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    posted a message on Paragon lvl 100 HC death
    Gratz on being 1 of 20 or so players to make the HC 100 PLvl. Also condolences for the loss!
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    posted a message on More than 1 plvl 100 characters?
    Quote from Bourrelle

    Just wondering if you ever heard of someone with more than 1 plvl 100 character? Or maybe 5 characters,,, (lol!)

    Well seeing as it only took like a week maybe 2 for the first Plvl100, i would assume there is someone with multiples. Now with the hellfire ring you can do it 35% faster, then add leorics ring, 31% gem and what you can load your follower up with can prob do it allot faster then the first time around. It really amazes me how much time some people in the world have to play video games, I remember reading the post for the first plvl 100 player and he said he played 12-14 hours a day on a slow day.
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    posted a message on Upgrading Gear (?)
    There are allot of really cheap upgrades you can make as your gear stands right now.Start by tryin to max out your crit and crit dmg so you can drop sharpshooter (usually around 40% crit it becomes useless). 6% crit wrists with huge dex are a dime a dozen, also 2 of 3 stat gloves (e.g. crit chance + crit dmg or crit chance + IAS) sell real cheap. Pick up a cheapo 1-5m 1 socket manticore with 11% ias and 90+ crit dmg make sure its 1.1k dps + , will boost your dmg huge.

    Im not the best geared DH but feel free to take a look at my gear to get an idea, I sit at 214k dps with no SS
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    posted a message on Rate the Demon Hunter above you
    @ leirissa

    You have a very good start. Most the of gear is right where you want it.

    You need to up the crit on some major pieces though:

    neck - you have 5.0 you wanna get that to 10.
    Wrists - PoG is nice is has decent stats but the 3.5% crit is brutal..Go for a rare with mad dex and 6%.
    Helm - I know most DH's in here are gonna loose it But this is why i go Andariels visage over the Mempo Crit costs to damn much and the 4.5% is clutch.

    I like you picked up a second ring with crit on it to make up for the helm though but overall you can prob get another 10-12% crit.

    Your Dex is very good. Only small improvements can be made:

    Shoulders - You got 190 dex witch is damn good but a vile ward could bump that up. (i myself have this same problem there are much better ones out there)
    Neck - Your rockin like 60 Dex, major room for improvement here.

    Your attack speed is awesome. Not to much can be added to this but the one thing that did stand out was the 14% on the DML.

    The Critical hit damage is good. Only major improvement is the obvious 2 socket manticore but thats just un reasonable.
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    posted a message on Magic find or max gear?
    Well i think this all comes down to personal preference. My self i dont look for mf on my gear at all, i try to max my dmg to make the higher MP levels quicker to run. I cant go and spout that i have a high mf in higher MP levels but i believe is around 25% per monster power level. so if you can run mp 3 now and have 100 MF you got 175%. if the gear you swap into allows you to run MP 7 You wouldnt have lost any of the MF, but your also not gaining any. But you can also receive the xp bonus and such.
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    posted a message on Windforce plus Strongarm bracers
    To top out your dps Windforce isnt an option. But as your said in pvp this may be very usable. I use windforce on my follower with a 49.9% knockback and i shred nething before it can get to me on mp 7
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    posted a message on WTS Top 3 Manticore
    LMFAO u can get that for round 100m the crit dmg is low should be in the 90% range for 4 BILLLION gold
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    posted a message on BiS for DH?
    Hey hows it going. I cant say im the best DH around but im rockin 200k DPS no SS, and i think that isnt to bad my self im only missing a few clutch (restarted expensive pieces),

    Helm :
    3 choices IMO Andarel's Visage ( 4.5% cirt, 9% IAS, socket) or Mempo of Twilight (shitty version of andarel's as it only has the IAS and socket) and lastly based on your other item choice you could possibly use Natalya's (only if going for set bonus as Andarel's IAS and crit is better).

    hands down Vile ward - When buying look for 200+ dex and chance to chill on hit (helps with kiting)

    Inna's is a must the 12% run speed and IAS is clutch dont worry bout the low Dex get the 2 pc set and youll make it up.

