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    Say you have three different buffs, and you use a skill that does 100 damage without any of these buffs.

    Buff A = 10% damage bonus

    Buff B = 15% damage bonus

    Buff C = 20% damage bonus

    If the buffs are additive it means they stack like this to increase your damage:

    100 * (1 + 0.10 + 0.15 + 0.20) = 145 damage

    If the buffs are multiplicative it means they stack like this to increase your damage:

    100 * (1 + 0.10) * (1 + 0.15) * (1 + 0.20) = 151.8 damage

    If Buff A and Buff B are additive, but Buff C is multiplicative they stack like this to increase your damage:

    100 * (1 + 0.10 + 0.15) * (1 + 0.20) = 150 damage

    So in summary if a buff is additive, it is first grouped with other like buffs and all added together before they give their damage bonus. A multiplicative buff stands on its own and gives its damage bonus directly on top of everything else. As you can see in this example a buff being multiplicative generally grants it more weight and power in increasing your damage.

    I'm sure if you dig a little deeper you can find pre-compiled lists of which buffs fit into the additive category(s) and which ones are multiplicative.

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    Your first calculation method is correct, 100 to 120 to 140.

    When people say you get less they're talking about overall relative gain.

    120/100 = 20% increase

    140/120 = 16.6% increase

    Both sides are technically correct, one refers to absolute gains, the other to relative gains.

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    A1 = Sum of all Damage bonus % buffs that appear in or change your sheet dps (Includes Magic weapon, Glass Cannon, Demon Hunter Wolf, ect)

    A2 = Sum of all Damage % debuffs that stick to enemies that the entire group benefits from (Includes Elemental Exposure, Strongarms, Toxin Gem lvl25, ect)

    A3 = Sum of all Bonus % damage to specific skills, but not pets, and not legendary orange text affixes (Includes Simplicity's Strength, Explosive blast bonus%, Meteor Bonus %, ect...)

    B1 = Elemental Bonus % to Skills (the stat that rolls naturally on bracers/amulets)

    B2 = Pet Bonus % (Enforcer Gem and Mask of Jeram)

    C = Bonus Damage to Elites

    D = Bane of the Trapped Bonus %

    E = Zei's Stone of Vengeance Bonus %

    F = Audacity

    G = Hydra Bonus % affix on gear (shoulders/chest/offhand) (most pet buffs work like this)

    H = Tal-Rasha 6-set Bonus %

    I = Nilfurs Meteor Bonus (legendary affix) %

    J = Delsere's Magnum Opus 6-set Bonus %

    K = Triumverate Legendary Bonus %

    L = Arcane Dynamo %

    To get the correct multiplier from all of these affects you must form them this way:

    Damage Multiplier =

    [1 + (A1+A2+A3)/100] * [1 + (B1+B2)/100] * [1 + C/100] * [1 + D/100] * [1 + E/100] * [1 + F/100] * [1 + G/100] * [1 + H/100] * [1 + I/100] * [1 + J/100] * [1 + K/100] * [1 + L/100]

    When we say a buff is an additive buff, we usually mean that it fits within the 'A' category along with most buffs in the game. They are all added together before they act as a multiplier for your damage.

    When we say a buff is a multiplicative buff, we usually mean that it acts like the buffs in category 'D' through 'K'.

    Yes there are other buffs in the game, and if it doesn't fit into the description of any of the three 'A' class buffs it is usually a strictly multiplicative buff.

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    TL:DR Mammoth does more damage if it is placed closer, even with zei's gem equipped.

    Due to some questions raised in this thread:


    Further testing showed that:

    • A single fire trail can tick up to 16 times on a single target, if close enough, so that's a 4.5 second duration from first hit to last hit.
    • A target at max range will have 10 ticks per fire trail dealt to them, takes 1.5 seconds for fire trail to travel to them.
    • Mammoth ticks for 99% wpn dmg once every 18 frames (0.3 sec), per fire trail.

