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    i'd suggest changing evocation to prodigy or astral presence, and replacing ray of frost with a signature spell (if prodigy) or something else aoe like disintegrate (if astral presence.)

    Keep in mind, blizzards don't stack damage, so there's no benefit to casting two blizzards on the same spot.
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    Quote from shndany

    I don't think that nerfing critical hit chance and critical hit damage will help to build diversity....
    It seems kinda ridiculous: "Let's nerf critical hit chance and critical hit damage, let's make this two stats useless to create build diversity".
    Because, basically that's what this guys are saying.

    Literally nobody said make crit stats useless. You are completely making up things other people are saying.

    A reduced crit value on items, but an increased proc chance can completely balance out any changes to skills, which follows their behaviors so far.

    Nobody wants crit useless, they just want it to be bad for some builds. The builds that are dependent on crit, probably aren't going to be builds they pick to get rid of crit from.
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    Quote from GalZohar

    And no. MP9 would still not be worthwhile. Even not compared to MP0, and especially not compared to some kind of low-ish MP level. HP of monsters simply scale way too fast while the MF and XP just don't scale fast enough. It's about time people realized that...

    There are break points where it is no more efficient to do mp0 than doing mp1, which occur when you aren't taking any longer to kill things with more hp. With enough dps, its possible to go up several mp levels, because you will be 1shotting mobs (or killing them within the same time span) even if you did lower mp levels. This can make higher mp levels worth it.

    If you're only farming for keys or organ pieces, its also possible that higher mp levels are more efficient, if the time saved by doing fewer runs is greater than the time saved by doing runs faster. If it takes you 4 minutes to do mp5 runs, and 5:00 to do mp10 runs, the mp10 runs would be more effective.

    So while mp10 might not be the best for him, with that much dps, he could probably do mp 3 (or higher) without losing enough time to make it less valuable.
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    If anything this will make us a lot better against small groups, which is really nice! :D
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    It just works out to a lot, lot more damage due to the puddles staying around, and the puddles stacking, and the puddles being AOE.
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    Quote from gronlaender

    Quote from Johannes

    Quote from Xago

    I think you mean LF = looking for

    No, LF is for WOW. WTF is for Diablo. Google it.

    WTF is what the fuck. Google it.

    4 years ago D2 wasn't using WTF as Want to Find, so you're either living in some really weird part of d2, or d2 got really strange recently.
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    Quote from morc1us

    LoH is the goal here, works good for me: barb dps

    LoH is bullshit it works only on physical damage so basically if you want lifesteal with wizard you must use spectral blades

    Life on hit works with most wizard spells, http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5149154265

    All of those numbers are still accurate as of 30 minutes ago.
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    posted a message on best all Resistance to have?
    You want a balance of the damage reduction stats, stacking a single one to the exclusion of all others is fairly bad. Read https://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5151272466?page=1 for a better in-depth explanation.
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    posted a message on Is Blizzard Opening Themselves Up to Lawsuits? (RMAH)
    There's also the fact that any purchases can be considered purchases of consumables, and therefore any loss of that item constitutes loss from usage. Can't bitch when you guy a hotdog and the hotdog gets dropped on the ground.

    Also the fact that you don't own anything you're buying, you're purchasing a lease on property that belongs to blizzard from another player.

    Nothing you pay for is considered your personal property under the law from the RMAH.
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    Items are rolled on drop, rollbacks during the beta confirmed it worked like this, just as it did in diablo 2.
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    Quote from lorien1973

    I learned yesterday in multiplayer that the door you come in is safe from the fire on the floor, so if you can't beat enrage, you get a little bit extra time by standing there.

    You fall through the ceiling, there isn't an entrance door :P
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    Far more likely than any of these, is that Imperius will descend to the burning hells for revenge, and become the new Prime Evil of Wrath, as hinted in the cinematic, and in the game. He's becoming more and more irrational and bloodthirsty, and the Wrath short shows that his short temper is in part something Diablo desired.

    He blames humanity for what happened to the heavens with Diablo, and wants to wipe them out. He also wants to destroy the burning hells. Its not unlikely he may make use of the black soulstone to do so.
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    I managed to get 8 different rare/ elite packs to spawn in a single level of The Watchtower (act I dungeon, pretty small.)

    It was extremely hard to only pull 1 at a time, had to death zerg a few times when several groups merged together.
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    Quote from Xeley

    You kidding? Unless others outgear you and you get carried being in a group is usually a burden in this game with how the scaling works. The difficulity doesn't scale linearly. Two manning something is generally much harder than soloing it since it doesn't just bump up the difficulty, but actually increases it above that.

    What I meant though is that someone with 40k+ DPS can easily solo this place really fast in comparison to a group with equal or even slightly better gear. Diablo 3 doesn't promote playing in a group at all, there's no benefit at all except playing with others. The loot isn't better, it's unnecessarily harder. If you want someone for the fun aspect, sure, but for the practical aspect there's no benefit. For a Demon Hunter at least.

    EDIT: I'd much rather have a Scoundrel and easy stuff than a fellow equal geared player and linearly more difficult mobs.
    EDIT2: D3 isn't an MMO. It's mainly a single player dungeon crawler with some added in Multiplayer aspect poorly made.

    Except, a well synergized group can kill things just as fast, or faster, while dying less. Get 4x the amount of loot in the same or shorter time, and dying is less damaging in a group than while solo.
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    Quote from exhorder

    Doesn't act 3 & 4 drop the same gear tier? Then it's completely pointless to try and farm act 4 with its retarded one shot mechanics :) (Terror Demon I'm looking at you).

    Act IV has a higher chance of dropping the highest tier.
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