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    posted a message on 3 Goblin Rooms in 1 Rift!
    Found two groups in one rift the other night. There was so much loot on the floor that a lot of it wasn't showing until I picked up stuff. My finger got tired from clicking so much.

    Can't wait to find a group now during this double goblin event!
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    posted a message on Diablo III: I remember when...
    When those flying wasps things in act 2 really did insane damage with their projectiles!
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    posted a message on new roll back policy is a joke.
    authenticator is free for smart phones. 99% of people have a smart phone.. another made up statistic.
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    posted a message on Harder to sell items on RMAH now?
    it's hard to sell jewelry right now because of the 1.0.5 change of jewelry getting lvl 63 stats.. so people are waiting.

    it's hard to sell anything else right now because mists just came out for warcraft so people left for that.. and others have just quit so the player population is at an all time low.

    Finally it's hard to sell because everyone and their mother is farming act 3 with paragon magic find and finding good items. The market is flooded. Unless Blizzard does something to fix that, it will be the same after 1.0.5 hits. Well, lvl 63 stat jewelry will sell fast because it's new.. but everything else will be the same.
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    posted a message on How to Snipe items in the AH -make millions of gold!
    I always post my auctions with the starting bid and the buyout the same price.

    But that being said, people who have low starting bids have no right to complain if it sells for that starting bid. They knew it could sell for that when they posted it. Did they lose out on a lot of gold? Sure they did... but it was their choice to do so... not the snipers choice.

    Just remember, you have total control of all your sales, not the buyer.
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    posted a message on Just completed inferno without using a shield.
    Shield just slowed me down. I admit I tried it but hated it. Plus I didn't really see a damage reduction. I had a good shield to use. 23% block, 60 resist all, 93 stamina, 10% life. So it wasn't the shield.

    I killed a lot faster using two weapons. Bought two good weapons with sockets.. placed flawless star amethysts in there... and with 800 loh total.. I was slaughtering most everything. Yes I did have to lure a couple champ packs to a corner so I could progress... and Act 4 gave me four corrupted angel champ packs in a row which I hated. The ones I lured were almost perfect affix ones where no one could beat them.

    Here's my build:

    I went with inspiring presence because I have 60k health. Every tick I was seeing 400 health.. that was in addition to my LOH which during combat I was seeing 1200-1400 health ticks. Life per Second is very undervalued in the AH right now so it's an easy upgrade if you can't find LOH.

    With the enchantress.. my stats are:

    22900 DPS (27500 buffed with frenzy)
    8296 armor (9481 buffed with war cry, 27200 buffed with leap)
    580-630 resists (869-950 buffed with war cry)
    2058 strength
    1199 vitality
    42% life bonus
    146 life per sec (745 life per sec buffed with war cry)
    800 life per hit
    5% crit (no crit gear on)
    50% crit damage (no crit gear on)
    1.64 attacks per second (no attack speed gear on)

    I spent around 40-50 million for my gear total. This is with various upgrades. I'm not counting the gear I sold when I upgraded so that total will be lower some but I didn't keep track of that. I'm guessing I spent around 20 million out of my own pocket for gear after selling my old gear off. The biggest purchases I made were my two swords and my helm (around 5 million each piece).

    Sword and board players in theory should be spending more than me to progress because you absolutely need DPS in Act 3 and 4 to move on. Defense helps but if you can't kill the champ packs before enrage, then you are doing it wrong. So I'm guessing sword and board people spent a lot on their weapons and crit/crit damage gear. Or they got very lucky with someone posting an item without a clue on value.

    Ghom, Siegebreaker, Cydaea, Azmodan, Rakanoth, Izual were all pushovers. Super easy fights. Champ packs were harder than them. DIablo was also easy but also a very loooooong fight. I had 3 min left on my NV stack before he died. I'm guessing a good 15-20 min fight. But I was in no danger of dying ever during that fight except when I faught my clone lol. Got stunned and almost died once but that was it. Killed Diablo on my first attempt. Also killed Siegebreaker, Cydaea, Azmodan, Rakanoth, and Izual on my first attempt as well. I was shocked at Izual because I remember him pre 1.0.3 when he was hard in hell mode. Ghom took me a couple tries which I had to change my spec for that one exploit. After that he was easy.

    I'm just glad Blizzard changed it so Barbs don't need a shield anymore for the higher acts. So much fun frenzy away with two swords killing everything around you with revenge. Jumping into packs and hacking away at stuff.
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