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    I am running with 289 MF once NV is stacked

    A1, pony level, #30, after farming 5 nv outside of pony level.
    8 ilvl 61
    5 ilvl 62
    7 ilvl 63

    A1, pony level, #38, after farming 5 stack NV outside of pony level
    4 ilvl 61
    9 ilvl 62
    7 ilvl63

    A1, pony level, #135, after farming 5 stack NV outside of pony level
    9 ilvl 61
    4 ilvl 62
    7 ilvl 63
    1 legendary 62 (fire walkers yay)
    1 legendary 63 (windforce yay)

    My best run was in an IP opposite of what was stated int his thread. Debunked? No. Probably just lucky as fuck. But either way, I still think RNG is RNG and the idea of "loot servers" is probably bull. But for shits n giggles I will continue to fuck with the idea and post my findings.

    BTW, the Firewalkers were a 2500 DPS increase over my previous boots and the Windforce was better than the one I already had. So to all the whiners out there saying you can't drop your own loot I say HAHAHAHAHA@U.

    Edit: formatting, spelling
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    posted a message on Loot is still breaking this game
    Quote from Gr3yham3Lim

    TLDR: Stop talking about AH to get items. Its not diauction 3, its diablo 3. Items are supposed to be self found. Perfect or near perfect from AH.

    Items are "supposed" to be self found?

    Go find me a blue post or press release from Blizzard stating that you are supposed to be able to fully upgrade yourself to clear inferno difficulty without ever trading or using the AH. You can't find it, because it doesn't exist, and it is only your "opinion" that items "should" be self found. That is not how the game works now or ever.

    Edit: @ all the whiners. If you played D2 to progress your character to be as powerful as possible that is also not how D2 worked, nor was it how D1 worked. Not a single Diablo game have you ever been able to fully upgrade your toons without trading. Just now instead of haunting trade channels and trade games you can just go to the AH. It is a VAST improvement over D1 and D2 trading if you would remove you heads from your asses and "think" about it.
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    The diablo series has ALWAYS been a fucking treasure hunt where you grind endlessly for drops. If you don't like it, quit, because that will not change. This isn't WoW where you faceroll through ezmode heroics and then get welfare epics handed to you once you accrue enough welfare points.

    Grow up, stop crying, make a decision to play or quit. Just stop crying and making repeat threads.

    Would love to know why a mod hasn't locked this thread yet.

    Quote from kanzaki_urumi
    I'm rational, I talk from experience : play for dozens of hours without getting a single sellable yellow drop

    Bullshit. You just have no idea what constitutes sellable or you think its only sellable if you get millions of gold for it. Without my MF I can do an A3 farm and always get 500k+ gold worth of sellable rares. Just because you have no idea wtf you can sell doesn't mean you aren't getting sellable drops.

    If this "GAME" causes you so much rage, make the adult decision, quit it. It is obviously not the game for you.
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    Quote from T4YR3L

    I really dont understand why some ppl hate or complaint about D3 and Blizzards..
    seriusly guys they are doing a LOT of work!!

    we paid for a game that is constantly updated and expanded!
    sure enough, here comes into play the personal taste..
    but honestly, how many other games are updated and renewed / extended FREE??

    Its absolutely not updated/extended/renewed for free.

    I am not spouting conspiracy theories here either. Simple fact of the matter is that if games aren't updated and improved then sales will drop as more and more people badmouth it for not fixing bugs and updating things. Also, Diablo 3 with the RMAH is going to also keep Blizzard interested in doing updates because that is a respectable source of revenue for them.
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    Quote from Shanto94

    Im more annoyed by people complaining over not being lucky enough with drops.

    You said it, but I will quote it for emphasis.
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    posted a message on Dear Blizzard.
    Quote from Nordicus

    Quote from laonar

    Its going to be funny when Torclight 2 beats you in all aspects of poor design Diablo 3 is. A $20 game.. is going to be 10x better then what you gave us!

    Dear Laonar,

    Quality is like beauty; It's in the eye of the beholder.

    Those of us who does not have a blind hatred towards Diablo 3

    I 100% agree with you. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    But that being said, I love D3. I love the farming, the AH's and the MF and the Paragon leveling and I even love the overall difficulty. If I had to say anything bad about Diablo the only thing I could say is that I don't like how you can't mail items to friends, which is a complete non issue.

    That being said, Torchlight 1, for a single player game, was absolutely amazing and made D2 look like crap as far as gameplay goes. If TL2 lives up to TL1 then yeah, TL2 will be a better game than D3 with the only real point of argument being the art styles between the 2 games. I personally love the more cartoonish style of the TL series while I am sure many others like the serious and dark art style of the Diablo series.

