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    RORG = Ring Of Royal Grandeur, It basically allows you to use set bonuses but with one less piece of that set, allowing you to stack multiple set bonuses, or choose an off-piece for either more elemental damage, or another useful stat, rather than being forced to use the set item for that slot.

    Hope that makes sense.
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    Hi there, i've had to reinstall d3 due to a pc reload, however when i attempt to access the eu site for the newer download i keep getting errors, my internet connection is fine and i was wondering if anyone else was having issues accessing the site?

    I tried to reinstall using an older version of the installer, but keep getting errors involving internet connection, which is puzzling to me as i can access everything else perfectly fine.

    anyone having these issues, or know of a way to fix them?

    any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    Have a closer look at the differences between yours and you friends gear. sounds like he has a lot more attack speed. or crit.

    Also remember that that 100 dps difference in your weapons is multiplied by your intellect. that may be the reason the differences are so large.
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