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    posted a message on When they change MF/GF...
    It is the essence of the bloody game to have awesome stuff drop from vases and barrels and I need a reason to give in to my OCD to DESTROY THEM ALL!

    Also, they need to re-introduce resplended chests in the world. As random as goblins.
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    posted a message on New Diablo III Blog - Hack 'n Slasher
    Cheers, Rethical :)

    I'm from the Netherlands and just a bit of a wannabe know-it-all when it comes to writing properly, haha. I don't know if you're familiar with Dutch grammar, but it has some pretty horrible things in it... I always feel dumb when reading back my own mistakes :(
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    posted a message on Health link bugged since recently?
    Wow...I did not know they had a range, especially not that small. That is kinda stupid, as in my case as a Monk and mobs with plague spam I'm forced to pull them apart :/ Ah well, the more you know.

    On another note: anyone else have the feeling act 3 hits a lot harder than like a week ago or something? Elemental damage affixes (pools, beams, etc) seem to spawn twice as fast or something. Most noticable on arcane sentries that are re-casted before the old one has even run (ran? grammer-ninja's here?) out.

    Edit: Thanks btw :P
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    posted a message on Health link bugged since recently?

    Just fought two different packs of frozen quilboar(?) packs in act 3 on my monk, both packs with health link. If memory serves me right, normally you'd pretty much down their health-pools "in sync". Today I just had to pound them down one by one, they others lost "some" health, but I can't say for sure if that was my winds/cyclone aoe or the health link effect.

    At the point where I ragequit my target, out of the four, was down to 30% hp and the others still had around 90% (hence my aoe guess). Anybody else ran into this?

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    posted a message on Ultimate Random Chat Thread [URT] v4
    Quote from FreddyBenson

    Great news everyone!!

    they have discovered what could be "the god particle"

    The Higgs Boson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (similar)


    its a great day guys, this is history, this is what scientists have been studying for decades

    wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

    Peter Higgs must be the happiest man on the planet, along with the other amazing people & ofc the legend Prof Brian Cox


    Well, he cried during the presentation, so I assume he is indeed ^^
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    posted a message on New Diablo III Blog - Hack 'n Slasher
    Quote from aarondf2012

    Good luck with the blog. The above comment probably doesn't realize how much it takes to start getting ad revenue from a blog, so ignore him/her.
    However, (this is not meant to be condescending) I'd strongly recommend editing your work. Is English your first language? Even if it isn't, there are options to improve your grammar. Your first blog post is drowning in unbearably incorrect English.
    It seems like most of your mistakes are due to verb tense and punctuation. While forum posts are usually immune to "omg stop being a grammar nazi!" comments... a blog should always be written correctly.

    Off topic, but somewhat related:

    Not to be a grammar Nazi here, but as it's my second language as well, I'm always on the hunt for improvements. Something that always bugs me are adverbs vs adjectives. In the above sentence you say "unbearably incorrect English". I admit I had to use Google a bit to double check my suspicion, but wouldn't that have to be "unbearable incorrect English" - an adverb instead of an adjective, since the unbearable refers to the noun English and not to a verb, in which case it would indeed have to be an adjective.

    Any native Brits feel like chiming in? ....... ok, fine, you Americans can chime in too..

    Edit - Since an extra post would be silly

    Kraeseth, nothing improves your writing and knowledge of grammar and spelling more than actually doing it. So definitely keep it up! A few bits of advice from my end, if you don't mind.

    - Ask for feedback on your writing.
    - Have thick skin when it comes to take criticism on your writing when asking for it. People can be blunt assholes, like me sometimes, without noticing it and genuinely trying to help.
    - If you doubt the spelling of something, throw it into Google and dig around in the results. There are quite a few nasty pitfalls in the English language that many writers online mess up. (for example, try looking at adverb vs proverbs, many vs much, etc.)
    - I have not read it, but please avoid making mistakes like than/then, your/youre and a personal thing I always notice is the American spelling of things with 'o', such as colour vs color. Which one you use is mostly preference, but stick to one.
    - Set yourself a deadline and number of posts to write, to keep at it. e.g.: a 1000 word post every weekend and a 500 word post every wednesday - everything else is optional.

    Useful linkage:

    Hope you find the above helpful :) It's all a matter of personal opinion when it comes to this subject, so take it at face value and use as you please, or not.

