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    posted a message on 60k dps, 30k hps wiz, looking for monk
    I like to farm duo because sometimes i screw up or my partner screws up and dies, then we can try to save the pack before it resets. if you farm solo and screw up... well, chances are unless you're kiting right next to a checkpoint, your pack will reset. I know the answer would be just "don't die", but we all know shit happens sometimes ;)
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    posted a message on Is 2h Barb Viable? I hope this video will inspire you! (Cydea + Azmo)
    Don't mind the haters, I really enjoyed watching your video. I understand that you have a ton of gold, and crazy expensive gear, but it was still enjoyable to watch and get some insight on 2h barb. thanks for taking the time to make the video(s)! :)
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    posted a message on Selling Crazy good DH/Monk Bracers. [Dex,vit,all res, Crit]
    edit: SOLD.

    These are the bracers I am selling, feel free to post your bids or contact me directly via battletag Glearned#1384

    I've done some searching on the AH to get a rough value of items similar to these, and I've seen anywhere from 8m (without crit) to 100m (with crit).

    I will add, that I'm not overly interested in RMAH offers.
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