    Lacuni prowlers are good if you can fork out the cash for them but its not necessary. Get a rare with 6% crit and as high of dex you can.

    Inna's to go with the pants for the 2 set. or witching hour again it hard to want to fork out the cash for this item but the IAS and crit dmg speaks for its self.

    Manticore hands down. But the 2 socket starts over 100m with no stats. I settled for a 1 socket with high dex, IAS and crit dmg.

    Dead man's Legacy is the only way to go. Look for somthing close to 20% IAS, 200 + dex (can be over 300), 9.5-10% crit, and the best stat is the ability modifier i went with the % dmg to my hungering arrow.

    Get A rare with HUGE Dex and crit dmg. 10% crit is a must here, if you can afford it get IAS also.

    Natalya's is good to help with the Set bonus and it has a socket and IAS, Hellfire ring is a given but until then use a Rare with Crit DMG, Crit chance, IAS or a mix

    Natalya's with 3 sockets and a good amount of dex.

    Natalya's with the most dex u can afford.

    Rare with 10% crit chance and get as much crit dmg and dex as you can afford. Also IAS helps if u got the cash.

    Hope this helps.
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    posted a message on In depth guide for Inferno Ranged Barbarian
    I cleared Act II and am just about done 3 with a 2H spec. I believe it all comes down to finding the way "YOU" play your class best, and use gear specifically to accent that.
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    posted a message on Price check : shield
    Most barbs are looking for 20% or higher block act I. more towards 40% for act III and on.
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    posted a message on A3 without 40% block?
    ive seen videos of 2h barbs clearing Act III & IV and thats 0% chance to block
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    posted a message on Act II - Inferno: Yes, another thread about it
    Wow...Your stats are real un even thats for sure...Your super heavy on the resist and Way to low on dps and Armor. Most of your problems are steming from the amount of physical damage you are taking and not block/dodge/negating.

    I just went though this act II debocle myself also with a demon hunter. Step one. the almighty superstition. Ditch it. There are many threads about this all over, This dose not scale to the proper 20% once u hit Inferno due to the amount of resistances and armor you have on your own. (E.G i get hit for 100 - 50% armor takes damage to 50, 40% res takes damage to 10 , 20% of 10 damage is 2.)

    Secondly Gear. Your super Heavy in your resist i cleared act II 550 min all res 800 physical and 800 fire. most people say around 700 but once u get higher enough armor and physical resistance u can see how much elemental damage your actually taking. The next factor that made this act super easy for me was LoH (Life on Hit). I noticed i was gettin chunked for mass amounts of my health by the stronger mobs and there were significantly less health orbs on Inferno (since i took off the orb passive for armor). So i countered this problem with a healthy 800-1000 Life on hit and a 1.9 ApS (attacks per second). there are some super cheap pieces on the AH u can aquire to help this (my first choice would be the Bul kathos wedding band. i got 144 LoH 24 all res and MF for 100k).
    Now lastly DPS. I also had a demon hunter "DPS'n" for me but this game dont work like that...when a second player joins the mobs health almost doubles. If you arnt putting out your end no matter how good your DH is there not going to down mobs before u die. So how did I fix this for myself? I ditched my sword n board grabbed up a high dps 2h. My dps was around 20k, around 14k with 1h n shield.

    Lastly my Skills. i used ground stomp > Wrenching Smash, Fury > Sidearm, Furious Charge > dreadnought, Revenge > Provocation, War Cry > Impunity , WotB > Insanity. Passives Nerves of Steal, Tough as nails, and i bounce between Ruthless and Zerker Rage (which i end up being full fury most time due to the no secondary skill/ rage dump).

    My General stats were

    35k Hp
    20k Dps
    8.3k Armor
    500 Min All Res 800 Max
    0 Block
    17% dodge
    975 LoH
    1.9 APS
    12% crit 128% crit dmg
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