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    posted a message on Garmin Nűvi Diablo III Dashboard Theme
    As a Diablo III fan every fellow traveler shoud have adecquate theme to guide you on your paths :D

    Device screenshot:


    The theme is still under "development" but I believe its usable :D

    1. Download the necessary files (301KB zip)
    2. Connect to your Garmin Nűvi device and upload the files to the root directory.
    3. Go to:
    Settings - Map & Vehicle - Map Theme - and choose Diablo3
    Settings - Map & Vehicle - Map Theme - Dashboards - and choose Diablo theme
    Settings - Map & Vehicle - Vehicle - and choose black Viper
    Settings - Display - Colour Mode - Night :miniD:

    Confirmed to work on:
    - Garmin Nűvi 2595

    It would be nice if someone could have the time to make voices for it too.
    Posted in: Diablo Tools
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