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    With the changes to Taeguk just announced, 6p marauder will be forced to find alternatives. Iceblink is nice, without the armour we'll probably need something that combines a little of both survivability and dps.

    Esoteric and BoP are usually pretty good in a lot of builds.

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    Seriously? Nobody is going to pick up on the fact this guy is comparing DIABLO to DEMON SOULS!?

    A single player game, to a multiplayer game. The Fps equivalent is Half Life to Call of Duty.

    Get a grip and some perspective. You make absurd claims about poor ickle barbarians failing on act 3 inferno without linking what that gears stats are (I've heard barbs wondering why their int gear doesn't cut it). There are also a lot more gear stats than say, WoW. You haven't mentioned what his build is and completely forgetting the idea that maybe he's just a shit player. Because skill does factor into it. Your only argument to say otherwise is 'the game is hard without gear'. That doesn't prove there is no skill.

    And yes, it is a glorified slot machine, welcome to diablo. It practically invented rng.

    I made a post just to say how silly you are.
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