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    posted a message on How does saving waypoints work?
    No, when going to the next act it should save that progress. Either you have missed something in what was going on or something wonky is going on. Since you can't go to act 3 (legitimately) without fully completing the Lord of Lies quest, I'm leaning towards the former.
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    posted a message on Inferno Act 1 quality of loot?
    Your question can be interpreted in two ways:

    > Can "Act1" - i.e. T16 loot - roll 1k dps on a 1H
    > Can "all possible drops in Act1" - i.e. T16-T18 loot - roll 1k dps on a 1H

    In case of the former, no idea. Google a list of the max affixes that can roll on ilevel 61 loot and get out a calculator.
    In case of the latter, dumb question, but I'll answer it anyways. ilevel means nothing in terms of item budget (as stated, many, many times before), just the base damage (which is equal for all ilevel63 items of that kind, i.e. Rune Sword, wherever they drop in the game) and the affixes that can have a higher range on them.

    Hope that answers your question.
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    posted a message on Forum writing very slow
    Only thing that really ticks me off with this forum on mobile is when I visit it from my iPhone and check the latest posts (like many, I'd think) and for some reason it keeps locked to that html anchor and I have to click that teeny weensy little circle with the arrow below 3 easily accidentally clicked giant banners. No issues on my android tablet though, so I'm guessing it's mobile safari, but still.. no last-post anchor would be great, just jump to the last page.
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    posted a message on Screenshots?
    Not quite sure if you can with paint, but save as a jpeg or png file, not bitmap (which im guessing it is). Especially bitmap is huge (uncompressed)

    use png if the text matters, otherwise jpeg is fine. You can also try uploading to imgur.com and save the one they host since they will definitely compress it down. There should be a "delete" link on the right side after uploading, should you want to delete it.
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    posted a message on No more reflect damage elites?
    Quote from morc1us

    LoH is the goal here, works good for me: barb dps

    LoH is bullshit it works only on physical damage so basically if you want lifesteal with wizard you must use spectral blades

    My WD definitely got life on hit from his darts, so I'm guessing that is not true, unless something changed very recently.
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    posted a message on Hotfix not yet implemented!
    Kara, you do realize you are kind of being not too kind to yourself there, right ;)?

    The confusion is kind of understandable though..first they say "going live tomorrow" and in the latest update "going live today". Keyword would be "going", but nevertheless, could be more clearly.

    Enfin, try again tomorrow indeed!
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    posted a message on "Increases Attack Speed by x%" still not working?
    Official forums --> That way (battle.net)
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    posted a message on Item [Horadric Holepunch]
    Hi all,

    Bluntly copied this from what I wrote on the battle.net forums. I normally don't post there, but when I do it's about items!

    Curious about what others think of or, or if I simply lost my mind, haha.

    An item that I've personally been fiddling around with in my mind, is a consumable legendary item that could add a socket to an item that. Of course while adhering the following rules:

    - item will not surpass it's maximum amount of allowed affixes with the upgrade
    - item that already has sockets will get an additional socket, but will not surpass the maximum amount of allowed sockets on said item (i.e.: can not add a 3rd socket to pants that already have 2 sockets)
    - possibly exclude legendary items from receiving the upgrade

    Such an item would make a really interesting item for players because:

    - ALL classes and ALL builds benefit from it
    - It will be worth a small fortune, but… will you ever find one again? It's a seriously hard thing to consider on whether you will keep it or sell it as a player
    - Even though the perfect drop might still elude you, you can buy a good weapon for a reasonable amount of gold and make it awesome! You still can not add +%dmg affixes or other stuff, but at least you can add some life on hit or crit damage or even more primary stat to your item.

    It will _not_ make game breaking overpowered items due to the rules stated above, as these items can appear naturally already.

    As far as I can tell it won't cause an influx of extremely strong weapons, since the drop will be on the legendary loot table an well… how many of you have gotten set items? Exactly.

    It will give you that thing to shed tears of joy over like a little girl when you see it drop. Not many items in game have that right now and there should be. (yep, legendaries getting buffed, but since this benefits all classes, there is no exception to who gets excited and who doesn't).

    - Account bound? To prevent trading. I'm sure the game design team can have good arguments for and against making it tradable.
    - Everybody in game gets a new level 10 recipe for the jeweler. The item is classified as a crafting material, and as such gets consumed on use. Perhaps a new tab in the crafting interface.
    - Multiple ingredients for one "craft". This will give you an increased chance of finding a component (thus greater odds on the tears of joy moment) and might make components (if made tradable) cheaper to obtain….or more expensive, I'm leaving that to the economists to figure out.
    - I could imagine a system where you very rarely get an ingredient from salvaging, perhaps a shared loot table with the brimstone (it's called brimstone, right? the legendary material) and an item that can only drop of act bosses. This will also be another gold sink in game, as people will have to decide on whether to salvage or vendor their drops > more choice = good.

    Well, that's about as far as I've thought it through. Feel free to add your own suggestions/modifications to it.

    Edit: Also, the name should obviously be "Horadric holepunch"

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