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    Post a image of your weapon when you can please :)
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    Before going on i'd like to make this clear: I play 2H because I enjoy it, I also like dual.wielding but its cheaper for me to go 2H. Going sword and board is not a option, don't try to convince me otherwise.

    So after my 15th or so Butcher run (5 stacks along some MF gear) I decided to spend aprox 1.5M on AH to get some res gear for Act 2.

    Correct me if im wrong but I was under the impression that 500+ resist/6k armor/20k ish dps/ 35k HP was enough for this. However im still getting trashed by white mobs (specifically cultists and lacuni).

    Here and some prints i took for you all to have a look at. Keep constructive criticism please.

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    Quote from devlolz666
    at this moment in time it is just not worth it. Using 2h might be viable or even better once you get good gear and have the whole inferno on farm. But if you just entered inferno and still have not best in slot gear, one handed weapon along with shield is a way to go.

    I dislike sword and board, especially in a game where there is no specific role for a clas like in wow... ex; LF2M Diablo Inferno Tank and Healer. Get my idea? Even worse is that even if you have the gameplay of a turtle, you still get easily thrown around by mobs like a rag doll.

    But what I really mean is that the gameplay that brings me the most fun is ALWAYS worth it. If I constantly die regardless of how I build my character in terms of abilities/gear, then the game has a severe lack of balance.

    But then again this is Blizzard so...
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