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    posted a message on PTR 2.1 Barbarian Raekor's Furious Charge Explained (Video)
    Interesting, but still very very weak against bosses. 😞
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    posted a message on Higher T-Levels inbound?
    Quote from shaggy
    There was a pretty good discussion on reddit today about how the scaling of monsters, particularly in T5/6, is actually what kills build diversity. From that perspective, I'd really not like to see further difficulties added. People who want ePeen should be trying to get further in Greater Rifts. What Torment you run on is no longer the measuring stick for dick size.
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    posted a message on What am I doing wrong? Full Act1 Inferno runs net me @200k
    Right after 1.0.4, I found a legendary in my first run in a2. Awesome.

    Since then, I've been doing 3 to 7 a2 runs every day, clearing all desolate sands and instances, BCM and Oasis. Nothing.

    I finish the run with 2 to 3 full inventories of rares, trash about everything keeping only 3 to 5 items at most that I think would sell for anything more than 50k.

    Most of the time I just go in the AH to find that out of those 5 only one is good enough for 250k or more.

    So, at the end of the day, if I make a million, that is exceptional.
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    posted a message on Really disappointed with D3 going normal to nightmare
    (I didn't intend to, but this turned out to be a long post)


    Yep, I know exactly how you feel... I felt like that too when I reached Nightmare for the first time.

    You don't need the AH to progress through the game unless you want to farm for what you just did several times. In other words, you MUST use the AH to have a natural leveling progression. Although during the first wave of people you could gear extremely well for 5000 a piece, now you simply don't find those pieces for sale, as the number of players still leveling and thus selling low level gear is extremely smaller compared to the first weeks.

    Despite the AH problem, I still feel that:
    - In D2 you ran faster than 80% of the mobs. In D3, 80% of the mobs run faster than you. This alone is a pain in the butt, as you simply can't run away and shot.
    - Life Steal and Mana Steal were completely destroyed, and this together with the previous line, you simply can't have the same gameplay, and thus the same fun, as you had in D2

    That alone destroy the game for me. I've tried 4 of the 5 classes, several builds, and just found fun with the Barbarian Sprint / WW build. Why? Simple, because I CAN F_CKING WW FOREVER AND KILL MOBS. Is it that hard to understand?

    For the Barbarian, it would be quite easy to solve the problem. All they had to do was create a passive skill or rune that allowed you to WW constantly while hitting one or lets say two mobs. WW gives barbs a lot of advantages, and I understand they not wanting to do that, but on the other hand, I simply don't have fun without that.

    Now, Demon Hunter... I remember the Multi-shot amazon or Lightning Javelin awesomeness. I wanted it to be the same, to feel that cool. Can we do that? No, same shit as the barb, you just can't sustain your resources if you shoot constantly. People started using Evasive Fire with a rune to hit 3 mobs, which is a "mini multi-shot". So sad... But, to make things worse, you add to that the fact that you just can't outrun mobs. "Oh, but there is Vault, and disciple abilities, and..." F_ck off. If I run away, I should be able to run away, not give my back to get hit constantly without gaining distance.

    Monks are pallys disguised. Heals, auras, bla bla. Difference is, you don't have hammers anymore. Thus, you get a lot of crits and use Sweeping Wind to poop tornados all over that will do what hammers did before... genius...

    Without mana potions, the wizard would be useless if it was not for "Arcane Power on Crit". So, maybe this is one of the few classes that still can be played more similar to what you would do in D2, but there is no teleport fun and again, mobs outrun you.

    The Witch Doctor is really the one that disappoints me the most. It is like the druid and necromancer of D2 decided to have a gay party and the Witch Doctor was born. Seriously. No arcane fun, no bone spells, no skelly army. Perhaps the Gargantuan is a good hit instead of the Golem, but with the CD is a joke. Then, from the druid part, no tornados (this one went the monk), no bears, and it goes.

    Overall, the game is graphically stunning, but the gameplay, due to resource management and problem to gain terrain to do something, very crappy, IMHO.

    I like the game, but wish it would be different on a few things.

    Maybe you'll find something that will get you some fun. Even if you end up changing classes.

    By the way, allow me to congratulate you on your gameplay. You did quite well in that video.
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    posted a message on Thanks, Blizz
    If the authenticator behavior is like you're saying, you should change your password, like NOW.
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    posted a message on I've (literally) been in a coma for six months, what happened?
    Yeah, I'm leveling a monk too right now.

    To be honest, one can not but to notice that the AH is basically insane right now. Nothing but the absolute best sells. Unless you have the patience to keep trying to sell items for 25k over and over again. I'm with 4 mules right now of stuff that is good, but not sellable for anything that is worth mentioning.

    So far, during the leveling, the monk proved to be awesome. Between "Seize the Initiative", "Pacifism" and specially the oh so unbelievably overpowered "One With Everything", it is by far the best tank. I wouldn't be surprised of some of these skills get changed in a future patch, specially OWE.

    Add to that Mantra of Healing: Time of Need and Crippling Wave: Concussion and there you are, basically nothing will kill you.

    So far, I just reached Hell, and we will see how it goes in Inferno, but from previous experiences with a Barb, a monk will probably by cake. =)

    What build are you using?
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    posted a message on Account banned - please learn from my mistakes.
    The sad part is that Blizzard gave you absolutely no support on something.

    Honestly? I've had issues in WoW that were denied by one and accepted by a second GM. That was the exact same issue.

    They don't want to loose customers due to stupidity of one or another representative. If I was in your shoes, I would have tried to open a second ticket and then even call Blizzard.

