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    Quote from nobbie01ยป

    This one: http://goo.gl/PdROgE

    instead of shamelessly advertising your own blog, maybe use the build function this site has.

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    Wow, so much hate. I don't understand why people who loathe a company so much, choose to spend hours upon hours using their products.

    On that note, if you don't like the sets, or had the chance to try them out and have an opinion on the sets, post feedback on the official forums in a civilized manner. This is the ONLY way to further refine upcoming changes, and for once you as a consumer have a chance to be part of a decision. Making posts just calling the new sets "shit" or other names, just doesn't do any good for you or the company trying to make a badass game.

    Drop by their thread calling for feedback and tell them i'd be really cool to have the BK sword set scale with wastes. It'd be a cool synergy and perhaps it would make these forgotten swords exciting again with little effort.

    Saying they are afraid to buff barb is nonsense. This is why we have the PTR, it's for them to turn numbers up and down and see what the community does with it. I'd imagine a lot of you whining over them releasing "non finished sets" on the PTR, but there is a very simple and elegant answer to this. The sets are more or less done, the basic idea is down and now we just need number tweaking, and even though the Blizzard team is a team of professionals, they simply can't test a game with 100 people the same way an army of 50.000 can.

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    Quote from Aztheron

    Quote from GGtext

    Quote from Max985

    got kicked out thx lizard squad and thx blizzard for making this online game
    sigh..... shut up, its not blizzards fault.
    It is if he's trying to play solo but can't because of DRM bullshit.
    You see how it went with consoles? You see how fast they got infested with cheat items and dupes? Do you want that bullshit online, especially now we get some sort of competetive play?

    Shut up.
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    Quote from Serefkana

    Getting 99 in D2 took EONS! You could be farming Hell Cow Level for a WHOLE day, and only go from level 77-78... And that was as an op Sorc.

    Lol, did you even play D2? If it took you a day to go 77-78, you were really bad. Like EON bad. 80-90 could be done in a day, easily.
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    It's not even trolling, it's Asshole.
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    Quote from Steelmage

    I don't mind, as long as it gives the illusion of some sort of progression. Yeah... I'm that desperate to play Diablo 3...
    Last few weeks haven't felt the need to play with patch 1.04, what with the legendaries which will no doubt become a few BiS pieces over rares. Will be nice to come back to at least some sort of additional leveling system :)

    Yes, so much that! I pretty much left D3 for dead a month after launch, because I had no goals post-60. Sure you can gear up, but that was it! D2 kept me hooked for a long, long time because it was a mindblowingly grind to hit 99 (Post patch 1.10 at least). Hopefully all the new sexy legendaries and this Paragon/Prestige thing will spark my engine again!
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    Now you must go kill real monsters. Deal with it.
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