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    The people who claim that Diablo 2 had such a big build diversity and such amazing items forget that 99% of the Diablo 2 guides also were about the same 2-3 items. Diversity wasnt as big as you guys think.

    Also, the game D2 was much easier in general. Of course you can have more builds when you can just steamroll mobs with any item combination as soon as you reached a certain power level. The endless scaling actually adds challenge and replayability to D3.

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    posted a message on It's pretty obvious what this game needs next
    Quote from Hoaxcore»

    I want to struggle to get my gear, i want to struggle to get my hellfire, paragon is too powerful at some point. In diablo power should come from the gear only, it's an hack & slash for crying out loud .

    We had vanilla where people had to struggle for gear. Not many people liked it.
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    posted a message on Losing steam for Season 4

    I always thought that seasons are only for the hardcore few who really want to compete in grift leaderbords.

    I was happy for months playing non season casually because if you dont invest several hours per day into the game, you always have something to improve on with your chars. I leveled all classes and started farming the class sets for them and with casually logging in here and there, this kept me busy more or less since D3 release.

    That all of course changed with 2.3 when it took me an entire day to equip my witch doctor to near perfect gear. TbH 2.3 kinda killed it for me. Gearing up is just too fast now.

    But to stay on the topic of losing steam... I never had much to begin with. If you really want to go for a full season and staying competitive, you have to be aware that you can kiss your real life goodbye for at least 3 months and do nothing else but farm farm farm for more time than you spend in a full time job. If that is not for you, then forget about competitive season all together.

    I did this once when WoW came out. I did not have a job back then and enjoyed the time. I'll never do it again though. I think my wife would leave me, not to mention my job etc.

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    posted a message on What legendaries are in your extract top priority?

    Star metal kukuri

    mask of jeram and taskers and theo

    ring of royal grandeur

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    Just keep in mind that it's not a MMO. The game is fully designed to be soloable, ALL content of it. Every class can solo all content. Also you can not trade, there is no auction house etc. Also there is no PVP that would be worth mentioning.

    I'd suggest playing trough the campagne mode once to get the story. If you like it, maybe a second time too. Once you finished campaign mode, you'll unlock adventure mode. Which is probably more like the endgame you expect.

    Endgame is pretty much doing the same thing over and over again on higher difficulties. Maybe that is for you, then enjoy it :) Others prefer leveling all the classes or doing some other self-imposed challenges. But enjoy your journey there first before worrying about it.

    Have fun :)

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    posted a message on Please Blizzard, take seasons seriously.

    There were people with full class sets and ancient weapons clearing GR 50+ after like 48 hours of the new season.

    If you are not there yet, you do not invest enugh time to be competitive. Still blaming the "ancient weapon RNG" after weeks of the new season makes one wonder what exactly you are expecting. The really commitet people at the top disenchant ancient weapons every day because they play so much. They swim in that stuff. Unless you are ready to invest that much time, you wont be anywhere near the top, ever, and should stop being delusional about it.

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    Quote from Drekko»

    You can join if you like. Discuss the game, post photos etc

    Isnt this what we are here for?

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    posted a message on for those complaining about Blizzard seemingly forcing WOW on D3 players.

    I want some of the stuff that pantherdan is smoking.

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    posted a message on Guide: How not to be an asocial burden to your group in random multiplayer games
    I wanted to write a rant post first, but maybe it's better this way...

    There are certain parts of the game that you really, really dont need to do in a multiplayer game. For example

    - combining your gazillion gems

    - afk-ing at your stash

    - thinking about new builds and itemisation

    - crafting

    - doing bouties in a rift game while the 3 others are in the rift

    All of these can very well be done in a solo game and what's even better, you dont take a spot in a multiplayer game that could be occupied by somebody who actually wants to play.

    Blizzard tried to organise the random games a bit with the different game tags. Look at the tags. Use them. Dont join Rift games when you have no rift keys and "just do a quick 5 bounties and then i'll join you guys in the rift right away". "Oh btw you could help me" --> kick vote!

    And then the chat... USE IT FFS! Reply when spoken to, it's the most basic of manners that we learned when we were like 2 years old.

    Dont join games in a difficulty that you can't solo. The rest of the group is not there to carry you.

    You know, just dont be a lazy asshole. That's all.
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    Blizzard introduced rifts and loot spread over all the game so that people dont grind the same spot again and again. Your idea of distributing certain items on certain spots would totally work against that design idea.

    difficulty : d3 was much much more difficult in the beginning. People did not like it. Also, you had to play trough the game once on each difficulty, people did not like that either.

    tempering : no matter how expensive, the nolifers will just max out every stat on every item they have. It's just a resources sink IMO. If you are worried about items dropping with bad stats, we could always change the range in which stats can roll.
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