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    posted a message on Coming back to Diablo, Completely lost, please me get going again!

    Hi guys! I saw the 2.3 PTR notes and I decided after all this time I was interested in taking Diablo for another spin. I have not played since the major patch that added Greater Rifts and Legendary Gems.When that patch landed I was already pretty behind and never did a GR above 20 or upgraded any of the gems.

    Here is my battle.net profile so you can see the gear I left with: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/I3igAl-1871/hero/46865

    As you can see I have essentially nothing. I have 228 paragon points and some basic gear for my Barb, Crusader, Wiz, and WD, and I am excited to give them all some of my time again. I am not interested in the slightest in DH or Monk which is why they are still 60.

    I have no idea how to get started with the limited gear I have, or what builds are currently popular/viable. I prefer solo play but I really don't know what is the most efficient way of progression in terms of gearing up, paragon levels, legendary gems, or great rifting.

    Anything at all that you guys can help me with would be greatly appreciated!

    EDIT: oops I forgot the word "help" in my title

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    posted a message on Selling good Weapon Throw set
    Hi guys!

    So last night I decided to try WT spec and bought some gear to try it out. I ended up not liking it but decied to try again after getting some rest (new specs at 3am are rarely fun) but today it was still not what I was expecting, seemed to take forever to kill stuff and I just wasn't enjoying it as much as HOTA.

    I bought all three pieces below for 22mil total, and I would like to get at least 20mil for it. The spear in particular I believe was a good pick, I can only find similar ones this morning for 20mil plus just for the spear.


    Please reply here or send a friend request ingame with a message about the Weapon Throw gear, i will ignore blank requests.
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    posted a message on -Buying Unid Legs/sets/jewels
    Still buying? I sent a friend request ingame but i havent see you on in a while.
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    posted a message on Coming back after six month leave, LF 15mil gear advice
    Quote from Boss_Hogg

    You stopped playing after two months?

    I would say three months or so, but yes. As I said in the OP, I got to act 3 inferno with relative ease and then was completely stonewalled and unable to progress. I also leveled a DH and Wizard to 60, but Barb was my favorite. being forced into WW or tank builds to get anything done was not fun for me, and I couldn't acquire any gear to support a 2h build.

    Now that gear is easier to get and inferno is nerfed some, I am interested in playing again.
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    posted a message on Coming back after six month leave, LF 15mil gear advice
    Hey guys, thanks for the advice :D


    The helm i just bought right after making the thread, when I logged in I didnt have a helm for some reason, and saw that the IK helm had consistently good stats for the price. I will look into upgrading the bracers last if i have any gold leftover. TY for the tips on rings/amulet, those were always frustrating to me because the variety of stats possible.


    Thanks so much for the build tips! I actually saw the Thunder Barb thread and based my current spec on it even though I have a 2h weapon, it was mostly to do a quick run around in game to see how things were. Act 3 inferno was nigh impossible when I quit, and last night it felt like Hell mode, faceroll easy. I will consider getting a Skorn in a week or so, but the IK hammer is doing me nicely so far.

    I see that neither of you mentioned stacking LoH from amulet or gems in 1h weapons/stat on weapon. Is that no longer a critical thing? when I quit last summer it was all the rage, you had to have 1500 LoH or you were a fail barb (that is why my amulet is nothing but LoH, was trying to get more of it and couldnt afford a neck with LoH and dps stats.)
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    posted a message on Coming back after six month leave, LF 15mil gear advice
    Hello fellow barbs! After leaving the game out of frustration last July/August, I have been tempted back by the Monster Power, Paragon Levels, and general affordability of powerful gear.

    When I left the game, I was stuck at Act 3 Inferno, getting compeltely rolled by every elite/champion pack, I was stuck trying to get by with either a sword and board setup and not having enough dps to kill things, or a WW build that would fall apart very quickly due to lack of crit/LoH. I couldn't get any better gear to drop for me and I couldn't afford to buy it either.

    Now that the gear levels have ballooned like crazy I feel like I could afford a decent set of gear for MP0-3 grinding while I work on paragon levels. Ultimately I would like to run a 2H weapon or a duel wield setup that is not tornado spam, however if i can get the WW build running smoothly I would accept that until I get better gear for the other builds.

    Here is my current gear. Everything is the same as when I left the game in July, except the 2H weapon i picked up last night for 250k gold on impulse. I realize now that the weapon isnt super awesome, lacking LoH and a socket, but I feel its a decent starting weapon.


    The only other piece of gear I think is worth keeping are the shoulders, everything just looks like junk.

    I have 15million gold on my account and no real interest in gearing my other characters at this time, so any advice on what level of stats I should look for would be welcome, along with build ideas. I know I need STR/VIT and resist all as a base, and then aiming for crit/crit dmg and AS for the perfect gearing, but I'm lost on what amount I should be aiming for.
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    posted a message on [A3] Ready to give up, please help!
    Hey sorry for the late reply its all good Nickelig, thanks for the help you've given me here :)

    Twopac, I got your friend request, sorry for missing you tonight. I'm on the west coast and will be on just after lunchtime tomorrow, and should be on/available most of the afternoon.
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    posted a message on [A3] Ready to give up, please help!
    Just checking this from the phone on my way to work and wow thanks for all the support guys, i really appreciate it. Looking at everyone's build suggestions it looks like threatening shout is not as good as i thought, will swap for ignore pain tonight.

    Nickelig, I too stopwatch my AH bidding :D unfortunately the specific belt was going to end at 4am and there was no similar belts for a decent price on a shorter or longer timer.

