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    Alright so I'll adress the second question first as I feel like that one is the most important.

    In short, there is no real efficient way to do it aside from using the AH. But there are possibilities. The problem really lies in the playercap for both trade channels and game servers.
    The possibilities I can think of are as follows:
    - A 'trade chat' server list that allows players to flip through the trading channels quickly (Gw1 style)
    - Marketplace servers - higher player cap with few servers to make people only go when they really need to, however not so easy to organise and I don't think it would fit into the game really.
    - Forum access from menus that takes you directly to a forum section that is dedicated to trading posts with sub forums for item types. Could be linked to the iphone/android app for even bigger profit.

    Improvements to current model:
    - Okay this one's not really an alternative but I think it would help a lot. Being able to set minimum stat requirements on certain armor / weapon pieces and a buying price that could be seen by sellers that are putting up an item with equal / greater stats. This might seem a little complicated but think of it as an altered version of the buying system like in GW2 that has the added benefit of adding minimum stat parameters to their bid.
    Think about it. This would encourage more AH play and stimulate the ingame economy. Even some bad rolls on good stats will be worth something with this kind of system, as it allows newcomers to buy into their prefered stat itemisation and slowly improve the rolls on the items as thei gain more money.

    Okay. now that one is over with...
    Question one - I feel like the game is heavily affected by the AH and the RMAH. The sense of community from D2 has vanished and making gold seems to be extremely important with the high gem crafting prices. All in all, I feel like the game currently depends on the AH. If we didn't have an easy place to throw our crappy legendaries and get easy access to miniscule upgrades, the game would feel pretty empty and fairly pointless... however the next patch actually enables a better way to play solo and get the best items without using the AH.
    So I guess in conclusion... the game feels kinda like WoW did in wrath. A steadily declining community and lack of challenge but with big promises of improvement in the near future. Let's hope Blizz can deliver this time.

    And I'm not touching the RMAH / botting problem with a 10 foot pole. Fairly sure everyone can see the greed in blizzard's eyes concerning this matter so it need not be addressed.
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