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    posted a message on Level 1-70; WORLD RECORD (2 hours 19 minutes)

    dont get me wrong, im not trying to take anything from you guys.. but the lvl competition is just a bad case of rng, explination:

    1. conduit pylons
    2. Cains set
    3. Leorics signet
    4. rift density
    5. the beautifull rng of crafting for -lvl req weps.
    6. Character creation, im still baffled by the fact that they choose to do it this way, every time they release a new season ppl get stuck 5-10 mins in character creation.

    and i could continue the list :) to make an example i got the seismic slam bracers at lvl 20 and used em to 70 - cause i was 1 shotting every mob on the way.. if we compare this to a person who diddnt get the "luck" with loot etc. he dosent stand a chance :) unless he had other rng such as a wast amount of conduit pylons/crafted wep with lower level req.

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    posted a message on [Debate] Cheating in D3? What is cheating and what is not?

    after writing nearly a page og logics and arguments, i realised how silly it is to keep using time on this, and i deleted it all.. my personal oppinion wont change a thing, sadly :/ Even if i write a well constructed post with logics and counterarguments.

    go play the game guys, enjoy it and have fun, in the end, what really matters is if you can face yourself in the mirror with dignity.

    now some1 will probably tell me that the "top players" dont care, but thats not true, they know they have cheated, deep inside, weither or not they might admit it. However if you are a noncheating player, reaching the leaderboards, give urself a massive pad on the shoulder and remember this: no matter how many paragon levels or grift levels u where beaten with by non-legit players: u still won , cause in the end what really matters, if what we think of ourselfs, not the incredible amount of unfair things that happen in this world :)

    my final 2 cents in the whole cheating debate.

    best of luck to you all in the season, weither or not you cheat :)

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    posted a message on Playtime is NOT a proof for botting.

    I think 1 % of the people botting, with extremely high paragon numbers, have children..

    source = none.

    logic = if you play 15 hours a day, its very doubtfull you would even have a girlfriend (in some cases it might be so)

    p.s if im dead wrong about this, i do appoligise, however i find it very unlikely.

    p.s.s are we really so far out with theese topics now that we are speculating if some of the biggest "no-lifers" (no offense ment) have their children farming for them ? :/

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    posted a message on Open Letter against Botting

    The shere amount of random accusations and personal point of views and beliefs, is too damn high in this thread, im gonna refrain from that and stick to the case at hand;

    "This is a message on behalf of the portion of the community that engages in the competitive aspects (such as Leaderboards and Conquests) of this game you created"

    Did you streamers lack oxygen in your lungs, leading to a major malfunction in your heads, when u decided to speak up for the entire community and proclaiming your roles of "leadership" for the rest of us ? I cant even begin to understand, how you believe that an open letter, is only for streamers, and not the entire community as a whole. This "letter" would have had an even bigger impact, if you had been open to the community (which in case u diddnt know, dosent fucking consist of reddit moderators etc.. rofl..) It's the ENTIRE community that needs to be a part of this, not some random streamers who apparently have grown a bit too fond of them self and the role they have on twitch.. Fame rises to your head real fast boys, time to get back on earth with the rest of us.

    im litterally crumbling my toes not to smash my screen over the idiocy and ignorance of theese people who have signed this letter, i realise u thought u did a good thing. But thinking you are above and beyond all the rest of us and directly saying that we arent a part of the leaderboards community aiming for it, made me loose respect for all of you.. talk about a backfire, and from watching this topic, this situation is completely wrongly handled..

    Yet another shining example of people thinking they are better then others, since when is 30signatures better then lets say 5-10000 which u would have easily have gotten from making a PUBLIC PETITION, where we could ALL ATTEND.

    internet reality stars for the win, or rather, stupidty at its best..

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    posted a message on Grift Tier 85+ Videos
    Quote from Malicyan»

    I would like to share my thought to pewpew and seppitm.

    Regarding third party apps. I can understand that you are not liking people who use third party apps but have you thought about people using those third party apps for different reason than "cheating" the success of a greater rift.

