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    posted a message on He's a rocketman! - (Lvl 70 RoS Demon Hunter build)
    You cannot re-roll the fire dmg from Cinder/Magefist. They are locked to fire. I believe you are restricted to SOJ(Ring), necklace, the Andarials visage helm, and bracers for +physical. (gohttp://www.d3maxstats.com/ click +%Phys dmg; note it tries to put 2 SOJ's on and tell you that you can get +20% more then you actually can)

    With regards to the rockets and single target. I am positively confirming that on a single target (a boss with NO OTHER MOBS AROUND), only 1 rocket spawns and hits the boss. (eg; you hit for 550% +800% [ballistics passive])

    I am unable to confirm that the shooting stars RUNE converts the initial hit from fire to physical. The tooltip implies that it is still fire, but the skill is physical at the top portion of the tooltip... If someone has a good fire and physical set they can switch back and forth on to test which effects CA w/ Shooting stars, it would be appreciated.
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    Quote from Belloc

    I opened 2 caches in a row and got 2 legendaries.

    Screen shots or it never happened!

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    welcome to rng!
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    posted a message on Is it me or is act 3 loot nerfed?
    Same issues here.

    And no, they arent looking into it, they think everything is fine still.
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    Alot of it is itemization.. what otheres have said holds true as well.. its expensive.

    You want crit, and few peices have it.
    for example, I have 24.5% crit -- I have 7% on my quiver (and +10 max disc), but it doesn't have +elemental arrow dmg.. which would cost me about 15 mil.

    Another 8.5% on gloves -- I bought gloves for 5 mil -- 120+dex, 60 vita, 35 resist all, 13% ias, and the 8.5 crit. (and +3k from health orbs)

    2% on some 90 dex and +other crap bracers..

    4% on my legendary neck (just got it, was a dps DOWNGRADE from the 130dex, 55% crit dmg blue neck that I found for myself... but it has life on hit, vita, and resist all.. helps vs reflect dmg packs :)

    Keep in mind about all these stats, they all play off eachother...

    if you have higher crit, then more crit dmg boosts your dmg MORE per point then before.. etc.

    BIGGEST dps increase you will get is from getting the right itemization on your weapon.

    You NEED a 2h xbow (a 2h bow will suffice until you get more crit) WITH a socket, it MUST have a socket.. Failing a socket, it must have at LEAST 60% crit dmg, as well as having a high dps number at the top.

    example: a 957 dps bow , versus a 850 dps bow, with a socket -- which does more dmg? .. for me its the socket one because of the higher crit I have....

    My main advice.. dont despair, yes its a gold farming nightmare, but every so often I still find an upgrade in act 1... and slowly work on buying the gear you need to live and do dps.

    Some specific item advice:
    Your quiver MUST have +8-10 max disc, this is needed to live.
    - It should also have +crit OR +elemental arrow dmg OR +hungering arrow dmg.
    - Bonuses if it has all 3//and +dex, but this is very expensive
    - The IAS on it almost doesn't matter.

    Your gloves And/Or Neck MUST have IAS on it,
    - It should have +crit OR +crit dmg on it as well (it can have both +IAS, but again, this is VERY expensive)
    - It should have a good amount of dex, Ideally 150+, but this adds cost.. if you can get 100+ for MUCH cheaper, do it.

    Shoulders/Belt -- There are very few uniques or specials that work for these slots -- Theoretically you can use 2p Inna's set (belt and Legs).. but its kinda /bleh
    - Aim for as high dex as you can on these 2 slots, the other itemization does not *really* matter
    - I went for +vita, +resistall as my required other 2 stats, and then looked for +Picradi, +Liferegen

    Boots MUST have runspeed,

    Hope this was useful :)
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    I gotta be honest.. my wtf is at seeing chakram on a bar.. >.> .. Im really not trying to troll you.. that ability is just soo random..hits walls, etc..
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    posted a message on Epic AFK Gold/Xp Farming Spot
    Yea.. thats not gonna get nerfed in a week...
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    posted a message on DH with high DPS post your equipment and builds
    Everything Im seeing points to forgoing vita and stacking Dex, Crit, Crit dmg.. and sitting at a measily 12-18k hp and just NOT getting hit..

    Personally I hate it and don't do it.. but I also cant get past the first quest in A3.. I did manage to kill Belial tho. (Inferno)
    - I stack Dex/Vita/Resist all +Anything else crit/crit dmg I can get my hands on.. but its not going well -- Using a 960 ish dps wep and with my gear only doing 21-22k dps. -- With other gear I can get 32k easy.. but I HATE the *Get 1shot by everything* gearing :( (Edit: dps numbers are without//PRE sharpshooter)

    ATM I believe its gonna cost me 5-10mil per item off the AH that includes dex100+, Vita 100+, Resistall50+, Crit2%+, Crit dmg 30%+ -- Before I can really *easily* progress through A3 Inferno :(.. and that assumes anyone posts said items.
    /sigh @ Bliz milking RMAH when it comes out. .. yea yea I know /tinfoilhat
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