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    posted a message on Best weapons for 2.4 Invoker build
    Quote from Tzieraยป

    I'm new to crusader, but what do you think about nailbiter?

    I know it isn't as fast as pigsticker, but it rolls with thorns.

    The attack speed difference is massive though. Maces are the slowest weapons you can get, so the few thousand thorns you get from it doesn't make up for base 0.5 slower attack speed.
    If you don't have anything else? Yes it's fine. But it doesn't compare to pig sticker, especially once you have higher thorns value as you gear up (and upgrade the thorns gem).

    As for the block part: I'm currently close to capping without the 30% passive and just went with the 15% attack speed passive for punish (I suck at remembering their names). Don't know how much of an increase this 15% is though and how it stacks. Anyone got the numbers?
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    posted a message on [HARDCORE GUIDE] The Divine Warrior - How to become an unstoppable force of destruction on Torment difficulty
    Hey Devizz, thank you for the guide! As someone who started playing hc crusader from the moment I had a chance (and had not played a lot of D3 classic since the original release, not even a classic hc char) this guide has been very useful, especially considering the low amount of information around hc RoS in general.

    I'd like to ask though: how do you best prepare for torment? I see what the aims are with regards to gearing for torment in the new update of your guide (once again, VERY useful!), but I can't find anywhere on what the best way is of getting there. I hit 70 2 days ago and definitely don't feel safe in going above master level difficulty, and even farming that gives me the creeps. This is my profile in case anyone is wondering, but my build is geared towards blitzing through normal bounties at the moment (as I've heard that is the most effective way at the moment, but can't find any actual back-up for this claim).

    Edit: also, armory is not showing my shield for some reason :\
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    posted a message on RMAH and nerf items
    Quote from Ruppgu

    You can be elitest and blame them for their ignorance I guess but that doesn't change the fact that it wasn't a fair change to them. Also, even people "in the know" didn't know weapons would be affected as well. Personally, I didn't think they would touch weapons and I was a bit surprised to see that they changed them as well.
    How is it elitist? Everyone is responsible for their own actions, so especially when it comes to purchasing things with real money, people are expected to look into if something does what they want it to do before they buy it.
    Also, you state something as fact which is clearly an opinion. The change was fair as it was made with game balance in mind, IAS was WAY overbudget so it got reduced. It's not like it became worse than other stats, just pulled in line with (possible counter argument is crit/crit damage, but that is due to scaling and this was like this before 1.0.3 as well).

    They made it very clear that the change would be because of item budget, so all items were affected. Why did you think weapons would be excluded? That would make IAS on weapons even MORE overpowered (as it would be the single most powerful upgrade you would be able to get).

    I see this no differently than other purchases that go down in value after a while: you could use it at it's max potential for a while, but if you wanted that to last, you shoulda done some research first.
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    posted a message on The Truth Behind 1.0.3 - Hidden Footprints!
    So they balanced the economy and nerfed people going for pure glass canon builds.
    I really don't see the issue except for the people who already spent a lot of gold on glass canon builds >_>

    Yes, it will be harder to get BiS gear (as much as that is possible within this game), but is that really a bad thing?

    And the OP (yes, I know it's from the bnet forums, don't worry) conveniently decided to leave out the part where the chests/pots/weapon rack nerfs were justified because of the stupid concept of swapping all your gear in and out for MF every time you smashed/opened one. Hell, people still do that before bosses/packs die and it's an issue and blizz is looking to fix it. This was just step 1.

    Is the game perfect now? No, but it was a step in the right direction, if you like it or not.
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    posted a message on This game is getting less and less fun by the minute
    Quote from FrogHandler

    How do you expect anyone to take you seriously if you cannot communicate clearly on a most basic level? Your post is a giant jumble of words and rage.
    Wow... I was just gonna post this (+ what is in your post after this) but it seems you beat me to it.

    So, pretty much what he said... I just love these people applying their own view of what this game is supposed to be in their eyes and then complain when it isn't :D And of course nothing is EVER their own fault. Noooo, it's the game, or blizzard, or fanboys!
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    posted a message on WIZARD INFERNO DARK HYDRA BUILD
    A blizzard/hydra build with mirror images, piercing orb and teleport?
    You just radically changed the way wizards play man!
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    posted a message on Why 1.0.3 failed
    Shoulda been called: "My assumptions to why 1.0.3 supposedly failed"

    IAS was nerfed because it was over budget.
    NT was basically fixed to what it was supposed to do.
    Monster damage was adjusted because it was higher than intended.