    My first tought: the current diablo 3 hub is lacking in many ways: you can't see all the buff active at the same time thus you can't play at full potential.

    If you can manage the duration of all buff not showing their duration , activate the skill at the exact moment need while pushing greater rift it mean are not from this world.

    You always have to scroll over the purple progression bar the check your remaining time for greater rift .

    Turbohub is very similar to some wow addons that can help you maximize exp per hours by providing you a lot of information that normally are not showing because blizzard didn't succeed to do it ! And it's also solve the problem of buff display !!! Why not using it!

    Your thought are that you feel the person is not the same from season 1 and two but he just had enough of been block from using his full potential.

    Regarding third party apps activating cooldown on the behalf of the player to reduce the stress of the task while playing i share the same thought as you!

    My last thought is regarding third party apps that do macro. Have you tried to player hammerdin crusader on greater rift 50+ with the basic meta one handed ? It's doing a lot of stress on my gaming mouse ! I need to click so much to get the passive from hexing pants that my mouse would die after a week of greater rift farming ! One of my friend changed the key binding without thinking to his wheel to cast the hammer. The mouse broke after one hours of play with his crusader lol.

    The third party apps that can make you do : left click press release and after right click release without destroying your mouse is like heaven ! It not because i don't want to loose to other it's because it save me 200$ (price of my mouse) by using that software for keypad or keyboard !!!

    My mouse is very happy to have her life extended for smoother play with other class !

    I'm sorry but i dont rly see the relation between a Dart wd(or his supp barb), which u basicly spam 1 button with, and the crusader, in which i agree is fucked up to play. Again im open to hear input, but this is nowhere related to the fact that Drahque and other streamers, set programs up to time their spells, and therefore removing their own skill level in the grift.. and thats cheating.. as i said, i dont care about turbohud or yolomouse, hell it makes sense to use it.. but the 3'rd party software he is using, and which he oftens speaks fondly about on his twitch channel, is some of the worst cheating in the game and is actually a BOT that plays thoose buttons for him on a preset timer.

    But it seems like we agree, using 3'rd party software for clicking abilities = its a noob playing.. I guess paragon is just a number, when 1700+ paragons can be allowed to frequently upload videos, where u need to be blind and stupid, not to see the obvious cheating (still dont care about turbohud or yolomouse, im referring to the programs he uses that clicks keys for him..)

    Further then that i dont understand why diablofans dont have a clear stand on this ? I deeply respect this forum and its one of the main sources for people to find builds and new etc.. but it annoys me to see that no mods or anything (with their vast experience in playing) can acknowledge this and remove the videos ?

    I just dont understand how a person who has played this game for 15.7 hours a day, for 51 days straight in a row, cant figure out how to keep the optimal focus/restraint uptime up, without using a program which does it for him..

    You are more then welcome to call it w witchhunt etc, For me personally, im just RLY tired of seeing videos of obvious scripts/programs running in the back doing things for the player.. I'm tired of hearing the "top players", wajn about botting, when they are doing the excact same, with other illegal programs..

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    posted a message on Grift Tier 85+ Videos
    Quote from Drahque»

    Quote from pewpew»

    You said we should ask questions in ur first post.

    I think you have missed my post, which can happen, but im looking forward to hear your stand on theese things, as mentioned in my previous post.

    Not gonna waste my time on an obvious troll.
    I guarantee you that there is no trolling over my post, you keep posting videos, where its easy to see on ur supp barb that u have a program clicking keys for you, and now the same with ur wd. So again there is no troll, im very interested in hearing your stand on this.

    Cause right now, all i see you is ignoring serious questions about your gameplay.. and from that i can only take that u consider cheating allright. but if thats the case i guess we can end it here?
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    posted a message on Grift Tier 85+ Videos

    Starting to loose respect for your videos.

