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    OK, not willing to gain any fame etc.
    Just contributing.
    25 full runs of Inferno Whimsyshire with 5 stacks of NV and MF gear (263% /w stacks).

    iLvL # %
    63 75 12% \
    62 125 20% 44% total
    61 75 12% /
    <=60 350="">

    And now a little question. I've heard somewhere, that pony land is considered to be a part of Act III-IV on Inferno difficulty. So the drop rates for that location have to be somewhat equal to the named Acts.
    Now, today, there was a patch increasing drop rates, which if I remember well was as follows:

    iLvl 63: 16.3% \
    iLvl 62: 21.7% 65.1% total
    iLvl 61: 27.1% /

    I don't see them to be very similar... And that is 263%MF!
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