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    posted a message on DH with high DPS post your equipment and builds
    Everything Im seeing points to forgoing vita and stacking Dex, Crit, Crit dmg.. and sitting at a measily 12-18k hp and just NOT getting hit..

    Personally I hate it and don't do it.. but I also cant get past the first quest in A3.. I did manage to kill Belial tho. (Inferno)
    - I stack Dex/Vita/Resist all +Anything else crit/crit dmg I can get my hands on.. but its not going well -- Using a 960 ish dps wep and with my gear only doing 21-22k dps. -- With other gear I can get 32k easy.. but I HATE the *Get 1shot by everything* gearing :( (Edit: dps numbers are without//PRE sharpshooter)

    ATM I believe its gonna cost me 5-10mil per item off the AH that includes dex100+, Vita 100+, Resistall50+, Crit2%+, Crit dmg 30%+ -- Before I can really *easily* progress through A3 Inferno :(.. and that assumes anyone posts said items.
    /sigh @ Bliz milking RMAH when it comes out. .. yea yea I know /tinfoilhat
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