    1. Turbohud
    2. Yolomouse
    3. you use a third part program to click ur abilities on the focus restraint optimal uptime)
    (pretty obvious to see on the acid cloud + harvest soul - just count to 7 or 8 every time u see the doubleclick)
    4. Seperate website running timers announced on convention of elements for the zwk monk.

    So is the point of doing high grifts, to remove what you ned to do as a player? personally i dont care about turbohud or yolomouse, the game needs more interface options, i agree with that. however your interest for 3'rd party programs to lessen your workrole, makes me loose respect for your achievement of doing an 85.

    I just saw a nice post today about botters, and how the "top players" were tired of people exploiting etc, so whats your stand on this drah, since you are quite clearly, using several programs? You even link it to your viewers on twitch..

    Isnt it possible for you to do the 85 grift without several helping programs/sites/etc?

    p.s Adressing you before removing you from friendlist; your only reply to me was "you must have a sad life, mind your own business". But i do appoligise for calling out your obvious cheating - Damn man.. i wish u where the guy i played with in s1 and s2, i dont know this new "drah".. and if its what i see from ur vids, i'd rather be free, hence the remove from friendslist.

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    posted a message on This is what it takes to break the game.

    4-man 75 deathscreenshot:


    Progressing throughout the saturday for several hours with no lag whatsoever, then randomly (in a much smaller pull then screenshot provided) we get lag, which ultimately leads to the 4 of us dying in the clanchat, visible to us while we are still alive 15 seconds before we actually die :P It gave quite the laugh on ts when we saw each other die in guildchat, while still standing there on the screen.

    im not looking for sympathy nor cleaver backseatgaming tips, we are fully aware of the consequences of playing hc, so you dont need to worry about calling anyone wajners eithers ;) And yes u can argument to not play on a saturday night, not use loh, not use pain enhancer, and the list goes on and on, just know that we had taken several precautions. The point of the post is just to showcase another great example of how ill a state the game is in currently :/

    I dont mind dying, but for once i would just like it to be to an actual mistake by the group, not pulling 20-50 mobs and ending up with a deathscreenshot, with not even a screen of mobs on a little area. Awsome game, just wish it would get fixed soon :/

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    posted a message on This Banwave is a joke imo
    Quote from mannercookie»

    some of you guys must feel so great that D3 has cleaned up the cheaters and perm banned them all.

    give yourselves all a pat on the back for keeping your integrity in tack in a fucken video game.

    here's a medal of good spot for all of you, be sure to share it with your family and friends!

    the few of you that are actually comparing d3 to the real world, you really need to get outside and see some sun.

    It's quite funny that almost 95% of this thread's posts don't read the thread and respond.

    Blizzard themselves did not follow their own criteria that they set out when it came to permanent bans.

    Some random script was ran and there were a lot of accounts that don't fall under the category banned, not just few.

    Obviously when someone states this, he is just defending cheaters and bla bla bla.

    You guys are a joke, wake the fuck up please.

    Your attitude is severely fucked up, lashing out at anyone having a different oppinion to yours, but guess what cookieboy, we arent all ur fanboys, some of us will actually tell you that you are dead wrong and the bans are justified, stop comparing the 2 things like you do, you dont want others to relate it to real life to make you understand it, so why on earth should we listen to some random streamer who before has exploited..

    did your streaming make i think you are above and boynd everyone else, i think u need to step down your high horse and just accept your a man with an oppinion, a man with a stupid oppinion in this case, as u can see from all the replies.

    The only joke here is your ability to accept that people dont give a flying fuck if u say something and make a video, im allmost tempted to say; "who the hell do u think you are" ?

    i think the only joke here is you..

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    posted a message on GR 69!! 4 man show! legit! Wizard POV!!!

    it might be that you guys dont care, but this is a forum, so he is entitled to post here and be happy for him and his group..

    christ you guys are a sad piece of this world.. why put a guys down in the dirt for posting a topic.. shame on you guys really..

    p.s what happened to that old saying: if u dont have anything constructive or nice to say, then be quiet :)!?

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