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    I'm on a barb as well, quite frankly i think a lot of players are stuck in this fallacy of trying to gear up a tank. Don't argue, you're not gearing for solo play, you're plain gearing a tank. I went that path as well, and i did get past act 2 as well with 9k DPS, it sucked.

    That brought me, personally, to realize that you want a balance of DPS vs defensive stats. Put it this way, even if you get hit for only 500 per hit by every mob with 50k HP - you are still going to die...unless they die before you do.

    I think a lot of people tend to follow the 'sustainable' barb idea, in which you see a pack, you don't read what they are, you just charge in and outheal the dmg you take with the LoH / LS, revenge, etc. Realistically - i don't see this working, the elite packs are designed to break any character = you will NEVER attain a completely sustainable character that will not die on anything and can always stay in with 10k DPS (for the next 5 hours) until that pack is dead.

    The global idea of how to play a barbarian in D3 needs to change a little. Personally, it is FAR easier to go for a 'blow them up' build, demolish the pack before they hurt you. Mainly because getting a 2 hander right now is 10x cheaper than 1 hander, getting high STR+CRIT items is 10x cheaper than all resist / high armor / LOH etc.

    I've switched to the throwing barb 2 weeks ago, and since i've been raping whimsyshire solo or with a party, getting loads of loot, selling it on AH and making a killing. Look at this:
    tanking 9k dps LOH build: i've spent over 20 mil, and yet i can't do anything easily in A3/4
    'blow them up' build: i've spent <2mil and i kill any pack within a few seconds now in solo with 60k DPS (zero IAS)

    Ultimately Blizzard is doing the right thing by tuning down the damage done in A2 onwards, because of that exact gap - if you gear survival to take small hits, your DPS will never breach 20k, not matter how many billions you spend. If you gear pure demolition - you will get one shot by everything, unless you drop a LOT of DPS to gear up defensive stats. Tuning down that damage will allow both sides to move more towards the middle where you can find a balanced gear build and stats with at least decent 30-40k DPS and yet can stand in the midst of a pack without being torn apart in 0.5 seconds.

    Bottom line is - i keep seeing all the "i have 1100 resist, 10k armor and 1k LoH and i still can't do anything" threads, of course you can't do anything with 12k DPS, Here's a simple math:
    pack of elites = 4 mobs (sometimes 3, some named ones & horde have load more)
    each mob hits you for 2k (just about right with those stats)
    each mob has 1.5 attack speed (random approximation)
    4x2=8k damage taken every 1.5 seconds
    Now, lets say you have LoH = 1k per hit, you attack 1.4 times a second, which translates into 1.4k HPS, so the bottom line is:
    you are eating 5.3k DPS and you are healing for 1.4k HPS, say you have 40k HP, with the deficit of - 3.9k HP every second of combat you will be dead in about 10 seconds...
    Of course you can factor in the heals from revenge (if it procs at the right time), and you will give yourself a little more time to live. However, unless you can hit 5.3k HPS based on your attack speed, say 1.4 translates into 3.7k LoH (GL HF reaching that) you will not have a sustainable build no matter how you look at it.

    No matter how you look at it, you can play with that kind of math / logic and see the numbers for yourself, building something that would work in such a premise is going to cost you hundreds of millions of gold with BIS items, and you are still going to end up having 12k DPS and taking 5 minutes to kill a single pack of elites with 1.5-1.7mil HP.
    Alternatively you can kill that pack in 10-15 seconds, collect loot, and even kill another pack in that same 5 minutes but only have enough defensive stats to survive 2-3 hits so that you don't rack up ridiculous repair bill in the end...
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    Quote from scorpious1109

    Quote from FearMeMortals

    When duel weilding

    a) Do abilities that are % weapon damage based take the average of your two weapons or are they mainhand only
    B) If you have an Axe in your offhand and a Sword in your mainhand do you get +15% damage and +10% crit?

    Weapons Master only counts your Main Hand weapon type.

    Incorrect. Weapons Master applies to the weapon you make an attack with, nothing else. I.E. you have 2 weapons in your hands and you attack with each alternatively, the first one is an axe and the second is a sword, attacking with an axe gives you +10% crit, attacking with the sword gives you +10% dmg, it's that simple.
    The calculation that is shown in your character sheet will only display the MH bonus, of course, unless you can make it think that you're attacking with the OH instead.
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