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    Krippi literally carried the fuck out of him, and he gets NO CREDIT? What the hell.
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    Quote from Kinch

    Quote from Scrim

    Poison Dart + Splinters with tons of Attack Speed and Crit/Crit damage will do more damage. Each Poison Dart will crit for about 50k or so. If you get your attacks up to 3.0, well, you see where this is going.

    This build sounds really cool. However it basically makes you a shitty version of a Demon Hunter. WHo has a very similar ability that crits for 250k easily.

    assuming equal gear, 180% single target cannot do more damage than 220% piercing. I understand with a fast attack you can't cast many bats, but I don't think you're giving piercing enough credit. Even a non-crit bat for me does 40K. If this travels through 5 enemies, that's 200K for one cast. A noncrit dart hits for what, 10K? You'd have to cast splinters aprox. six times to reach that kind of damage.

    Also, add soul harvest and better gear than I have and I'm sure you'll be hitting 250K. You could say it's a shittier demon hunter, but you're also comparing your class to probably the most OP damage dealing class. And if 250K piercing makes me a shitty demon hunter, what is a kiting fast attack splinters build equivalent to?

    I'm not saying spinters spam fast attack is a bad build, or that mine is better, but I think it's important to talk out new strategies and not have everyone sheep the same build that might not be optimal.

    I think the problem is. It's not just a shitty Demon Hunter, it's also a shitty Wizard. Who also has abilities that pierce and do more damage then ours bats do. While having defensive armors, teleport, illusions and Blizzard allowing them to perma kite.

    At the end of the day. Witch Doctors are gimped. They are arguably the worst class in Diablo, and easily the worst farming class. What a lot of people do to farm Siegebreaker for example, is level a Wizard. Then swap their Witch Doctors gear onto the Wizard. Why? simple, Wizards dominate everything much like Demon Hunters, and the Witch Doctor is stuck running for his life with 15 second cooldowns on his CC and 3 minute cooldowns on his damage.

    The reason Poison Dart is superior, is the rate you can cast them vs the mana cost. You will simply not be fast enough to cast enough bats to hurt enemies before you have to turn and run, or run out of mana. Bats are simply to slow, and when you couple them with attack speed, drain our mana way to fast.

    Wizards get an ability which is almost the same as Bats. Shock Pulse with Piercing Orb rune. Except it costs them no Arcane power.

    I would love bats to be viable. I would love bears to be viable for more then 20 seconds. I would love most of our abilities to be viable. They just aren't.

    If you still feel it's viable. Buy the gear, and head into Act III. Do a 5 stack siegebreaker run. If you are killing champ packs in under 10 seconds like Wizards and Demon Hunters, then you have a winner. But last time I checked, even 70-80k Witch Doctors are stuck letting Tyreal do most of the work.
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