    However, crossing the line to simulate a security breach really makes you loose the case, unfortunately. =(
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    posted a message on D3 or WoW
    D3 needs to bring back multiplayer from BNet. What is the point of having to be on BNet if I play alone 99% of the time?
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    posted a message on I've (literally) been in a coma for six months, what happened?
    Quote from Daemaro

    DH really are the most squishy it seems like. I got mine to 56 but then sort of got side tracked and left him there. If you're quick with your abilities though and kiting they can be really good.
    Gameplay with mouse twitching = me sick... =(
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    posted a message on Finding funs ways for keeping you playing?
    I still enjoy farming, but not the "I might die at every pack" farming. I like being able to feel the "hero" of the character working.

    To that matter, the Barb WW/WotB build did the trick for me.
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    posted a message on Windows 8 for gaming
    Quote from mothandras

    Good Video: Windows 8 vs Windows 7

    Hardware Accelerating Everything: Windows 8 Graphics

    !" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>
    That was nice. Problem is, only part that matter to games is from 2:30 on. Erm... which game is DirectX 11.1? =p
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    posted a message on God Mode for the barb also
    Quote from Zakaz

    Back on topic: you know what this thread and the Invulnerable Wizard thread tell me?

    It tells me people aren't bored with this game. It tells me people are bored with actually having to work for their items.

    "Oh my god, I'm invulnerable and this is so much fun!!!1!!1!!" "Fun" is apparently brainless ease.
    I'll tell you what happened to me today.

    I saw this thread, decided to try it and see if it works, and for the first time since the release I had a BLAST with the game in A3 Inferno which was, at least up to Hell, my preferred act due to the fun of Machines of War. I just liked that area.

    What "bonus" did I pick? 8% life on hit.

    I couldn't care less about the loot. It was as bad as it was before. My DPS was still the same, low, 20k. I still had to chain mobs to keep WotB up, and I did. I finished A3 so pumped up by actually being able to kill things without dying that I decided to give it a shot to A4.

    A4 there was no exploit it, so, back to the good and old game.

    Guess what? I just killed the PE and finished the game. Apparently, I had the gear for it for the past month, I just didn't have the will to do it, because I was BORED with the game.

    So, to me, it tells me a different story.

    It tells me that if people could find a way to not die so easily, there are those who would enjoy it more.
    It tells me that if you could choose to play with the abilities that you have more fun with, you would enjoy it more.
    It tells me that the game still has a lot of potential, but the whole freaking damage might still need a review. (granted that if everybody had 50k health and more LoH or if LifeSteal worked properly things could be different. Maybe the buff on Legendaries will do the trick. We will see).

    "Fun" is apparently feeling that you're a hero, not made of glass.

    Anyway, I had a GREAT morning today thanks to this. Was able to pass A3 and kill Ghom crap while doing A4 without the exploit and having fun with it too.

    Thanks to the OP and Kripp for showing it up.
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    posted a message on "Your game has been terminated"
    I've had that a few times, but could just click "resume" and get back to a new game.

    If you think that blizzard doesn't have a single machine, but actually a series of servers that work as a single cluster for America, another for EU, and so on.

    Probably one of the "nodes" of the cluster was restarted, and your game was on it.

    It happened to me in between champ packs, just killing white mobs. Nothing special despite the loss of NV stacks.
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    posted a message on I've (literally) been in a coma for six months, what happened?
    Oh, one more thing.

    Overpower + Crushing Advance is a great way to overcome a few issues in without WotB.

    Since each reflected damage is considered a hit from you, it will proc LoH.

    In other words, you can SIT on desecration and when you use Overpower you'll GAIN health. Given your LoH is not that bad, o'course.
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    posted a message on I've (literally) been in a coma for six months, what happened?
    Understanding the WW/Sprint build is complicated. There are different "approaches" to it with some saying "go with a slow MH" and others saying "go with a fast MH", bla bla bla.

    Personally, I love that build as the most fun I've had in the game, mainly because I love WW, but also because WotB makes me feel like this to the endless bulls of CC from some packs:

    (I hope I'm not breaking any forum rules with that... =) )

    Also, it gives you the leverage you need for some other moments as well as cool improvements:
    - single target CAN HAVE ENDLESS WOTB too, you don't need to WW / Sprint for that
    - Sprint makes you reach goblins with easy, no more running away from you
    - Sprint also gives you the fast movement need to reposition quickly if needed (too many pools on the floor or the like)
    - In A2, you can cover most of Desolate Sands for example just Sprinting and letting white mobs recharge your Fury until you find the next champ pack
    - and the most important, you feel like payback time when you just run away and let Sprint's tornados do the job for you while the mob can't touch you.

    I'm still low on DPS, 16k with no Battle Rage, 19.5k with it, and 26k with WotB up. But I have a lot of fun.

    Problem is, I still farm A2, and simply can't find a good way of having fun in A3. While I can face roll A2 with up to FOUR PACKS together (my latest record) I get stuck with single packs in A3.

    Anyway, if you're going for WW / Sprint, here are my top 5 hints:
    - Mighty Weapon, the "flow" of fury is more controllable and not so "spiky" as with an Axe, DPS is lower though
    - Axe, you might have more Fury control issues here, but DPS is higher
    - +12% movement boots are cheap, 250k or so if you get the Sage's, and they do help. In a straight line, that is the difference between dropping 4 tornados without it or 5 with it.
    - 40% critical chance or more is a must have, based on Axe. If you're going with Mighty Weapon, 30%+ will do.
    - The faster you hit, the more procs of LoH and Battle Rage you might have. Also counts for Mighty Weapon's Fury in each hit. "Oh, but Maces will do more damage!" yes, per hit, but over time, Axes and Mighty Weapons will hit more times, doing less damage per hit but more often, and thus in my opinion, being the best approach to the build. Dagger for Off-hand is a must.

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