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    Not sure the name, but I think they will be an embodiment of the "Desert Mercenaries" from D2. They will have auras like a paladin, but use either 1h/shield or a polearm.

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    I would love if they could allow us to have our followers in a full game (for a total of 8 characters)--in D3. Could also give runes to customize our follower skills, so they are not all the same.

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    Quote from Mac_an_tSaoir

    Quote from Kooqu

    Quote from Gurkburk92

    Yeahh... How did the natalyas set get the change anyway ? That CAN'T be a bug. How would it happen to just a setpiece that's demonhunters only ?

    When Demonhunters gets nerfed to shit, and a setbonus gets buffed. Coincidence ? And it becomes "too good" in their eyes, and call it a bug.

    Well played Blizzard, but we're not retards. & This proves Blizzards knowledge about buffing/nerfing, they have no idea what they are doing.
    All it proves is that you have no idea how programming works.

    it all proves they cant check their work and their QA department is garbage(always has been)

    I have played far buggier games, but keep complaining, if it will make you happy...

    Bugs do happen.
    Bugs do get fixed.
    If anything in a Blizzard game feels like a necessity, then it will probably get nerfed next patch.
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