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    posted a message on FB/archon survival issue

    Hey guys,

    I can't seem to complete a GR 70 with archon/FB, because I keep dying almost instantly when outside of archon.

    Here's my setup : http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Taliesyn-2517/hero/77846944

    As far as survival go, I try to teleport into large packs and spam frost nova to proc APD while channeling arcane torrent/flame ward.

    Is my gear too lacking, or is it a gameplay issue?

    As a side note, I sometimes have the feeling that some mobs are avoiding my damage : I've been standing right next to mobs with 2 overlapping archon stacks, and the wave of force didn't do noticeable damage.

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    posted a message on DMO Spectral Blades and Arcane Orbit, is it still Viable in 2.4.1?

    Been having trouble completing a 70 with a DMO/orbit build (ancient unstable scepter, most of the rest being non-ancient). But then, I barely cleared a 70 in 2.4 with this build, so I may not be the best reference :)

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    posted a message on Diablo 3 journey and thoughts
    Quote from UberN00b»

    - D3 vanilla sucked

    - RoS sucks less

    The AH and drop system in vanilla sucked. The gameplay was already very good.
    Quote from Enslaved2184»

    Auction house sucks. Trading sucks. Buying gear instead of finding/crafting it sucks.

    Agreed. And that's the first (if not only) reason why RoS is way better than vanilla : getting rid of that idiotic AH allowed the players to focus on the important part, aka playing the game.
    Quote from Iperish90»


    Sorry bro, obviously I don't know about the majority of the people but to me, seasons looked stupid and it still does. Why the fk would someone like season? At this very moment, I still fail to understand why would people like seasons.

    A fresh start appeals to a large number of people, especially when there are rankings. Lots of people used to (and some still do) play D2 ladders, for that exact reason.
    Don't like it? That's your right, just don't play them. Don't get it? Your loss. Finding it stupid? Your problem :)
    I for one enjoy the opportunity to restart a new character from scratch, without the accumulated items of god knows how many patches, and the season journey has been a welcome addition to that. The objectives are reasonably challenging and definitely achievable for a casual, non-competitive player - heck, I wish my managers could be half as good when they define my SMART objectives!
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    posted a message on End game sucks!
    Quote from ruksak»

    4 years and I'm still having fun. I still come home and often sit my ass down, smoke a bowl and play Diablo 3 for a few (several) hours. 4 years now, and I gotta say, the game is more fun for me now than it ever was. I don't play as much as I used to, but when I do play, I have more fun nowadays than back when the game was lousy with underwhelming itemization and lackluster build pliability.

    I agree. For a 4-year old game with a single xpack and no subscription fee, D3 is still amazingly good.
    I don't play continuously, but I tend to return at each season beginning, spend about a month completing the season journey, and usually carry on for a week or two before boredom sets in (or, in season 4's case, until my HC pet doctor got nuked because I've gotten a tad careless).
    Is the game perfect? Nope. Is it getting richer with every patch? Yup. Every suggestion that might improve the game, or endgame, or lack thereof, is good to take, and should probably be taken directly to Blizzard. On the other hand, feeling entitled to this or that kind of endgame will only lead to failed expectations and disappointment.
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    posted a message on Is progression too fast?

    As a semi-casual (as in, casual player playing a bit too much), I finished the season journey in about 2 and a half weeks.

    Since then, I've played only my HC seasonal char, and still loving it.

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    posted a message on Level 3 legendary gems to lvl 55

    Had the same issue. Logging out and back in fixed the problem.

    Leaving/reentering a game might be enough, too.

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    posted a message on Season has been out for 312 hours, top ranked players have over 300 hours played in this season, explain ?

    My guess : either their PC was getting hot, or they got a power outage during the night. Otherwise they'd have had 312/312 hours :P

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    posted a message on Conquests in Season 5
    Quote from TheGaige»
    Killing the boss has never been the problem for this kind of achievement. Getting to them in campaign mode is the real issue.
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    posted a message on Do you spam Arcane orb?

    Does AO snapshot the cast-time damage? I thought they had modified just about all of the spells to dynamically adapt to buffs like CoE?

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    posted a message on DMO Arcane Orb. Area Damage vs Arcane Orb damage?

    Usually skill damage is multiplicative with other factors, meaning if you grab 30% AO damage from head/boots, you're getting 1.3x damage on your AO after everything else is factored in.

    I doubt you'd get +30% damage from +6% crit.

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    posted a message on So we must play seasons to gain more Stash space?

    None of this addresses the real issue, which is, how in hell are we supposed to manage all the item sets with so little space?

    Basically, if you want to play more than 3 classes, you need to have mules. That's not just bad design, that's plain idiotic.

    Diablo is fun when you smash things or burn them to ashes. Diablo is not fun when you spend your time deciding which of your hard-earned items you're going to throw away.

    If I want to spend some time cleaning house, I've got more than enough to do at home ...

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    posted a message on A new musical parody about our hate of Kadala...

    Made my day!! Thank you :)

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    posted a message on Higher LPS Heals

    I don't get it ... you have over 180k sheet LPS whereas I have 110k, and with the same build I get over 700k LPS. Are you sure you only have 400k?

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    posted a message on cant seem to push past 60 u6

    Most top-ranked U6 monks have switched to CoE. The 2 main differences are :

    • you need much more crit with a CoE build, which will noticeably lower your toughness
    • gameplay-wise, CoE feels smoother, with a significant dps boost each time cold comes up

    I never liked BP, so I've always played CoE, but you need at least 40% CC, more if possible.

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    posted a message on REND LAG !!!! WTF BLIZZZZZZ
    Quote from grouchyy»

    The game engine is not the problem here, the problem is the number of calculations (NOT the size of the numbers) that the server is doing.

    Yes they could and probably should improve server performace, but this is not a "game engine" issue.

    Aaah, yes, the good old "improve server performance" ... while there are occasionnally cases hardware upgrades are necessary, 95% of the performance issues I've ever encountered resulted from poor or non-optimized code (I'm not talking specifically about games here).
    Obviously, Blizzard has already done significant optimization on D3, but it looks like there's a discrepancy between the way the game engine is implemented and the way the game has to be played at this time to push higher GRifts. So either they can try and change the gameplay so that we deal with smaller packs (good luck with that) or they can improve the way they calculate damage for large packs.
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