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    servers sucks i guess --'
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    Hi everyone,

    Just a little story. I was very desperate a few months ago, actually it was a year and 4 months ago.

    I played WoW for over 4 years (i'm stupid i know), spent over 8 hours a day even on school days and job days EVERY SINGLE DAY. I took WoW too seriously as being MORE than a game, I had no friends except on the game and such, I looked nerdy and all, was so shy at school and when going out i was speaking to no one.

    Now, I changed a little bit, I sold my WoW account (i was just tired of the game, got boring after 4 years of doing arenas...) then stopped gaming totally. In only 4 months after that, I met LOTS OF FRIENDS (the first 2 months were shitty since i had nothing to do) just by going out walking and trying some new things. Then I met my awesome, pretty & sexy girlfriend (which is watching me writing this right now and laughing hard XD), but yeah, she is very pretty ;). So now i have lots of friends, a girlfriend, im going back to school in september, i bought a car a year ago too, i'm much more mature now and i'm 19. Also, I started going at the gym 3-4 months ago and yup, i got those muscles and girls look at me... (but i don't care I have already everything i want, an awsome girl & life)

    So, i promised something to myself, i've always loved Blizzard's games and Diablo 3 looked like CRAZY (played D2 for 3 years when i was 11). So i bought back an other computer for 800$ with a Razer mouse. Started making youtube commentary videos and i don't spend more than 3 hours a day on the game. I prefer giving to the community and being known & having friends than being a nerd no lifer. cause yes I was unfortunately.....

    So yeah, i'm very active on those forums but most of the time when I write here, i'm with my girl in her bed and she also has her laptop on her legs :P (just like right now).

    I know this story looks stupid, i'm just talking about myself and stuff but it's for people that are like me, like i were before... I know they are out there and can get out of that stupid addiction! The life is so much better when you have friends on which you can count. A game is a game, not a championship or anything. D3 is very addictive, i totally agree on that... But make sure to not waste your time on it, friends before anything else. When school come back in september, i'll barely have time to play the game, but i already have my characters lvl 60 and good geared so i won't have to play much either...

    Thank you for this big reading and i hope you've liked this ''kind of'' stupid post by me :$

    Jimmy (my girl's saying "hello gamers" haha!) =p
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    looks like a great idea man, submit it to blizz :D!!
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    hahahaha xd
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    thx for the vid :P
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