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    Quote from Benegesserit

    2) Notice how they have to say "subcription-based"? Nearly all MMOs out there are NOT subscription-based. Congrats on being #1 in a nearly empty room Blizzard.

    so you call a room with million upon million upon millon of dollars empty?
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    Quote from Vanemu

    When you download a bot for magic find swapping you deserve it anyway.

    this. you are ready to break ToS and risk ban so you deserve what ever goes upon you(or your hypothetical friend)
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    I did not clear act3 yet but while looking for some upgrades i manged to kill sigebreaker with current stats with sword and shield:

    HP: 40K
    Armor: 7.6k with enchatres
    Dex: 1.6k
    Resi: 1012
    Crit: 12%
    LoH: 1k
    Build: https://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#biYhXg!ZXU!ZccabY

    I am quite sure build could use some tweaking due to low crit but managed so far. Think this sword and shield would do quite well in public games when i upgrade one or two more items to reach a bit more HP. With this build and gear in act3 i need a lot of effort and full focus to kill every champion grp and cannot say in wildest dreams i can farm act3. tho this stats with a bit different build make act2 trivial and i can stand in every ground effect or can even allow arcane sentry to slice thru me. so for act2 i am using total different set of gear wich makes it a lot faster and not much harder

    ACT2 stats:
    HP: 28K
    Armor: 5k
    Dex: 1.9k
    Resi: 600
    Crit: 23% with scoundrel
    LoH: 1.7k
    Build: https://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#aiYXkg!UXZ!accbaY

    so i am wondering is any1 having 2 builds and 2 sets of gear for different acts? not counting magic sets if you switch to them just before kill but just sets in wich you farm.
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    Wormie, how can you keep so much dps with going for resistance? or even going for sword and shield?

    I am close to dmg but lacking 2.5k armour and 500resi from your stats.Not even going to mention you are having 65k HP. You must be rocking over 1k dps onehander. Just wondering if you farmed where u farmed or if you bought your way there what ammount of gold should we look for? Kinda sad all that metters in this game will be gold and quite possible dollars later on but not on that topic now:P

    Cus atm I am godlike in act1 and meanigfull in act2, like others have said, and really gettting frustrated by that.
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