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    Jesus christ, some of the answers in this thread are ridiculous. Don't listen to these bagheads. You need the BK weapons or the IK 2H. If you found an ancient version of either it is pretty much instant gr40 even with your sub optimal rolls.

    All of these people telling you refarm all of your gear should go stuff it. You need weapons.

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    I had mine geared for gr 35 in a little under 3 days and gr 45 in 5 days. IK/Wastes combo is easy to farm with Kadala.

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    I have a trifecta TnT with strength and its already been enchanted to IAS. With 6 piece marauders is it still worth using even without the 600-700 dex stat?

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    posted a message on [GUIDE] How to become a sucessful and exceptional barbarian on inferno difficulty
    I'll agree that Seismic Slam is an incredibly powerful tool at keeping mobs with fire chains or other Barb crushing abilities at a distance. But once you drain your fury, you'll have to close the distance to gain it all back again. While Frenzy is the best choice hands down for your dps, it is also a weak Fury builder and if you intend on living through Halls of Agony in Act 1, Revenge with Provocation is also a necessity which means the fury built from Revenge is also slightly gimped.

    Here in lies the dilemma with your well thought out build. The point of it seems to be to keep mobs at a distance while slowly chipping them away running in and out counting on Relentless to keep you alive when they inevitably drop you to dangerous HP levels. Seismic Slam with a 1hander especially for someone fresh out of Hell mode with a weapon that most likely has between 600-750 dps will not be able to take down the more difficult champ packs. The shield will keep you alive, but your damage will be sitting between 8-10k depending on your other gear. This is a fine spot for you to be in Act 1, not so good towards the end of Act 1 and not very good at all for Act 2.

    Frenzy - Sidearm: Sidearm is an absolute necessity in all cases. The axe does not stop when it hits a mob, it keeps going and it keeps hitting. Frenzy is a powerful single target damager and Sidearm gives it an aoe ability that still effects single target. It is slightly more random than the guaranteed higher damage of the Maniac rune, but if you want to keep your 5 delicious stacks of MF for those boss kills, you can't be switching your abilities from encounter to encounter (horrible design). Sidearm will allow you to still take on huge amounts of white mobs without relying too heavily on the GCD of Revenge. I'm sure we all know the feeling of smashing a proc'd revenge before the very short GCD is up.

    Seismic Slam is CC with massive crits but as I said, the crits are not going to be awe inspiring on Champ packs. It will chew through any white mobs but either way you're going to have to close the gap to regain fury which sort of negates the power of this ability. Ground Stomp on the other hand offers a different option with much greater use. Wrenching Smash will not only stun your opponents for 4 seconds, it will pull them into you and close to your Sidearm runed Frenzy swings. Your greatest power in Inferno mode is not letting the champ packs run amok with their abilities narrowing the area you have to fight. Ground Stomp will give you 4 seconds of no damage whatsoever and the rune allows you to dictate where they stand for a short period of time. Pair that with WotB and Iron Hide runed Ignore Pain and you get nearly a full 10-12 seconds of pummeling a champion down. Drink a pot to negate the damage of those last 3-5 seconds of WotB and you can literally stand in one spot (preferably a corner) greatly improving your chances of success. A 700 dps one hander can easily take down a champ with extra health from 100-25% with WoTB.

    The build is as follows:
    Frenzy - Sidearm
    WotB - Insanity
    Ground Stomp - Wrenching Smash
    Revenge - Provocation
    War Cry - Impunity
    Ignore Pain - Iron Hide

    Notice there is no big Fury spender only generators and survival. This is where I'd tweak your Passives slightly.

    Your passives are excellent choices, but as I said earlier, you don't need to rely on Relentless to keep you alive when you are doing the Seismic shuffle trying to regain the fury you quickly used up. Beserker's Rage improves ALL damage by 25% when sitting at full fury. This is basically a free Battle Rage and will allow you to stack more Vitality in your sockets which I promise you will be short of if you go through Hell mode without spending ridiculous amounts of gold on overpriced gear. After Hell Mode I entered Inferno with 37k hp, gemmed for straight strength. Not good.

    The rest of your guide is good. Resists are paramount and your goals per Act are in line in a decent survival rate. You just need to remember, unless you have 10 million gold at your disposal to blow on the AH after Hell mode, you will be entering Inferno with gear that can only support very few builds.
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