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    Hello, I'm wondering if you would accept me. Currently I got 496 pet WD and a woh wiz (didn't play for 2 months, bored of smashing T6 with ease), both T6 capable (wd more face-rolling type), but I'm looking for a competitive seasons clan, to top the rankings, after seasons come out I plan on playing 10+h per day so I'm looking for a good group of people I could no-life with. ;)

    my btag: eizix#2537

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    because he clears farming routes like 5 times faster than other classes? obviously you will skip many good rares/legendarys since 80% white trash mobs die behind, but also you will get much more gear from champions, that's why it's on a big plus anyway, and far better than double checking all dead monsters

    besides if you are not godly geared you will die here and there (fallen maniacs for example), so you can pick up some missed loot on your way back
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