    The only change directly aimed at glasscannons was the repair cost change, seeing as the low cost for deaths motivated people to drop all defensive stats and just zerg stuff at the spawn point.

    Result for people doing the opposite (tank builds): They're able to tank stuff a LOT better than they did before, so in order to avoid people becoming overpowered in the sense of stacking nothing but defensive stats (dropping most offensive stats), they added enrage timers to stuff like bosses.
    So here's a hint for you: drop some defensive stats and get more damage so you can farm faster.
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    posted a message on [Video] My top five most hated wizard spells/runes
    Please stop breathing in the mic :(
    Or rather, mess around with recording settings so it also doesn't record stuff like you swallowing and what not.
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    posted a message on Price Check on 30% Stormshield
    Quote from Darkfrosty521

    Quote from Aerisot

    I really should lock this thread because you bumped your own trading post, but I'll let it slide this once!

    What.....why are you not allowed to bump your own post so you can get an answer................
    Because then the class sub-forums would turn into nothing but price-check threads, which belong on the trading sub-forum to begin with.
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    posted a message on Yes , i used to QQ ...but then....
    Quote from Revelations

    6. False

    I didn't read after that.

    I spent a lot of cash gearing up my barbarian. Couldn't get past Act 3.
    Spent half that amount on my DH, cleared the game pretty quickly. I used a 5mil 2 hander for my barbarian. Atm I'm using a 900 dps bow with a socket on my DH that's worth no more than 700k on AH. I'm also running with 30k hp and 100 all resists (vs 45k hp and 800 all resists on my barbarian).
    There's clearly a problem with the game and the difficulty, not me.
    It needs balancing, blues (and developers) have admitted this and they're working on it. Game is not broken beyond repair though and it's still playable :P If everything goes well, it should be in a better spot when the new patch hits.
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    posted a message on 1.0.3 Drop Rates. Did i miss something?
    Quote from Zehkari

    No worries, 4 butcher runs in the space of 1 act 3 run with good gear. lets go.
    Just because they CAN drop the higher ilevel items, doesn't mean they will.
    Hell, iirc they showed a table that showed that Act 1 would have a very low chance to drop those, so if you CAN do act 3 runs (within a reasonable timeframe) you'd still be better off doing that.
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    posted a message on Drop Rate Ninja Nerf?
    Quote from Fomorian

    I was just asking whether anyone else noticed anything, not a whole lecture.
    Nope, you sought cause to something that you only empirically verified (you had it happen to you a few times) and thus made the following assumption before anyone could even post:
    Quote from Fomorian

    Did Blizzard perhaps perform a stealthpatch to nerf drop rate of rares?
    That's the kind of mentality that made people think the earth was flat and that the universe revolved around the earth :P
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    posted a message on How do I get more resist?
    Quote from Whitey

    I'm knocking the crap out of Act II with only 100-200 resistances, need to raise it to 400'ish for Act III, and it does require a certain sprintspec as well.

    Hmmm, would you mind posting some more info on this please?
    I'd like to know your other stats + build if it is true what you're saying here :)
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    posted a message on Alittle advice on my gear.
    Quote from Arotished

    I didn't suggest anything :P I just wondered.
    Sorry to nitpick (don't like posting anything without adding something to the convo) but the post I quoted is essentially the meaning of "suggesting something". It's different however if you didn't "mean" to suggest something.
    I know this might not seem obvious to most people, but it's a fine difference that could make people believe you said something that you did not mean to say :)

    Once again, I'm sorry I couldn't add something to the topic, I'm not attempting to just attack/flame you or anything :)
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    posted a message on The reason we're mad.
    Quote from TheCityOfEvil

    The random people I played with at least agreed with me on the story.
    And with some games.
    There are always people who will waste their time on complete @$%^.
    There are always people who continue to play THOSE games.
    I'm sure you're one of them.
    Judging from own experience and making assumptions, that's a good way to get into an argument!
    Oh wait... it isn't, just like how you did not describe WHY you don't like aspects of the game in your OP.
    You seem to assume that everyone shares your opinion, well here's a newsflash: We don't! We all have our own ones. They can be influenced, but only by reason and arguments, not just because 'you said so'.
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