    This Means:

    • 1584% wpn dmg done per fire trail cast if all ticks hit (melee range)
    • 990% wpn dmg done per fire trail cast if at max range (10 out of 16 ticks)

    *This testing was conducted at 1.0 aps using a single fire trail

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    Other than shoulders and paragon you're missing out on attack speed or other dps rolls for each of those slots.

    Hydra requires no such sacrifice, it uses up every bit of attack speed you can throw at it and turns it into damage....including the IAS from group buffs. That is one among many reasons of why it is our top build....we don't have to manage resources to use it and can instead max out on damage.

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    Your problem is that you haven't found a rare and powerful item, so your solution is to make the item less powerful and grant yourself the buff by default.

    I bow to your intellectual prowess.

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    posted a message on PTR GR59 Clear (2x Wizards, 1x Crusader, 1x WD)
    Quote from Enthar»

    Nice Job,

    I'm stuck at work so I can't watch the Vid. @BDF2000 what was your gear set up for pieces? Thanks.

    I'll just copy/paste my post in the official forum thread:

    Well since the video is live....

    Build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#UPQabO!aceY!YYZaaZ

    Power Hungry was the method used to maintain 100% uptime on the focus+restraint buffs on single target. Though even with that, on single target, we sometimes still drop below max arcane power, and since that is a huge dmg loss I used reaper's wraps to speed up our slow passive regen to overcome bad RNG in globe spawns and our power hungry stacks being used up.

    Prodigy is useless in the RG fight, but critical when things get hairy while moving through the rift, cleaning up whites chasing you that got missed by the zDPS. Each individual meteor shower ball would crit for ~4.5 billion on the RG for me. Molten impacts around 33bil, star pacts around 45 bil.

    I was using ancient devastator, meteor boots, magefists, focus+restraint, and tal's in other slots. Shoulders could be anything.

    I've got a working prototype spreadsheet for calculating this builds dps w/infinite power hungry stacks and so far it is looking like it will be improved by an ancient furnace once we get a 7th tal piece. That might be enough to keep up with the power increases that M6 also saw, but as others have said, outside of an infinite health globe situation I don't see us being quite as close to DH in dps as that video would suggest.

    I could see room for improvement by adding a mammoth hydra to the build, but honestly with the PTR as it was (or maybe just because of all the meteor spam) that would lag the framerate too much and kill us. We actually dropped hydras for this clear for that very reason.

    If it weren't for the lag, and Nyan needing to go, we could've definately cleared much higher.

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    I hate math.

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    posted a message on "Chance to create a Frost Nova"
    If you wish to know more about the ring as it was implimented on the PTR you can see the thread I made about it:


    Gohm: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ezka4K-W_Sg
    Blackthorn's(lol): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5DAt7ndeq4
    What I know so far:
    It does inherit the rune of frost nova that you have on your bars.
    It does not have an internal cooldown as far as I can tell
    Losing an amount of shield equal to 10% of your health will trigger it...things like galv ward.
    It replaces the melee dmg reduction from the base ice armor, doesn't stack with it.
    Fully absorbed damage will still proc the ring even though your health doesn't change. This includes blackthorn's for sure, and I suspect immunity amulets as well.
    I'm pretty sure it doesn't need to be over 10% in a single tick to trigger, but 10% within a small window of time. I'm not sure how long.

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    Quote from russell3773
    I'm not saying your wrong. But every wizard I have talked to says they see the damage increase. I see it. Mammoth Hydra isn't doing 1 attack per second as a DoT anymore. It is critting for a lot and doing it very fast with a TnT. I also don't lose cindercoat with my build. I guess it could just vary from person to person and what their build is. But as of right now, I see a major damage increase with using a non-ancient Serpent.
    Well I AM saying that you're wrong.

    This hotfix was nothing but a cosmetic change to improve system performance for mammoth/blazing hydra.
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