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    Quote from Dorakrab
    Hows Gr100 for endgame? At least 50 at this point in the game (solo)
    Greater Rits are more akin to scoreboards on an arcade game than leaderboards. They serve basically no purpose for improving your character, and are purely optional.

    While challenge is an important part of endgame, I make the distinction that a proper endgame has to have interlocking systems of progression and challenge. If your "endgame" content offers the same drops as everywhere else, it's not much of an endgame. Likewise, an infinitely scaling statistical system is more of a curiosity and time-waster than a structured challenge.
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    It's funny seeing people claim that "ARPGs don't have an endgame" and "That's just not what this game is about" when Diablo 3 DID have a very strictly defined endgame at one point. It was called Inferno, and it was exactly what you'd expect out of an endgame: brutally difficult for most people, with really good rewards if you could clear it efficiently. Then a bunch of people complained, and it got nerfed into the ground to the point where Blizzard felt comfortable removing it entirely, since it no longer served its original purpose (you know, actual challenge). Those same people now complain about how the game feels "empty" and "boring".

    Moral of the story? Most people don't actually know what they want. I wish Blizzard would go back to doing their own thing without worrying about focus testing. It resulted in better games.
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    I'm so disappointed they did nothing about Monk buffs being so situational/upkeep heavy. Actually, they even went so far as to add more of that type of buff that everyone hates (/spit @ Momentum passive).
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    Quote from DarkSzero

    Quote from Elendiro

    Can't believe that there have to be spoiler alerts 1 ½ year after the release of Diablo 3...
    I have a friend that still hasn't finished Diablo 3 normal (he plans to do so the next holydays) that gets VERY angry with all kinds of spoilers. So, yes that spoiler alert is helpful.

    Sorry, but your friend is an asshole. Getting outraged at other people because of his own decisions is pretty silly. Spoiler warnings I can understand for the first few days, anything after that is not warranted, though of course there's nothing wrong with having them if they want to.
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    Quote from DamienJohn

    Also, it's occurred to me that these avatars don't necessarily indicate the characters will be in the game after all. I'd totally forgotten that a given character's avatar is shown when you receive one of their personalized lore excerpts.

    If you look at the datamined Lore Book info, you will see that both Inarius and Lilith have a number of tomes that will obviously be read by them, hence the Avatars appearing. No Lore Books revealed so far for Meph or Baal but I'd say that's likely the case as opposed to them actually showing up in-game.

    Will just have to wait and see though. :)

    This seems the likeliest thing, especially considering they don't seem to have 3D models. If we get close to release and the 3D models for them aren't datamined, I'd say it's a cert that they're just lore portraits.
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    "Being just three days away"

    Not for nothing, but I saw it pop up on rlslog a day or two ago. Kind of amusing.
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    Quote from Jamoose

    I think the main reason why people think D1 was scary is because most of us were kids back when we first played it.

    These videos are well done nonetheless.

    And lol @Vioche ... take it easy dude.

    Go back and play it again. I guarantee you'll see the horror influences, the ambient vibe built into the game at a very basic level. It's like the difference between new XCOM and old X-COM. People love to say "oh, that's just nostalgia glasses", but I'm one of those people who actually still plays these old games (because they're genuinely good) every so often, and no, it's not just nostalgia. There are things they do better. (And of course things the new games do better, too. As you'd expect from millions of dollars.)
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    Quote from stebo88

    Haven't posted in these forums for a loooong time but I signed in just to say how amazing this thread is. Kudos!

    Same. Great thread, good ideas. But the voice in the back of my head is like, "Dude, this is awesome, but you know Blizzard will never implement it." Such sadness knowing such enthusiasm and good thinking will just go to waste in the end.
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    I'll never understand Blizzard PR.

    They spend an absurd amount of time and effort (and henceforth, money) on telling their customers basically nothing. Then a small percentage of the playerbase says, "Hey, what the fuck? I'm really pissed that you're telling me nothing!", Blizzard thinks, "Hmm, our customers really don't appreciate our point of view! We're really just trying to relate. Let's write another newspost to emphasize how much we care!", and the whole circus starts all over again.
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    An actual endgame they won't nerf. More things to work towards (i.e enchants on top of best in slot items, runestones, et cetera, the talisman, all the stuff that should have been in the game launch day) in terms of improving your character. Either an end to the run speed cap, a higher number on the cap, or a Sprint on every character class that isn't incredibly trolly to keep up (for instance, Tempest Rush is absolutely not equivelant to Sprint).
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    Quote from overneathe

    Runes should've been in D2 since release. Took them so much time.

    I really, really don't like this argument. It encourages mediocrity, and makes excuses for developers that shouldn't be made in the first place. The whole point of making a sequel is to do things better out the gate, the first time. To exaggerate for dramatic effect, this is like suggesting it would be fine for Titan to have 90% of the servers unplayable release day, because World of Warcraft had trouble with it for months, so it's completely fine!

    Oh, wait, people do make that argument when Blizzard releases new games and is woefully unprepared for the traffic they know is coming. So... uh... people are ridiculous? I don't know. Go ahead! Embrace mediocrity!
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    Quote from N3lson

    Quote from Molster

    just out of curiosity, what are you both hoping for the MF update?

    I think swapping for MF is just plain broken, and I'm expecting swapping to be effectively stopped.
    Either opt4, or a "only weaps/offhands swappable in combat" like WoW.
    I run Act2/3 in real combat MF gear around 230MF before NV.

    Unfortunately as they've stated before, Diablo 3 doesn't really have an "in-combat" flag, the game doesn't differentiate between running around in an empty field or being raped by laser-beams and twenty spiderlings.
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    Putting this up while waiting for auction slots to cycle.
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    Absolutely every exorcist I find (the 63 1H crossbow) ends up being 290 DPS.
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    Quote from NinetyProof

    Quote from ripture

    Quote from codeinfused

    I've had similar thoughts on the matter (regarding act3 vs act1).

    If you go with relatively useful MF gear for Act1, I'd say 225% is pretty good (300% with NV is what I'm sitting at). That makes your ilvl63 rate 19.2%

    If you go with 0 MF (for ease of comparison) to do Act3, you only have the 75% NV.. so your ilvl63 rate is 28.5%

    It is a substantial difference, for sure, at around 9% more for Act3.. I guess it boils down to what you prefer and what you can handle. If you're dying more than once to certain affixes, perhaps Act3 is too slow. If Act3 is cake for you, then have fun.

    MF has nothing to do with what ilvl items drop. That's completely and solely dependent on what act you're in. 0% MF or 400% MF, Act 1 will yield the same percent of 61s, 62s, and 63s. It's just that a lesser percentage of them will be rare if your MF is lower.

    What MF does do is affect the quantity of the affix's that drop. So if a 63 drops, if you don't have MF, your chances of getting 6 affix's is lower then if you did have MF.

    Folks should not be so quick / smug to point out faults in other people's posts when they are not really telling the whole story themselves ... and the reality is ... high MF > low MF ... period.

    It also (and I'm sure you know this, just pointing out for others) can make whites and blues into yellows. There are a lot of white ilvl 63 items that you'll see dropping in A1, enough MF can make them blue or even yellow.

    I'd agree that A1 MF isn't that effective if you can do the later acts, though. A2 and A3 is a more interesting comparison--A2 drops 63 items much more commonly, and the numbers gap between A2 and A3 is not linear. In other words, going from A2 to A3 you see some monsters increase their health more than 2X, whereas the droprate doesn't increase exponentially.
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