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    Quote from Riar
    Wasn't the idea with RMAH to discourage people from buying gold from these dodgy websites? Seems like they now indirectly encouraging it.
    You're confusing "competing" and "security". The RMAH isn't meant to compete, it's made as a legit and safe medium for the same transactions that will always exist. I can always buy my fruit and veggies for cheaper from the man in the van on the side of the road, but the risk is higher for countless reasons. You don't go to the grocery store because it's cheaper, you go because it's safer.

    Yes, some people have had safe transactions with these websites, but just because someone came back from Africa without Malaria doesn't mean the next person won't.
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    Quote from lorien1973

    I'm curious how they the people of Tristram built a 3000 level Cathedral deep into the earth. That's gotta be a marvel of engineering.
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    Quote from Zyfoh
    Trust me, the end-game in Diablo 2 was much richer.
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    Quote from irzerg
    isn't ilvl63 > ilvl62 ?
    Quote from Splintrix
    stat budget
    ilvl doesn't make something better because there is no stat budget. That only existed in WoW (and other rpgs), where only the piece of loot was random, (almost)-never the stats.

    Like someone above said, 63's have higher base stats and can roll an additional affix. Whether it does or not, that's a different story.
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    Quote from Tybudd
    I've heard "luck of drops" but what are you guys looking for to know what items will actually sell for Millions of gold
    Get item
    Search AH for identical items
    Undercut by a decent amount
    Send money to stash

    That's it really.
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    Quote from InfidelMan
    Anyways, I thank Diablo 2/LOD for good teenage memories, it was a simpler time. :D
    Seems nostalgia blinds yet another person to the fact that it took years for the things they "loved" to actually get put into the game. Does no one remember how buggy and shitty D2 online was for the first 6 months? It feels like forums are crawling with LOD babies disappointed because Diablo 3 doesn't meet their D2 v1.10 standards or something. Like I said in another thread: Week two of Diablo 3 still beats year two of Diablo 2 for me. "But at least it had single player from the start!!1" Unfortunately, that goes against why people enjoyed D2's online community structure in the first place, but that's an argument for a whole 'nother time. Cya in a few years when D3 lives up to your LOD expectations.
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