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    posted a message on Fight against big hoards, whoever kills most gets points/rewards.
    I'd love a Hero Defense mode :P, have a base / tower and protect it from increasing waves of mobs.

    Group - Individual
    Group - Co-Op

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    posted a message on The new 2.0.6 rend build
    Quote from Kshatriya
    I have tried something similar today but with a full reakors set. Its pretty awesome!
    However in group play i sometimes have nothing to do wihen FC is on cooldown. Feels like i need some other skill to hit with..
    Also i having some trouble to get the play right as i am used to leaping...

    Any help, my barb has full physical gear with reakors on Bheema
    Just tried Rend on my +Phys% Raekor's Boulder Barb. Worked like a charm :)
    Flawless T6 rift. Comparable time with my Fire EQ/Leap Barb. Maybe slightly slower but fun nevertheless.
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    posted a message on Amulet Farming
    Oh, I agree, but with a slight change of preference:

    Elemental Damage (provides the highest DPS gain for the builds I'm looking at) > CHD (for Amulet slot only, worse than CHC on other armor) > CHC > Main Stat > CDR

    With that in mind, I totally would throw away the hypothetical amulet you described above, but would not throw away the following: CHD+CDR+Ele+???, as I can reroll the 4 into CHC. I don't think I was necessarily mindful of this possibility before. :)
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    posted a message on Amulet Farming

    I kinda agree that gambling for ammies is shite. But at this point i'd take the wasted efficiency for at least a single useful Leg Amulet :P...

    Also, I completely agree about grabbing multiple different types of Amulets. I've got 3.1 barbs already: Fire(EQ/Leap), Phys(Raek/Boulder), Lightning(TF+HotA) and building a Cold one too (CotA+SSlam), so I definitely understand the value of hoarding interesting alternative build items: \o/ for multiple ele SoJ's, except Fire :/.

    Thanks tho, I definitely will try out your suggestion of dropping STR in favor of CDR but i'm pretty sure that even that combo hasn't popped up for me so far.

    CHC+CHD+Ele% seems ridiculously rare on Leg Amulets for me :D
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    posted a message on Amulet Farming
    Ok, so i've had some pretty shit luck wrt to Amulet's so far (at least from my PoV) and am still running around with a rare in that slot, across 3 different barbs.

    So far, I've been constraining my search for a Legendary that has 3 of the following 4 stats (so that I can have all 4 post enchanting):

    • +Fire%
    • Str >= 610
    • CHC >= 9%
    • CHD >= 75%
    Ideally, it will also have an interesting Secondary: Vaxo/Countess/etc...

    Now, my current method of 'farming' involves either of the following, in no particular order:

    • Amulet Gambling via Kadala
    • A1 Bounties (GGoL)
    • Rifting
    I pretty sure that the above covers all the bases and I just need to keep at it... but in case I've forgotten something, does anyone know of an alternative to farming up a decent Legendary amulet?

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    posted a message on Leap Speed Fix?
    so sweet, anyone tested it out yet? I guess it's only live in the US, EU soon(tm)? Supposedly, 45min ago in the EU :/?
    Would be interesting to know the % increase in speed, and/or the absolute duration for before and after patch :).
    Also, EQ animation speed increase? Didn't know that was in the pipeline... Anyone here what difference that will make? Perhaps, damage ticks faster on the mobs, ergo more 'uptime' on moving mobs... Afair, EQ ticks were shown at 48frames previously, does this change now?

    Super stoked to try out these changes tonight!
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    posted a message on Leap Speed Fix?
    yep, i'm blind.

    But, I swear that when I read the patch notes yesterday that portion was not there! Or i'm blind. Dammit!
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    posted a message on Leap Speed Fix?
    I've looked around [blue tracker, google, this forum] and couldn't find any recent updates on the matter. Given that a new patch just came out, I find it interesting that nothing was done regarding the Leap Animation speed.

    Quoted by http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/12674919946?page=2#37]

    We're really grateful for the feedback regarding this change, and I'd like to provide some insight regarding why this change came to pass in this manner.

    The animations between the male and female Barbarian for Leap is something that's been different for quite some time, since the original Diablo III release in fact. Of course, the difference wasn't very noticeable as, at the time, you couldn'tLeapmultiple times back to back.

    With the introduction ofLut Socks, this magnified the previously unnoticed difference, and we agreed that we needed to fix it to make sure both animations were completing at the same time and therefore performing equally. We do agree the fix went in the wrong direction, and as a result you'll see a change in a future patch where both Barbarian genders will Leap at not only a faster pace than the current implementation, but faster than the original female animation.

    Has anyone heard of anything new regarding the 'fix'?

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    posted a message on In Your Opinon: Three Things D3 Gets Right And Three Things It Gets Wrong
    Quote from UndeadProtoss

    Quote from Bleu42

    What exactly is character attachment to you? Because to me, it's not only playing for hundreds of hours, it's acquiring very specific gear and trying for very specific stats to build the character the way I want it. If your answer can be boiled down to "I'm attached because if I want to try something else, I have to level up another character, and then just throw some gear on him.", then we just don't see eye to eye on this subject. To me the fact that you had to spend a couple hours to level up the same exact hero because you wanted to try a different build doesn't equate to being super attached to him.

    And to your last point, D3 absolutely has on hit and being hit effects, in both skills / runes as well as legendaries. There's also some class skills on death - such as the prevent death mechanics, or dropping a grenade on death from the DH.
    I mean something that makes your crusader feel different and tailored to you.

    For me whenever I hear people say things like "I have two of the same class because one is all the way up in torment with his gear for his builds, he salvaged all of his gear that would promote a play style he likes and so he has two crusaders. That makes me feel like those two crusaders are really unique in terms of ownership.

