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    posted a message on DHs! Can I get a price check on this Dead Man's Legacy?
    ya 2m start seems reasonable
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    posted a message on DH - Stun Lock Build = )
    Glad to see peeps like it = )

    Im haveing alot of fun with it. yes LoH is a must if you want to kill reflect = )
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    posted a message on DH - Stun Lock Build = )

    As far from what i have experianced with 1.0.3 (sorry my drunkenness)

    Caltrops + Jagged wont crit... Sorry no Nightstalker = (

    Nothing in the build was hurt with 1.0.3. (10 stack limit referance)

    Umm im starting to use alot of Ball Lighting instead of spike trap. since it ticks 2-3 times its more times to proc the CC effects.
    Just remember this build is based off CC, not "OMG I DO ALOT OF DMG" The damage you do is not glass cannon, but you control the mobs to the point you just shoot/dot them.

    Tonight i facerolled A3Q1 to A3Q7... im at asmo right now and decided to check the post... i can get him to 10% but im to drunk to keep trying. GL all.

    The build is solid for 1.0.3. Just make sure you have the CC on your amour. and so far FREEZE IS THE BEST!
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    posted a message on DH - Stun Lock Build = )
    Yeah the caltrops hit prob will not effect me. But hey they dont detail shit to well.

    Ill just have to see when I get home from work.

    On the other note with NT nerf i was doing more testing yesterday and Frost Rune was really good for me instead of Spike Trap. Allowed more dps and you can kill those rezzers/ranged with the fast moving projectile that splits into 3. I think im going that route now.

    Yesterday I picked up a nice ammy that added some Knockback and it seems useless in this build. Had to try it. It works and dosnt work. When hitting the last few mobs that NOT in the caltrops its nice to keep them away. On the plus side once the mobs are slowed with caltrops it dosnt knock them out so its so/so.

    My friend playing this same build would play with me sometimes and by golly geeze 10 stacks of caltrops was crazy already for a duo inferno. Im sure the nerf is to stop 4 DH's doing this together. I mean when we duo's asomodian on inferno before the nerf we dropped 10 caltops right infront of him. JUST from the caltrops dmg he was at 55% or so after 12 seconds.

    Patch notes said DoT's can Crit now. Hopefully this works with caltrops = ) This will potentially increase my dps since im at 40+% base crit.
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    posted a message on DH - Stun Lock Build = )
    Actually I dont use Gloom becuase I have enough Life On Hit... I can take out any reflecters with no problems. But if i decide to drop some LoH then I might pick up gloomy
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    posted a message on Buy cold+all resist+dex+vit itens check
    umm i have alot of this...

    Add me ingame Lupa#1870

    my monk was all cold+all resist but i have retired him. Ill let you browse his gears and see if ya need any. ill be home from work in about 1 hour
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    posted a message on Tired of glas cannon!

    try this = )

    felt i needed to post it now that it HAS been working for me. Its much more fun than glass cannon.... I basically started doing this 2 weeks ago and yes once i got alot of CC it was great and fun.

    gear wasnt to expensive, mainly cuz everyone wants atk speed. You dont have to rely on atk speed here but im sure it could help
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    posted a message on DH - Stun Lock Build = )
    Heyo! Any DH's tired of Glass Cannon?

    Ive been playing working with all DH skills and here is a fun build that also works with inferno that is not glass cannon. Im sure its been around but its not a big build. I feel its my fav to play and efficient also. i can do act3/4 inferno with it.

    Currently my char sits at:

    HP: 16,000
    DPS: 41,000
    Disc: 39
    LoH: 900

    Chance to Freeze: 10.2%
    Chance to Stun: 5.0%
    Chance to Fear: 3.8%
    Chance to Root: 4.8%


    Those are the main factors you should look at... So now the skills!

    1: Smokescreen - Lingering Fog
    2: Preperation - Backup Plan
    3: Caltrops - Jagged Spike
    4: Mark of Death - GrimReaper

    Mouse1: Hungering Arrow - Devouring Arrow
    Mouse2: Spike Trap - Scatter

    Passive 1: Custom Engineering (longer caltrop time)
    Passive 2: Steady Aim
    Passive 3: Archery


    So you build is based on Caltrops and Jagged. Knowing you can stack 5 in 1 spot then lure the mobs into the patch of death. Why is this so good? Well jagged spikes will also proc your CC abilitys from your armour. Yep = ) from testing it seems to tick about every .7 seconds. This allows your mobs to sit in your spikes taking damage while you shoot some arrows at them or even lay down spike traps right ontop of them.

    I feel when stacking your gear for CC use... Freeze>Fear>Stun>Immobilize. Ihave not tested Blind, and also chill is useless when caltrops will slow them already....

    Really just lure mobs into your traps = )

    Ive tryed a few things and still working on other ideas... I feel Mark of Death is great but sometimes I feel i should use something else. Also this build is heavy reliant on Disc instead of Hatred. So Ive been working on trying Bola Shot with the Chance to get disc rune... but the chance to get instead of "100% getting" the disc is really turning me off....

    This build CAN stun lock elites in act 3/4 in the same spot till they are dead. Its pretty funny. Now reflect will murder you faster then you can think unless you have Life on Hit. Life on Hit will proc with the jagged so once you get 800+ youll survive. The biggest problem now is Sheild / Invul minions since the dmg/CC will not effect them.

    Sometimes for boss fights i take out spike trap and do Nether Tentacles... Ummm... And Mark of death... yeah extra dmg but i feel as a community of diablo players we can make this build work... lets find out whats better!

    Ide love to see feedback! Also the gear is pretty cheap considering atkspeed isnt the best for this build. I mean its good but you dont have to have it. The only atk speed I have is on my quiver. I do push high crit chance for my spike traps and only about 100% crit dmg.

    = ) enjoy
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