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    posted a message on Aiming for 200k deeps, need some help :)
    Quote from Leafblower


    Im trying to reach the 200k deeps barrier without Sharpshooter ofc, but I not sure which items would be best to upgrade.

    Not sure which items are best cost/benefit vice. I simply dont know enough about the game, and AH.

    My bugdet is around 20mil atm.

    Natalia boots with 250+ dex, nat ring with 4+ crit, Bracers with vit dex all res, Mempho +4 crit, vile vard +200dex +vit
    gloves with crit+8 crit dmg +35,( AR dex vit) oh and inna legs and belt need +150 vit legs, all res belt

    Elinar #2300 - diabloprogress
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    Quote from hvgotcodes

    Ok, Im paragon level 43 (I think; somewhere around there), and the last 2 and a half paragon levels I have found 2 items with a light column

    1. A plan to build a crappy level 58 legendary set, and
    2. Some pants that weren't even good enough to try and sell.

    I hear stories of people finding a legendary every 15minutes, every hour -- yeah, I don't see it. And this is getting really boring....

    and im level 100 and i never find anything worth selling..
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    posted a message on Over the hill monk needs some advice
    Quote from kumarpr2277

    So I finally hit the big five-O during the weekend and have hit level 51 since then.

    My battle tag is kumarpr227#1232

    So I am going through a bit of midlife crisis in the game.

    How do you keep it fresh?

    I have been waiting for PvP but that might never come.

    Is TR farming fun? The only way I could see it being fun is if it’s a noticeable exp increase over mp4 farming.

    I think the last upgrade I got was sometime in early 40’s and it was the fist I bought on the ah for a really cheap price.

    Since then I haven’t gotten any good drops to sell. I haven’t even hit the ½ way point to 100 yet and I feel I have spent a ton of time already.

    I normally farm mp4 and do Ubers with my friends on MP 6 with no problems. The occasional reflect mob with certain affixes will be tough but doesn’t happen too much.

    I know I can still use a bunch of upgrades. Echoing fury with life steal and a socket, a rare (sword, fist, or dagger) with life steal, 2.8 or higher, LoH, over 600, at least 1 dps affix and a socket, mempo, witching hour, etc. However ever upgrade I am looking at is at least 50 mil or more.

    I almost have a good TR farming build ready to go. I just need to get 2 more spirit regen I think I will get it with a xep neck or a soj. Right now with my TR gear I need to back track on mobs and I tend to run out of spirit.

    I have started playing a wizard and am almost at level 60 and I fear once I hit 60 I will give up my monk.

    Any advice to help out monk dealing with a midlife crisis would be great.


    You can always do what i did, Buy a Scorn för 100m, force yourself to take 1 level every day on MP0 with tempest rush speed farming, If you manage to take your daily level, reward yourself with higher mp farming the rest of the day :D

    Profile, http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Elinar-2300/hero/11501925
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    posted a message on another upgrading monk thread
    Quote from nograndplan


    what can i do to bump up my dps. i seem to be stuck around the 56k mark. any help would be appreciated

    you can look at my gear and try to get the same// peace

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    posted a message on Skorn vs Duel Wield
    Quote from iSage

    I'm agreeing with the consensus here although I'm sure a Skorn defender will come soaring in soon to let us know why we're wrong. I am, however, with arms open for someone like that as the Skorn HOTA build is pretty bad ass minus it's inferiority to duel wielding and it does kind of bum me out that it's just not up to par. I understand it is definitely a viable option, however I tend to be elitist and as of right now WW is the hot topic from what I can see. Any case, thanks for the opinions so far.

    If your a monk like ME, buy a skorn with lifesteal for 100mills, then farm mp0 until ur lvl 100, then go for 2x1handers...

    YOU NEED SKORN FOR SPIRITREGEN BUILD=== tempest rush all way every day
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    posted a message on Soj vs Soj?
    I have 2 Stone of jordans...

    6% Cold damige
    2.02 spirit reg
    30% elite
    12% Fist of thunder

    5% poison
    1.60 spirit reg
    30% elite
    12% sweeping wind

    Wich one is better? ^^
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    posted a message on Rate the Monk above you
    Quote from ruksak

    Fantastic. I've been meaning to play around with Tempest Rush. How are you liking it?

    Oh.....and about how much did you give for those Prowler Bracers? I've been pricing them and the asking prices are all over the place.

    Fine monk though, Elinar.

    28 mill for the lacuni, will upgrade later... and temest rush is awsome for when ur stuck, and since sweeping wind is free i can use it 2 move alot faster for more runs :))
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    posted a message on Lets make a list, what to fix?
    Just post what you think blizz need to fix... ill start..

    Obviusly Reflect damige need some tuning, we all know that..

    Also i want a minimum + 1 pickup radius as standard for all classes to avoid buggy situation,
    You all know what im talking about...

    Legendarys ilvl 62 and many others are still really bad,
    All i ask is that weapons for exaple SHOULD be able to roll good,
    Yes they should roll bad most of the time but a weapon without the possibility to have +crit dmg AND socket is no weapon at all...

    Not to forget lvl 63 2 handers, can they roll anything?

    Oh yeah and why does Casters in act 3 have more HP than many of the melee units? hmm..

    Thats it for now, your turn!
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    posted a message on Expand Walk-over Looting
    Quote from picoc

    I Argree 100%

    agree 100%, also throw in +3 globe and gold pickup AS STANDARD FOR ALL CLASSES.

    Atleast make it +1, right now its a joke and its buggy as ****
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    posted a message on DPS
    Quote from Hurdj2585

    When you state your dps. Are you stating the number before your buffs i.e. the extra dps from blinding flash and the heal, or after the buffs are applied. Currently I sit just over 50k w/o buffs and over 100k with buffs. Wow after looking at my gear I just realized I severly gimped myself on resists to up my dps :/

    130k unbuffed, 38k hp, 570 ar, 750 loh
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    posted a message on What rare items do u leave on the ground?
    Quote from thundersteele

    This was a very peaceful thread, with people explaining what they pick up and why, without any judgement...


    Quote from ruksak

    I'm posting this here for some of you to suck on.....

    If you look at the thread before your post, there are a number of people who said they were picking up everything, including blue items. Nobody was judging them or making fun of them.

    Just saying. You provoked this reaction, and killed the original thread ;)

    Yeah you might get this roll 1/1 000 000

    I dont pick up anything under lvl 62, not any 2 handers, no quiver, no source, no mojo, no shields, no bow, no crossbow,
    I only pick up.... 62-63 1 handers, 62-63 helm- all armor 62+.. all rings amus, thats it!
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    posted a message on Suggestions to increase DPS
    My monk is allright, just get what i have :D http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Elinar-2300/hero/11501925
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    posted a message on Monk 1.0.4 Updated Guide
    Why cant anyone just accept the monk didnt change 1 bit for 1.0.4, i play exactly like before the patch and its still the best build:>
    ((elinar 2300 .. only change is the gear really.
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    posted a message on Monk sets and uniques post 1.0.4
    Quote from Obe

    Quote from elinar

    all i wanna say is, http://eu.battle.net...0/hero/11501925 my monk eat your monks

    What are you doing with a skorn, I bought one for 50 million because I figured the DPS increase (25k~) was gona be fun but the damage was so utterly shit (mostly during trash) and slow that I resold it 20 minutes later for 95mil. No fun playing with 2handers at all but I guess whatever works for you - looks like you can afford to blow money/gold on whatever you want anyway.

    well maby your skorn sucked? :), and really... anything works for me.. ;)
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