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    posted a message on Battle.net is down.

    Yup, been at this queue for 20 mins now!

    The <1 min is a lie!

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    posted a message on =ShoX= Team AfterShocks recruiting EU/18+/TeamSpeak
    Hi there.

    The website you linked is being really slow for me. Are you a SC or HC clan?

    I am interested in joining a clan that will play HC when season 2 arrives
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    posted a message on Some basic informations / mechanic tips for sentry based builds.
    You don't need to deal poison damage to proc the gem. The Gem applies a poison damage dot to an enemy whenever you or your pets hit and enemy.
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    posted a message on >>> Best Streaming Name? (poll) <<<
    Drahque is fine.

    And just think, do you really want people who cannot spell to come to your stream? I mean, twitch chat is bad enough!

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    posted a message on 49+ group working barb tank
    Really cool looking build nice job!

    Its encouraging to see people actually trying out and enjoying the tank style of play. Getting through a greater rift in one go with out constantly dieing and running from last checkpoint is really admirable. And I assume is the only way 4 man groups are going to be able to push for that number 1 spot.
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    posted a message on True end game.
    I think just like in d2, endgame in d3 is what you make it. Yes there are greater rifts, yes there is the desire to gear up, to min max your character to its highest potential, to get as high as you can on the leaderboards. This is the competitive endgame. If you enjoy this sort of thing, then this game is great for you if you have the time/patience to put into it.

    Like in d2, d3 should be played with friends if you just want to play a game for fun. For example, me and a friend have experiment with some classes, starting a level 1 naked character and seeing if we can run from new tristram all the way through act 1 to the skeleton king :D Its hard, you should try it some time.

    Basically, the fun or endgame in d3 is what you make it. Now go have some fun :D
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    posted a message on Proof that diablo is dying to exploits and mid season changes
    As other's have said before me, I cannot imagine playing in Public games. Public games really is the cesspool for human sanity.

    D3 is alive and well! To really explore this games multiplayer potential you have to be willing to put a tiny bit of effort in.

    Communites: Browse the communites page, its got everything from finding groups for bounties, rifts, greater rifts, key wardens, ubers, hell you can even join the ingame community for your favourite streamer.

    Join games with people from a community play with them a lot, add them to your friends list, ask them back to play with you again when you log in.

    If you keep this sort of thing up, you might get invited to a clan, or you can ASk nicely to join someones clan. Once your in an established clan, I doubt you will ever look at your friends list/communites page ever again. And I promise you this, you will be telling yourself "Why the fuck did I ever bother with public games!" :D

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    posted a message on Gear Check, maybe? :D
    Post your battle tag so we can look you up on the armoury, Will really help to see where you can improve.
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    posted a message on Caster Damage Regarding Weapons
    Simple rule, The higher the number of the damage on your weapon, the better the weapon is (until you get to level cap and start balancing certain legendary affixes elemental damage)

    all your skills damage, are calculated from the base damage of your weapon.
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    posted a message on Condemn - Life on Hit
    Quote from RushFOUR»
    Does the LoH from Condemn process on every explosion, including the extra explosions from the Blade of Prophecy?
    I do noticed on my condemn crusader that my survivability does go up when condemed enemies are explodign as well.

    I assume that the enemy explosions also trigger life on hit, thought I'm not sure of the coefficients or if there are any at all.

    Would be great if someone could rigorously test this ;)
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    posted a message on easy way to level up
    Quote from dropzone575»
    Thanks any other advice
    If you want to rush to level 70, the absolute fastest way is to get a friend who is geared at 70 to run you through some bounties on Torment 6.

    If you don't have a friend, keep playing solo and just do bounties and the highest difficulty that is easy for you.

    Try search the communites ingame for "boosting" "powerleveling" also.
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    posted a message on Boon of the Loot Hoarder
    Definately search for the Golblin vault communities, join them, and setup a 4 man party to hunt the goblin portal.

    I would do like this.

    1 guy clear core of arreat, 1 guy clear towers of the dammned, 1 guy clear halls of agony in act 1, and 1 guy clear fields of misery.

    You leave and restart the game when the player has cleared towers of the damned. (My group almost always found a goblin there)

    AS long as you are in the game when a goblin vault portal spawns all players can use it, you don't need to be in the same map.

    if you are on softcore, it might be tricky to find it, since, once people get the gem they have no need to find it. But if you play on hardcore (like me ;)) People are always dying with their boon hooder gem, so people always need to re farm it. :D
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    posted a message on WTS Amulet high strength, vit, crit dmg + socket

    Want to sell this. Make me an offer!
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    posted a message on What is your favorite 2hander build
    Hey Killtrox! Sorry for my absence there was trouble over in Tyria that needed seeing to, but I'm back in Sanctuary now!

    Also your build is what I am aspiring to use in the future. I'm still clinging onto WotB like a bit of a life raft atm. ONce my dps gets higher I will swap it for furious charge.

    As someone on this forum once described so eloquently. Merciless Assault = HIT LIKE A TRUCK WHERE YOU ARE THE TRUCK.

    Its a fun way to play for sure.

    Quote from Kageromero

    May I say that your weapon is freaking awesome in the fact that it shows 1333.7 dps. That weapon is just plain leet (rethical's)

    Haha, thank you for noticing! I saw this bad boy on the AH for the measly price of 2.5mil. I can safely say, that I will never ever use another weapon. Nothing will ever be as 1333333337 as this mace!!!
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    posted a message on What is your favorite 2hander build
    Hey there, I'm currently using this build at the moment.


    I've stacked a bit of life steal and using Blood lust on rend.

    I love smashing elites on mp3 with WotB and Hammer.

    I think eventually I'll want to sway rend with either Furious charge or Leap.

    Im still a bit squishy/low dps so the Rend run helps out.

    basically this barb build is . ME HAVE HAMMER ME SMASH! fun fun fun.

    Also I need to get some +run speed.
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