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    Quote from Daemaro

    I laughed. Nice. :D

    I have nothing but respect for people's beliefs, I'm not even sure what I believe exactly myself, but I don't remember any mentions of dinosaurs in the bible.

    Could you imagine them trying to take Jesus to crucifixion when he's riding his triceratops around?

    Passion of the Christ would have been wayyy better with raptors and t-rexes.

    Like wise, I'm not sure what I believe. But I respect people who do have a faith. It just doesn't do it for me personally. I'm not going to bash any one for it though!.............. on second though.

    I now belive in Daemaro.

    And so it was on Page 667 of URT The great prophet Vegasrage pleaded with the one and only lord of page 667. Vegasrage let out a shuddering roar that was heard in the surrounding villages as "Daemaro". Vegas rage pleaded for his lord to show him a sign. A sign of his acknowlegement. A sign of his Omnipresence

    And it was Done. And Lo! Vegasrage held the first scripture, hand drawn by the Lord Daemaro. The Lord Daemaro upon a triceratops.

    And there was much rejoicing!
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    Dude. That's incredible! I've been a smoker on and off for 8 years now, and I just don't know how to kick the habit! Your story is pretty darn inspiring and I salute you sir.

    As for me, I actually did want to make a change to one of my habits when diablo 3 launched. (please don't laugh, mine is far more trivial and a smaller acheivement than yours). I wanted to handle my time better when it came to playing video games.

    Before D3 I would play mmo's, and rpg games without regulating the time I spent playing them. this ended up being pretty destructive, as I was just sitting in my chair, logged into some video game, sometimes not doing anything until 2-3 am. it was affecting my work a bit, cause I somtimes slept through my alarm and had to rush in all bleary eyed.

    I decided to be more productive with my time. I tend to theorycraft games as well as just play them now. I take my time to think of strategies off line, so that when I go to play I can jump right in and try them out. then log off and talk with friends if it didnt work, or go and do something else.

    I just didn't want to sit at my computer for hours on end, achieveing nothing, trolling in trade chat. etc etc.

    I did it. I don't actually spend that much time IN GAME any more, and since May 15th. I havn't stayed up later than 12 midnight, playing a video game on a weeknight (weekends are fun times!)

    I know this sounds pretty pathetic but I now perform better at work and Have more time to do other stuff (like see real life humanoids)

    Huzzah for me!

    -signed a loser.

    (Edit for stuff)
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    A wretched hive of scum and villainy. I think that is giving the d3 forums a temperable compliment! I really do think the moderaters and CM's on those forums have one of the toughest jobs in moderation. The amount of garbage they have to trawl through to find decent, well spoke, constructive posts is enormous.

    It's the reason why I don't post on those forums. I simply can't deal with the whining. The community managers and forum moderators have every right to ban whoever they think is not palying by the rules. Simple as that.
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    I wonder if they ever discussed having more vanity customization in game, if implemented in a certain way, it could be a pretty good gold sink for the every inflating economy of d3.

    Ever since I got hold of the invisible dye. i have always "invised" the armor on the top half of my barbarian. (IMO the barbarian shouldnt be wearing any armour on his top half! they are bezerkers man! Leg armour and a massive axe please!!!)

    And since then I've always dye armour on my other characters to give them a little more razzle dazzle.

    Why not implement (i hate to use a wow term in this forum) Transmogrification? There are some really lovely armour sets in this game. And to me, its a shame they get overlooked for poorer looking items that have better stats.
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    Diablo does require the combination of on screen movement combined with hand control. Also at inferno levels. Anticipation, prediction and calculation of mob movement, cooldown management, mob ability characteristics and gear strategy all come into play. These all require a base amount of intelligence.

    Some people may say intelligence is not the right word, more "gaming sense"

    Im sure people can play this game well with a variety of IQ levels (if you chose to measure intelligence by IQ scores of course).
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    Quote from fer

    Please do not use "kk" (kilo kilo, wtf?), it makes you look illiterate. Use "M" instead for million (or mega (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mega-))

    The kk was getting awfully confusing/irritating thanks for that

    -Signed - Grammatical Maths Nerd
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    Quote from ruksak

    Nerf Items? Is he stupid?They need to buff the hell out of many of the items for this game to even have a chance of being better than it's predecessor, so I'm not at all sure what he means by that?

    What made the ladder unenjoyable was that you HAD TO play it if you wanted to experience the full itemization. I would be fine with a ladder so long as the non-ladder experience offered the same itemization/skills.

    What he means is that it is easier to balance a game around base stats, rather than stats of items.

    When you gain a level on your character those base stats should increase a LOT more than they currently do and items should have MUCH LESS stats than they currnetly do.

    The game at the moment is about items, rather than character power.

    There is no power in your character, other than what it is wearing. Its gone so far, that it feels a bit broken (or probably will when PVP comes along)
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    Quote from OnTwoFronts

    Actually the supermarket wouldn't be coming to repossess your milk. The cow would have to show up and take the milk from you. Blizzard makes D3, the supermarket you bought your milk from just redistributes the dairy company's milk which just consolidates the milk of many cows and distributes it to retailers.
    best mental image I've had all day.

    *mmm breakfast. I know cereal and a glass of fresh milk!*


    enter cow

    *oh.... this is awkward*
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    People are still mad over 1.0.3? gosh.
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    posted a message on Why are you complaining about 1.0.3?
    The wise player accepts the change and adapts his play.
    The weakplayer does not adapt and fails by the wayside, and ends up on the forum.

    Classes in diablo3 are HUGELY malleable and can be made to play many different ways. Attack speed was out of control and needed nerfing. My Demon hunter still owns!

    nice post OP, was a pleasure to read.
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