    I am on the US server so I would love to add you twopac. I saw you helped a guy in another thrad Nickelig, would you mind adding me too?

    My BattleTag is i3igAl #1871 if you guys wanted to add me while im away, otherwise I will send you one later today twopac
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    posted a message on [A3] Ready to give up, please help!
    Hey thanks everyone for the suggestions. I spent ~3mil on some new items and it definitely help although I once again overpaid for a rather average item =/

    Helm (133 VIT 30INT 38 RA, extra armor and socket) paid 2mil
    Amulet (550LoH and 62% crit dmg) paid 600k
    Ring (70STR 33 Phys Res 30% crit dmg and 135HP regen) paid 100k
    870dps axe (only an empty socket, put the 300LoH gem in it) paid 350k
    Shield (18% block 90STR 8% crit and 50Fire Res) paid 22k

    My new stats are:
    18.5k DPS
    22% crit and 192% crit dmg
    44k HP
    All Resists are between 600 and 700
    9.3k Armor.

    I know I went pretty far into the other side of things now, kinda just sick of having to buy everything to even have a chance, and yet have no way of generating a decent gold income >.

    The only item I possibly afford now is a new belt, I have a bid on one that will raise my VIT and RA but lose some STR, but 600k and 8hours to go, I don't think I will win it.

    EDIT: just got completely stomped by a pack of shielding flying dudes =/ so depressing
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    posted a message on [A3] Ready to give up, please help!
    Hey Guys, I have been stuck at Act 3 inferno for about a month now. I can clear Act 2 well enough but every single champion pack kills me in Act 3, no matter what I've tried so far.

    I have tried a standard tanky revenge ignore pain build and I still get crushed.
    I tried double tornado and I always run out of steam and die before them.
    I have tried a 2h wrath earthquake build and couldn't put out enough dps.

    I am currently trying the build Kripparian used in his budget barb runs and it has worked better than the others for me but still I can't progress.

    I have spent ~10mil on my gear, many of them impulse buys that were rather mediocre in hindsight. At this point I just don't know what to do and am rather hesitant to buy more gear for fear of it being another junk piece.

    Here is my current stats with Warcry Impunity, both armor passives, and the enchantress.

    And here is my current equipment:

    I know that my helm, amulet, and rings are weak points in my gear. I was looking for a helm that had high armor and extra %life, but every one I see goes way out of my budget. As for the jewelery, the stats are so varied I am not sure what I should be buying. The belt is not so great either but with the VIT and ResAll on it everything I look at shows as a EHP loss.

    Right now I have 4.3mil gold, and I don't really want to spend all of it if possible. I am pretty decent at the AH I think, I just can't seem to figure out what I need on my barb, so any advice on gear/spec is welcome.
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    posted a message on How do I get more resist?
    how are you guys getting so much money/gear??? I am struggling to stay above 3 million gold after repair bills. Act 2 is kicking my ass even though i have 550 RA, I was only barely able to kill Magda but the elite packs in the sewers always beat me.

    I have tried selling some items I find and havent sold anything for more than 300k, usually less than 80k. nothing that drops is even comparable to the gear I have purchased from the AH; I am not getting upgrades where I am, but I can't progress to where upgrades would drop, nor can I afford better upgrades.

    I have also tried flipping some items and have been burned several times, apparently I haven't the slightest clue as to what is worth what.
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    posted a message on Couple of Questions about LoH and Thorns...
    Well i found a cheapo LoH weapon to test dual wield with and it did add to my LoH totals. I have 628 LoH on my main weapon and 193 on the offhand, my stat sheet says I have 821 LoH and with frenzy going I see 1.1k heals popping due to the fast attack speed and heals only showing every 0.5 seconds.

    Unfortunately it appears that many damaging hits that are "extras" form attacks do not proc LoH. As far as I can tell, aoe hits like hammer and seismic slam only give you one LoH heal, and other full on AOE skills like rend or whirlwind do not activate LoH at all.

    I have not been able to test thorns yet, I will reply again when i have ~3k thorns and see what happens when various hell mobs hit me.
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    posted a message on Couple of Questions about LoH and Thorns...
    Hey guys, before I start I want to say thanks for the great community, I've learned alot since I started coming here last week.

    I was getting completely brick walled at the start of act 2, still am but getting better every night. starting to get some money from butcher runs and I had some ideas about gearing that I wanted some questions answered on before I started dropping gold.

    First up is Life on Hit.

    If I dual wield two gemmed weapons, does the OH count in and I get 600+ LoH?

    What constitutes a hit? Do Frenzy Sidearm axes proc LoH? Does each enemy Revenge or Seismic Slam proc a LoH heal?

    Most importantly... Does Thorns damage activate LoH healing?

    For Thorns....

    Can Thorns crit? what types of attacks activate Thorns? basic melee/ranged hits from skeles? ranged spells from snake dudes/lacuni huntress? molten/plague on the ground?

    The reason I'm asking about Thorns is mostly a gimmick pvp build I have been thinking about, basically just being a super annoying harasser that you can't hit for all the thorns damage.

    Thanks in advance for taking the time to look at my topic!
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    posted a message on How to roll through ACT2-3 Inferno with minimal gear
    So I understand the incoming fury making Wrath last longer, but I don't see how he is doing damage while running around and clearly not hitting the mobs. My only thought is Thorns but so many of those crits are happening without the mob hitting him. He doesn't have Rend or Revenge on his bars.... what is causing all the damage lol.

    EDIT: derp. I watched the video again at 1080p and I could see the tornados from Sprint this time, pretty lawl. I never gave them a chance because 60% seems so small but I guess with decent enough gear it pwns.
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