high ls or loh

    LS / LoH is unaffected by DW or skorn, both grant you up to 2k LOH and 6% LS
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    Quote from GroentjeBE

    Dps is nice but no movement speed on ww barb is a fail... More movement; more tornado's more fury, more dps, more life leach and way faster for farming low mp's...

    I might be wrong, but i distinctly remember reading recently that assumption of more MS = more tornadoes is incorrect and the quantity of tornadoes spawned is in fact unaffected by the MS. I'll try to find and link it, it was some testing / theorycrafting recently, either here or on some other barb forum
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    IMO it depends on your build, your gear setup and your pockets:

    If you are using tornado WW build - a very significant portion of your total DPS comes from the tornado ticks - which uses only MH damage, using Skorn produces far heavier ticks with the tornado than any 1 hander setup could

    If you are using skorn for a tornado build - you do need IAS on your gear - base 1.0 APS will not generate enough fury from the tornado ticks - you need to increase it to approximately 1.4 APS to be able to sustain WotB on a single target with a skorn.

    For farming low MPs with a skorn you could easily drop life steal passive or even one of the DPS passives and take animosity for extra rage generation which would alleviate the rage starvation to a certain degree, however one of the biggest issues with skorn in low MPs is that mobs die from tornadoes you leave behind too fast - tornado does not tick enough times to generate any rage at all oftenly if mobs die from 2 damage ticks of it

    If you are going with another build HOTA or throw - you are by far better off with 1 handers - skorn is far too slow for either of these to keep your WotB up.
    Rend - if you are using this to just heal yourself while main bulk of DPS comes from somewhere else - then 1 handers are better as the APS will increase the response time and you basically save yourself from death by having faster response as OP mentions, if you are using rend as one of the main damage dealers - then you are better off with a skorn (builds that use rend to one shot all white mobs - single cast and move on to the next pack)

    In terms of the prices - if you are looking to farm low MPs - then you do not need high DPS 1 handers and you can get 200-400k gold cost 1 handers with 1k DPS or so with CC / OS. If your aim is to go for rankings on diabloprogress (some of us laugh at the idea, some people actually take it seriously and invest loads of USD to get there) then you are better off sticking with a skorn because the paper sheet DPS of it will produce the same result as a pair of 1 handers would for about 1/4th the cost: If you are looking at a good high end skorn with 14XX DPS 500 STR and 180+ CD the equivalent you'll need in 1 handers is about 150 STR each + OS + CD>80% + 1180 plus plus plus DPS and we all know the prices for those :(

    End of the day this comparison is equivalent to comparison of a blonde vs brunette, which is sexier???
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    posted a message on Monster Power Level 10 Build: Full Guide 1.0.6 WD
    Dude... really, no offense but... i would rather watch your naked WD stand still on the screen and not move instead of watching your 1960s mustache for the first 2 minutes of the vid :facepalm:
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    posted a message on Got raped in Ubers !
    Just do it with a group, get a monk / WD / CM wiz and it becomes an epic faceroll. I do understand that you might want to do it solo to challenge yourself, but other than that - there really is no point whatsoever trying to solo them. A decent group with decent balance and skill setup will rape it far faster than you could solo. I am doing it with a regular group on MP9-10 with all 3 ubers going down in about 10-12 mins.

    If you can't find a few friends to do it with, go to LFG forum on blizz site or d2jsp and post your're LFGing to do ubers. (It is also better in the sense you get to do 3 ubers with using only 1 key perhaps, 4 players bring a key each x3 and you get to kill 12 ubers)
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    posted a message on Monk vs Barb - Have Blizz noticed how unbalanced this is?
    Guys, monks are a fantastic class, if you are not able to appreciate that - you should go ahead and read this guide.

    As the OP in the guide says - only about 5% of monk players actually know how to play a monk. Those of us that played barbs (such as myself) can easily tell you - barbs are possibly efficient farmers, sure. However - you have virtually no build diversity simply because you are stuck forever with the exact same build in which you can't exactly change anything, ever. Monks have a variety of efficient builds, WDs have nearly a dozen efficient builds, Wizards have a few, no idea about DHs, but barbs, the only and only build... until you go insane your eyes bleed and your wrist hurts from moving mouse in the circle all day long - believe me - that is VERY far from actually being fun or enjoyable.
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    posted a message on Über bosses solo speedkill in 10min and 37sec @ MPL 10 (video inside)
    Has anyone tried using HOTA build with a 2 hander? Or are the 1 handers a requirement for the HOTA? The only real concern is the sustainability of the WotB with a 2 hander - that might not work out, has anyone actually tried it?
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    posted a message on What game to play next?
    Why don't you ask your wife who's the next chick you should sleep with?
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