    Either way, I will still play them both because quite frankly, I have enough cash in my paypal account from D3 right now to buy MoP, TL2, and pay my WoW sub for 4 more years. All from playing a video game for an hour a day.
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    posted a message on nether vs ball lighting
    I either us NT for the additional 3% lifeleech or Frost arrow as it is better single target and AoE damage.
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    posted a message on Anyone else super stoked about TL2?
    Torchlight 2 is around the corner and I am just wondering if anyone but me is like mad stoked?

    I picked up torchlight as my replacement for D2 since I didn't really care to restart in D2. I fell in love with the pet, the fishing (yeah I'm serious) and the general art style of the game. The infinite dungeon was amazing as well. I can't wait for Torchlight 2 and online play. It should be amazing.

    I hear the trees have a lot more synchronicity on them as to how they work with each other and themselves which sounds awesome. But I gotta say, I really do hope they steal the AH idea from Blizzard, just not so much the RMAH.
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    posted a message on This spam is getting a little out of hand.
    Quote from Daemaro

    IP banning isn't helping they just use a different proxy, that's why it's taking more time to fix. If it were that simple it'd be done and over. :P

    Sucks that you cant really get away with an IP ban range being that these boards probably have people from all countries. My guild forums doubles as our WoW server forums for the most part. I just had our super moderator ban Korea and China IP ranges. Not sure how exactly he did it, but that's why he is the supermod.
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    Quote from Zworkyn


    I've been seeing DiabloFans and the forums for a long time, but only now I really needed to post something haha.

    Is it just me or the Treasure Goblin rate is just insane this last few days? It is with my lvl 60 WD farming Act 1-2, my Barb just finishing Nightmare and my Wiz at lvl 9. Everywhere, at almost every dungeon, I find Treasure Goblins. Everywhere.

    I was used to find very few goblins, even some days I played with friends for 4 hours and wouldn't find a goblin, but these days they are everywhere! Anyone noticed it? Any news on that?

    At first I thought it was just me, but it is impossible seeing it were 10+ hours of playing this way.


    I think they increased the spawn rates across the board on them. But RNG is still RNG. I had an act 1 inferno farm run yesterday spawn like 5 of them, no kidding. Today though I did 2 runs in A1 and didn't get anything, but then jumped into an A3 inferno group game and we got like 5 in the dungeons under the keep on the way to the the fat stinky dude.
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    posted a message on This spam is getting a little out of hand.
    Quote from Daemaro

    I know its a pain, please bare with us for a while longer. We've been flagging the posts as spam to help with automated removal and I've notified the people who handle the spam module as well. Apparently it's something to do with football season that makes sports spam bots flare up.

    We're aware of it, and I'll be pushing to get it handled the best way it can be.

    We got the same shit on my guilds forums, I banned the IPs, it went away.
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    posted a message on Jumping on the bandwagon of tyreal tatts
    I don't see nuffin bro!
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    posted a message on Alkaizer topping paragon ranking [edited]
    Quote from Hadley88

    Are you really so naive? Top 5000 in Elite-Killls are probably ALL BOTS! And most Bots should already be 50+
    Thats why D3 is so bad - because the Bot-Users and the AH-Campers have the best Items - not people that play alot...

    So what you are saying is the D3 is the same as D2 and D1 just now it is more apparent? GG.
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    posted a message on Alkaizer topping paragon ranking [edited]
    Quote from DarkPhenomenon

    Quote from shaggy

    Quote from xrmb

    Quote from phoulmouth

    And who cares of a bot gets PL100 first? It doesn't effect you and eventually if it is a bot it will get banned.

    I do, its like winning the Tour de France while being doped. Nobody will remember the 2nd place winner years later, although he is now officially the winner...

    Do you remember who was #1 in the 3rd D2 ladder season? Probably not. Years later no one will remember who was first in pLvls either, unless some website keeps that data recorded for us, of course..... but that's not exactly the same thing as remembering on your own who got the world first Illidan kill 5 years later, now is it?

    Depends entirely on who it is and what it is. I'll always remember Krip being the first and only person to kill HC Inferno Diablo pre patch just like I'll always remember RussBarb being the first Vanilla D2 character to ever hit 99.

    And when those questions are asked on Jeopardy someday you will finally have had a reason to care to remember those things. Good for you.
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    posted a message on Super Toilet
    I wish I had that toilet earlier today. I hate plunging!
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