    I'm kind of different in that respect from most people. Although character attachment can come in several ways (Nostoliga, fun experiences, etc) I think the most meaningful is when your crusader can do things other crusaders can;t and vice versa. Take for example being an auradin in D2. You had a diffreent playstyle from all the other paladins who weren't also auradins. The feeling of wroth loses something when you can change specs on the fly. Although I do think D2 was too unforgiving.
    for me it's different, i already have 2 barbs and my 3rd is almost 70. I build each of them differently based on specific gear sets / builds / elemental affinities.

    My fire WW/EQ/CotA barb is my main. This is the one i started with on vanilla launch, never had another char till RoS.
    My physical Boulder Toss barb is my first alt. It can't reach the same torment levels as my 'main', and I haven't spent as much time/gold on it but I still love having a completely different playstyle. I'm working towards gearing this one with a Raekor's set...1 more set-piece and a RoRG left...
    My 3rd upcoming barb will be my lightning barb; i'm still experimenting about what build i'll go with, but I want it due to being able to build up to 100% lightning dmg gear for it. With Ancient Spear and WW being used by the other two, I intend to go with a HotA build. Beyond the + lightning gear, I also have a TF and Odyn's Sun for this build.
    Last, but not least, I also intend to level a 4th barb for the cold element that focuses on Seismic Slam. I have both +cold% weps, and some other cold gear stockpiled, but this one is the one i'm least ready for.

    I actually employ drastically different playstyles for my two lvl70 barbs I have atm, and anticipate that the other 2 will also be sufficiently different to give me a unique play experience on each. I'm definitely MOST attached to my 'main', but the moment I hit 70 on my 2nd barb, I played it soleley for 2-3 weeks because it was so different.

    In short, I feel sufficiently distinct with each of the iterations of the barb class that I can becomes uniquely 'attached' to each of them. I love D3, and RoS in particular.
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    posted a message on [EQ/CotA Barb] Gearing Assistance Request
    thanks for the fantastic responses. will try to look into getting some CDR pieces and trying a spenderless build out :).
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    posted a message on [EQ/CotA Barb] Gearing Assistance Request
    CDR you say? Sounds like a decent idea. But, could you please explain WHY exactly CDR would be the best for a EQ/CotA fire barb?

    Off the top of my head, I would think the following reasons might contribute to making CDR useful:

    1. More casts of the EQ skill
    2. Quicker respawn of the CotA when they die on higher difficulties
    3. Quicker Leaps, so that I'm almost never having a period wi/o EQ on the ground
    30-50% u say, could you forward me to the math that illustrates why ~30% is a sweet spot?

    Thanks for the response :)
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    posted a message on [EQ/CotA Barb] Gearing Assistance Request
    Hiya folks,

    just managed to pull together a [i]relatively[/i] decent set of a gear last week, and i'm looking for advice on a few aspects of it.

    Char: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Malf-2583/hero/101399
    Build: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/barbarian#hXTjkR!ZUeh!cYYaca
    [i]Build_alt[/i]: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/barbarian#hXTjYR!ZUej!ZYYaZa (haven't tested the viability of this one yet)

    I've read through the awesome guide for EQ/Leap located at http://www.reddit.com/r/Diablo/comments/237en0/leap_and_earthquake_mechanics_guide/


    1. Based off EQ/Leap, I plan to swap my Devastator ([i]dmg: 1429-1984[/i]) to my MH and the Sankis Axe to my OH ([i]dmg: 1388-1873[/i]). Any reason not to?
    2. (I might try to farm for more mats to craft new Devastator's to get even better rolls)
    3. In the above case, say another Sankis dropped, what rolls should I am for? [fire%+, socket, str, ???[/i]]
    4. Does anyone know what damage the OH weapon contributes to CotA? i.e. what rolls on the OH weapon contribute to CotA dmg?
    5. I'm looking to upgrade the amulet, but getting a legendary with similar/better stats than the rare is a pain. For a EQ/CotA fire build, is there any amulet roll other than [[i]+fire%, str, chc, chd[/i]] to aim for?
    6. For a fire build, is there a better option than Devastator+Sankis? I presume for champs/elites/bosses the Sunkeeper might be good in the MH? Any other options? For argument's sake, assume I have access to all possible weapons.
    7. Feel free to drop any other suggestions or tips you may think are useful :).
    Thanks in advance!

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    posted a message on Solo play superior to group play?
    It sounds like you folks maintain your Soloing builds even in the Group scenario.

    There are certain skills/passives that work vastly better in Group Play, than in Solo play and you should look into synergizing your skills/passives.

    Another aspect is the fact that you might be geared such that in Solo Play, you just manage to blow up the mobs before they start to become dangerous. When you switch to Group Play and the mobs last a bit longer (more HP and you don't always have all 3-4 attacking the same mobs at the same time), this makes it seem more deadly.
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    posted a message on Bring back TRADE, or fix your RNG!!!
    Only read the first page of this post and level of idiocy is ridiculous ...

    Whilst the OP makes 'some' interesting points for discussion, his 'speaking for the majority' spiel is just aggravating. NO, you DO NOT SPEAK for the MAJORITY. You speak for YOURSELF and/or those people you interact with. Given the # of D3 players, for you to even suggest that you interact with the majority of them is perhaps one of the most ridiculous statements I've heard on these forums (and that's saying something)...

    That said, MY clan seems to absolutely LOVE D3:RoS atm, and this is a group of players that ranges between 'farming' T1-T4. Can there be improvements done to the game / loot? Of course, and there are a myriad of well worded suggestion going around (via forums, reddit, twitter, etc.). Unfortunately, posts like the OPs just detract from any sort of constructive criticism by attempting to be LOUD and failing at being USEFUL.

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