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    Gear kinda depends on what build you want.

    For instance, I go with high attack speed (2.47) so I don't need much crit, I have barely 30% chc. I mainly use Ghost Bomb and can switch around everything else the way I feel like it.

    Other people go for high crit and don't need attack speed due to burst builds that rely on heavy hitting with big mana spenders, such as Acid Rain, Zombie Bears and the like.

    To be able to be effective with any build, you need to balance everything. I'll give you an example of priority: Int = CHC > CHD = IAS > Vit = All Res > Armor. Just an example, mind you.

    I recommend first off getting an Echoing Fury. You can find cheap ones with high intel, just no socket or crit damage. But its fine for now, you just need to bump up your dps to get things going. Mempos are very very cheap nowadays.

    Also, you can upgrade your gloves very cheaply with decent Int, vit, low crit chance, crit damage gloves.

    Other than that, zuni boots aren't very expensive as well. Your rings need serious upgrades as well... decent ones with +damage, int, chc and/or attack speed are also cheap.

    Check out the forums and other peoples armories to get a glimpse of what people are using. diabloprogress.com is another benchmarking tool that you can put to good use.
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    I've done it naked... but my character was fully geared :hehe:
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    Every class has a skill set that works better than others. You don't need to feel gimped or whatever when you try different things, because the game is yours to play.

    I always try doing things to make the game fun all the time. Like a over-summoner build with spider queen, huge-ass useless frog, locusts, dogs, garg. Or a no-pet build that forces me to play mp1~2 but feels refreshing every now and then. The list goes on. I don't have to be as effective as the cookie-cutter builds you posted... if its fun, it works for me.
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    Post mortem implies the game is dead. Good day to you sir, I'm still playing.
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    posted a message on Need help to be able to handle act 3 better (geartip)
    Quote from vastling
    drop 15% dodge guardians path for resolve 25% dmg reduction

    dodge tanking is ok in theory but it leads to spikes where you don't dodge several hits in a row and go splat

    (for tornado spawning which procs loh)

    First and foremost, tornadoes DO NOT proc LoH. They proc Life Steal. The same goes for Sweeping Winds.

    Second, Guardian's Path is an immensely useful passive. It has synergy with Backlash, for instance, which I currently use to farm Act 3 and its mob-heavy environments. Highly recommended for dudes with low-ish dps and not enough survivability to farm Act 3 comfortably, like me. For instance, I've tried switching Guardian's for Resolve and Backlash for Overawe and the results were a farmable Act 3 with a dozen or more deaths, instead of a fun farming session with dying only due to stupidity (I like to call it overconfidence), crazy lag spikes (rare), and the occasional couple of deaths on difficult combos on phasebeats and the fat goat dudes that will run around the entire freaking map gathering more and more mobs.
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    Someone call?
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    Useless rant thread is useless.

    Game doesn't suit you, quit.
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    I don't care about bosses, they are all easy.

    With elites it should work wonders if you focus all your damage on a single target. When the monster is 50% health, drop EP, kill the dude and watch hilarity ensue.
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    Quote from gotLuck

    Well, I haven't played in about 3 weeks or so and I'm sad about it. I hope 1.0.4 makes the game fun. I hope pvp isn't too far off either.

    This is the type of attitude that most whiners should have. Not happy with the game anymore? Go do something else and come back when it sound interesting enough, don't come up with a million reasons as to why the game sucks and whatnot.

    Honestly, most people that complain non-stop and still play from time to time remind me of girls that get beaten/cheated/whatever horrible thing that can be done in a relationship by their companions, bitch about it to friends but never seem to quit the asshole.

    I find myself bored a little after completing the game with my Monk, so I stopped playing as much. So, I'm now having fun leveling alts, laughing all the way at my awesomeness from purchasing Reduced Level Requirement weapons. I know, cheezy right? I don't care, I have fun and so should you, whatever which way you have it. If its not with this game, don't bore people to death with this rant crap.
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    Quote from devast95

    No the game is going to get easier because it's all about farming mobs and it's super hard to get a good roll on items.. that they are making easier so you are to find upgrades yourself instead of using AH all the time that people whine about

    Find upgrades for what exactly? Farming faster? Then what?

    LOVED the way it was when it started: very difficult, the way it was promoted to be.

    And the last part of your statement, "find upgrades yourself instead of using AH all the time that people whine about", is just dumbassery as its finest. Blizzard wants you to use the AH as much as possible. They are just tweaking the system to make people use it even more.
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